Oxendine: "Governor Perdue Should Implement the Georgia Energy Emergency Plan!"

October 1, 2008                                                    Kathryn Ballou (404) 558-4905


Oxendine to Governor Perdue: Implement the Georgia Energy Emergency Plan

Atlanta, GA – I call upon the Governor to implement The Georgia Energy Emergency Plan. The Governor needs to consider every-other-day gas purchases and set minimum and maximum limits to prevent topping off and hoarding.
I call upon the Governor to have the Georgia State Patrol, on a rotating schedule, integrate their regular patrol duties at gas stations to both keep the peace and enforce common sense.  Georgia, in particular Atlanta, is on the national news every day.  There was a media report on one national network where an out of state driver pulled up to a station, broke in line, and filled up both his truck and his boat.  When approached by Georgia residents, he refused to stop and gloated he was going to the lake for some fun.  
This must stop.
I call upon the Governor to bring the bi-partisan leadership of Georgia together upon his return this weekend.  Georgians have asked why our taxpayer funded leaders are not meeting on this crisis as our Federal leaders have been.
I stand with the taxpayers of Georgia and call upon the Governor to convene a Georgia Leadership Summit of our state Constitutional officers, the Legislative leadership, county and local leaders and leaders from business and consumer groups.  I urge we meet at our own expense and not at taxpayer expense.
I call upon the Governor and our Georgia Congressional Delegation to invite President Bush, Speaker Pelosi, Senate Leader Reed, the Secretary of Energy and the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency to Atlanta for a Town Hall meeting with Georgians.
The real reason that Georgians face this crisis is that the Federal government, on a bi-partisan basis, has refused to allow additional refineries to be built over the past thirty years.  Due to this inept policy, Georgia taxpayers are enduring this crisis.
Georgia needs Washington D.C. to listen to and focus on our Main Street taxpayers just as much as they are on Wall Street.

John Oxendine
Oxendine Working for Georgia

Things Are heating Up!

The latest E-mail from Mike Huckabee and HuckPAC:  

Well it’s summer and things are predictably heating up.  Not just in your backyard but on Capitol Hill as well.

Republicans in the House and Senate are fighting for a balanced energy plan to bring relief to families everywhere.  All week Republican legislators in the House have staged a rally demanding Speaker Nancy Pelosi call back the Congress for a special session and an up or down vote on a comprehensive energy plan that includes offshore drilling.

In the Senate, Republicans have gone to the airwaves with a simple but powerful message demanding action on a balanced energy plan.  You can see their video here.  I am proud to say it includes two Huck PAC endorsed candidates:  Lamar Alexander and Elizabeth Dole.  After you watch the video I encourage you to share it with family and friends.

Second, please help us close the gap on our goal of 2,000 contributions by August 20.  Since last Thursday we have had 485 individuals make an online contribution towards our goal.  If you haven’t made a contribution yet, please consider doing so today.  With a contribution of $10 or more we will count your contribution towards our goal.  If you are willing to match the average contribution of your fellow supporters, it is $65.  Regardless of what you contribute, what is important is that you participate.  Huck PAC is fully funded by individuals like you

Finally, and this is something we are all excited about, I wanted to share an idea we had and get your feedback. Everyone knows how committed our supporters were during the campaign.  Time after time we overcame long odds to shock the pundits because of the hard work of our volunteers.  In September we want to launch a campaign to mobilize Huckabee supporters once again, this time in support of our favorite candidates.  With your help, we will set a goal of X hours and then track the hours on our front page like we used to track dollars raised online during the campaign.  Participating volunteers can help any candidate of their choosing.  All they need to do is tell us who the candidate is and then login on our website the number of hours they volunteered for (so they are counted towards our total).  The candidate you help does not have to be a Huck PAC endorsed candidate.  If this effort is successful, we will launch it again in October and set a higher goal for our team.

Do you like this idea?  Please vote here.

And if you do like it, please help us set our goal of “Volunteer hours” for the month of September by voting here.

To recap, if you have a moment please do three things for me today:  watch this video, make a contribution towards our August online fundraising goal and tell me what you think about our Volunteer idea in September.

Fighting for our values,

Mike Huckabee

NOW SHOWING: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington II

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 06:  Former Speaker of the...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeI really hope most of Y’all understand the movie reference.  However for those of you who don’t I will explain.  Mr. Smith Goes To Washington was one of the many fantastic movies of 1939.  Starring in the inspiring drama is one of the greatest actors to grace the big screen, Jimmy Stewart.  The movie is a true lesson in civics and should be required viewing in every classroom through this great land.  That brings me to what is currently happening on Capitol Hill.  

