Today Is A Big Day For The Huckabee Republican Movement!

Today is a big day for the Huckabee Republican movement. Yeah I know it is Primary day in West Virginia which is only important for the Dems…and the only question there is how wide the margin will Clinton win by?

There are two runoff elections to watch tonight. First in Mississippi-1 where Greg Davis is running for Congress. He has been endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Huck has spent time and money in the race there. A win for Davis would be the first success for HuckPAC.

Also what is occurring in this country is Huckabee’s followers are running for local public office. One of them is John Tyler Hammons, a 19 year-old who is running for Mayor in Muskogee, OK today. Best of luck! The link will send you to the Huck’s Army forum topic and how you can help him by making some phone calls for this young man.

POTOMAC PRIMARIES – Virginia Goes to Obama, GOP Too Close To Call

It’s now 7 PM and the polls are closed in Virginia. CNN has called the state for Obama on the Democratic side. The GOP race is too close to call which is an immediate shock to the pundits already.


SUPER TUESDAY – Press Release for West Virginia Triumph!!

News Release: Mike Huckabee Wins First Super Tuesday Contest

Former Arkansas Governor Wins All of West Virginia’s 18 Delegates

February 05, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee decisively won the first victory of Super Tuesday 2008 by winning West Virginia’s 18 at-large delegates this afternoon.

Earlier today, Huckabee spoke at the West Virginia Republican Convention, emphasizing his positive message of family, life, and freedom which he said “triumphed in the Mountaineer State” and will continue to resonate in numerous Super Tuesday states, from Alabama to Alaska.

“Two days ago, the New York Giants pulled off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. Today, as pundits write my political obituary, we won a key Super Tuesday victory. Time and time again, my campaign has defied conventional wisdom. We did so in Iowa, after being outspent 20:1, and we did so today by winning what I hope will be the first of many Super Tuesday victories.”

“Our campaign is testament that the American dream is alive and well,” said Huckabee. “Running for President isn’t about who spends the most money or who has the most support on Wall Street or on K Street. If that was the case, the nomination picture would look vastly different.

”This victory was a triumph of Main Street, sending a message that becoming President of the Unites States is about message not money, principles not politics, and courage not convenience. Luckily for America, in places like Iowa and West Virginia, voters lead example and do the right thing regardless of what the pundits might say,” said Huckabee.

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Mike Huckabee – "West Virginia Convention Win!!"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

This campaign is on the move!

We just won the West Virginia Convention and claimed 18 delegates against the heavy favorite Gov. Romney. Why? Because conservatives are rallying around our campaign.

New polls show us rising in Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Tennessee as well. Voter turnout today is critical.

The media is having a hard time explaining our win in West Virginia and we are loving every minute of it. In fact, one reporter wrote about our win saying: “Romney loses West Virginia!” I guess it’s hard to say “Huckabee wins” when you have been pretending this was a two man race.

Lets work together and make them say “Huckabee wins” a couple of more times tonight.

1. Email or call your friends and family and make certain they vote.

2. If you live in a Super Tuesday state make certain you vote and bring your friends and family to the polls.

If we continue to focus on turning out votes today we are going to do very well.

With deep gratitude and BIG THANK YOU to West Virginia,

Mike Huckabee

Voter Guide For Undecideds

Mike Huckabee 101

Where I Stand On the Issues

Personal Endorsements from Supporters in Utah

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SUPER TUESDAY – Momentum Breaking for Huckabee?

Is Mike working with increased Momentum? He gave the speech of his life and won West Virginia’s GOP Convention on the 2nd ballot. Not only that but the last minute polls in the South are breaking for Huck as Mike is now tied with McCain in Georgia, and leads him in Tennessee and Alabama!

THIS COULD BE A HUGE DAY FOLKS!! Looks like I’ll be right here with ya though as I can’t seem to get a ride down to the Victory Party in Atlanta. That could still change but not likely with hours to go.

Polls close here in Georgia at 7 PM.



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Here’s the results from the first round of voting at the West Virginia GOP convention.

Romney 464
Huckabee 375
McCain 176
Paul 118

No one got 50% so the lowest vote getter, Ron Paul was eliminated. They broke for lunch and will vote again in one hour.

EDIT – 2nd Round of voting has started. It is rumored (don’t have any confirmation) that McCain’s people were told to vote for Huckabee to beat Romney.


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