Last Friday was the last day before the Summer Congressional Recess.  There was a push in The House to cancel the Recess until a solution was reached on the current Energy crisis.  the motion lead by House Republicans failed by a single vote as there were several Democrats who voted in favor of it.  So before lunch of Friday Nancy Pelosi ended the session, adjourned for five weeks and promptly left to go on vacation and promote her new book.  

However several Republicans refused to leave and continued to speak on the House floor in protest.  They continued despite having the lights and microphones cut off to an enthusiastic crowd of tourists that were invited down to the floor.  they continued for six hours and left for the weekend.  Personally I thought that the show was fantastic but felt that they should keep it up.  It was wonderful news when I found out that the protest resumed on Monday morning.  We are now in Day 4 of the Energy Revolt Each day more and more House Republicans are showing up to continue to protest and urge Speaker Pelosi to call a special session to have an Up or Down vote on the Energy Bill.  They have been joined today by Former Speaker of the House and Chairmen of American Solutions, Newt Gingrich (R-GA).  

There are many ways to stay up to date on the REvolt.  First you can get the latest from the blog of House Minority Leader, Boehner’s (R-OH) Blog and Twitter feed.  You can keep up with the grassroots arm of the movement by clicking HERE.  Way to go! Keep it up!  We need Immidiate solutions for our Energy Crisis.  Pelosi needs to wake up or find her majority dwindling come November!

HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Senator Elizabeth Dole

Please excuse the lull in posting…I had to break for dinner.  Hopefully it won’t take me too long to catch up. 

The next candidate to participate in Vertical Day is Senator Elizabeth Dole (of North Carolina).  Her post, like others, is about Energy Independence: 

I am continuing my fight to bring immediate and long term relief to the rising price of gas. I have heard from North Carolinians and people from across the country that are being hurt every day by the increased burden this puts on your lives. I have put forward a real plan that provides immediate and long term relief and I will be fighting for its passage in the United States Senate.

Everyone agrees we need to fix this growing problem, but there is widespread disagreement on just how to accomplish it. I often hear, “Drill for more oil here at home,” “Become less dependent on foreign sources for oil” or “Find alternative sources for energy so we don’t have to rely on oil.

All of those suggestions are accurate.

In the future, we may have sources of alternative energy that will power all our needs, burn cleanly and render gasoline obsolete. However, we are years, if not decades, away from a solution of this magnitude. The reality of today’s world is that we rely on oil in this country to drive to work, harvest crops, transport goods, fly planes, build roads and heat our homes. We must take serious and responsible actions that provide families and businesses with some near-term relief. That is why I have called on the president to immediately release one third of the supply from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which will immediately provide relief at the pump because of an increased supply of oil available for refinement and will punish the oil speculators who are betting against America. This will not jeopardize national security because the reserve would still contain a 60 day supply.

In addition, I have called on the president to create an Oil and Gas Market Fraud Task Force, which will ensure that energy markets are free from illegal manipulation and corporate corruption. This new Task Force can help restore the confidence of Americans in our oil and gas markets and prevent further harm to our economy.

While we focus on the short-term relief, we must also work towards long-term solutions. Given that the reasons for oil price fluctuation are more complicated than simply supply and demand, I believe our government must have an oil strategy. We need to increase supply by investing at home and increasing or starting environmentally-sound production in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and ANWR. I also helped introduce the Gas Price Reduction Act, which would allow states, including North Carolina, the option to open areas, at least 50 miles offshore, to energy exploration as long as it is safe, clean and not visible from the land. States would be able to receive 37.5 percent of the revenues from oil and gas found off their coasts. This bill also would lift a moratorium on oil shale in the Rocky Mountain West, where experts estimate there is three times the oil that is in Saudi Arabia.

The liberals in Congress like to argue that if we begin drilling in ANWR it will take ten years to realize the increase in supply. If President Clinton hadn’t vetoed legislation in 1996 to open 2,000 of the 19.6 million acres in a remote area of Alaska for exploration, our current energy deficit would already be reduced by roughly one million barrels of oil per day. How long must we wait? The time for action is now.

In fact, since Democrats have taken back control of Congress, gas prices have risen by about $2 per gallon. Now, my opponent wants to point fingers, but she should look no further than her friends in Washington who have blocked responsible oil exploration since I was elected and long before.

However, simply having more oil is not only the long-term solution we need for this country’s economic stability. It is vital to also lessen demand through technology and conservation. I support further increasing fuel economy standards for all vehicles and providing point-of-sale rebates for hybrid and clean diesel vehicle purchases, which will save millions of barrels of oil per day. I have co-sponsored numerous bills to pursue those goals, including the Clean Energy Investment Act and Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act.

Many politicians “talk” about high gas prices support energy plans that do nothing to produce a single barrel of oil or bring the price of gas down a single cent. I have a plan that immediately addresses high gas prices and increases energy independence over the long term. The American people are tired of political gimmicks and empty platitudes. North Carolinians and all Americans deserve better.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this important issue.

To learn more about Senator Dole’s campaign click here.

HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Rep. Graves on Energy Independence

Missouri Congresman, Sam Graves (6th District) checks back in with his 2nd post of the day.  This time his topic is Energy Independence: 

I don’t have to tell you that we are facing an energy crisis. In parts of my district, gas is over $4 a gallon, and that is relatively cheap compared to other parts of the country. Simply put, we have waited for far too long to address our energy crisis and we are all now paying the price for the failed liberal energy policy pushed by the extreme environmental special interests. Twenty five years ago, we were more energy independent, more self reliant, and more safe. In 1983, we produced 8.6 million barrels of oil a day and consumed 15 million barrels a day. Today, we only produce 5 million barrels of oil a day and consume over 20 million barrels per day. In other words, we are now almost 9 million barrels per day more dependent on foreign oil. It is time for Congress to stop bending to the extreme environmentalists and pass an energy policy that ends our dependence on foreign oil. We need an energy policy that will increase our domestic supplies by allowing drilling in ANWR and off our coasts. We must take advantage of the vast natural resources our nation holds to give families relief at the pump. Our energy plan must also look to the future beyond oil. We need to invest in alternatives like ethanol, bio-diesel, wind power, and nuclear power. There is no silver bullet. We must pursue all options in order to Americanize our energy supply, but we cannot afford to wait. We must act now.

To learn more about Missouri Representative Sam Graves click here.

HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Montana’s Bright Future

Vertical Day Continues with a post from the Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor of Montana, Steve Daines. He is running on the same ticket as the GOP candidate for Governor, Roy Brown. Steve’s post is about Energy Production:


By Steve Daines

Montana is in a unique position to be a national leader in our country’s quest to be energy independent. We have an opportunity to be our nation’s leader in both renewable energy resources, like wind, as well as oil and coal. In addition to our huge reserves of oil, Montana sits on the largest coal reserve in the nation. With all this resource potential, it’s no wonder why Montana in called the “Treasure State.”

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in bureaucracy, litigation, and gas prices, rather than production of Montana’s oil, gas, and coal reserves. Rather than develop our natural resources like our neighboring states, extreme environmental interests prefer to sue to keep our resources in the ground. Neither Montana nor the United States can take another four years of these backwards polices.

Roy Brown and I will bring state regulators and business leaders together in a boardroom, not a courtroom, to find long-term solutions so that we can develop our natural resources responsibly. Affordable gas prices and energy independence are important for our economic stability, and national security.

Now, I know this isn’t easy. Roy and I both come from the private sector. We’ve created jobs, and we’ve signed both sides of a paycheck. I know that business and government can work together for the common good, and I know we can find solutions to the tough challenges we face because I’ve been working for common sense solutions for over twenty five years. It’s time we use a little private sector innovation in state government. It’s time we start seeing results, not just the rhetoric.

It is every state’s responsibility to do their part in securing energy independence for the nation. We in Montana have been blessed in many ways, especially when it comes to our vast supply of natural resources. Through innovation and cooperation I see a very bright future for Montana as a leading energy provider, not just for our own, but for our nation.

Steve Daines is a candidate for Lt. Governor of Montana. You can learn more about him here.

Let’s Declare July 4th as Energy Independence Day!

We are less than ten days away from July 4th, the day we celebrate our nation’s Birthday and 232 years of American Independence from the (then) tyranny of the British crown.  However we are not without oppression in this country.  We are currently being oppressed by OPEC and other foreign entities that control our energy.  Each day that goes by our energy prices rise and our economy is crippled a little more.  While there are many to blame for this problem from the past three decades it is not time to point fingers.  It is time to stand up as one and demand real solutions decrease our dependency on foreign sources for gas and energy.  Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich is leading the charge with his American Solutions platform.  A few weeks ago he started a DRILL HERE DRILL NOW PAY LESS petition to Congress.  In just a few weeks time more than 1,160,000 people of all political stripes have signed t and have sent their message to Washington.  If you have not signed it would you please add your voice to the throng?  PLEASE CLICK HERE AND SIGN THE PETITION

Let’s declare this July 4th to be Energy Independence Day!