FairTax Vs Flat Tax

First of all I am no expert on this argument. The following are my opinions on the matter. I cannot get much deeper that I will get. I am not the best person to ask questions about this subject to. However let me set you in the right direction. First of all there is the FairTax Website. If you are willing to spend hours upon hours of time getting all the specifics there ya go. Libertarian Talk-show host Neal Boortz and Republican Congressman John Linder have written two books on the subject. First there is the original FairTax Book that was released in 2005. There were many questions and critics that resulted from the first book so a second book was written to answer those questions and clear the air. FairTax: The Truth. Answering The Critics was written last fall and released this Spring, just a month or two ago. On the other side of the argument are Steve Forbes’ and Dick Armey’s books.

Is that not enough for ya? Are you thirsty for more? There were two relevant workshops hosted during Newt Gingrich’s Solutions Day last September. Linder & Boortz hosted one for the FairTax and Dick Armey hosted on on the Flat Tax. In addition Neal Boortz has produced a Web Seminar on the FairTax and you can view it HERE (it works better in Internet Explorer than it does in Firefox).

Okay so we’ve got that out of the way. Now to the meat and potatoes of this post. It is no secret I am a proponent of the FairTax. I think it is the only way we should go to fix our system. I know that some of you disagree with me and have let me know that in no uncertain terms. Fine. Let’s all agree on one thing before we move forward. Our tax system sucks and we need to do something about it. It’s terrible and horrible. It needs to be fixed in some form or fashion.

First of all for the person who is coming by and has no idea what I am talking about let me explain. The FairTax (aka the National Retail Sales Tax) is a plan that would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (or IRS for short), eliminate payroll taxes, corporate taxes, FICA, The Death Tax, Medicare Tax, Social Security Tax, etc and replace it with a flat 23% sales tax on every new item that you purchase at the consumer level. The tax would be included in the price of every item you buy (in other words not added to the price at the counter like a normal sales tax). The plan was developed by a group of professors and economic experts back in the early 1990’s after much research and development. The plan was designed to be revenue neutral. In addition the plan includes a prebate check issued to each legal American citizen and family to offset the purchase of items that are needed each month (like groceries) and would pay you for each person lving in your household up to the poverty level. In simplistic terms the FairTax replaces our current tax on productivity and income and replaces it with a consumption tax. The FairTax wa supported and pushed by several GOP candidates for President (Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes,) and a Democratic candidate (Mike Graval, who is now running for the Libertarian nomination). In addition Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr is a supporter. The FairTax is an actual bill in the hopper of the house and Senate and has over 70 co-sponsors at present.

So why do I favor the FairTax over a Flat Tax. It’s very simple. We’ve already tried it before. Back in the 1980’s under the Reagan administration we went to a flat tax. It basically wiped the slate clean as far as the tax cod is concerned. Almost twenty years later the tax code is hundreds of pages long and very complex. Let’s all agree that it is too complex. Here are reasons why I favor the FairTax over the Flat Tax (these are all things not possible under a Flat Tax):

  • Under the Fairtax, April 15th becoems just another Spring Day. No more filing to worry about. No more filing stress! No more paying someone to do the work for you. Go out have a picnic and celebrate the end of Tax Opression!
  • While there is a tax code still in place, the Federal Government, along with help from K Street lobbyists and their soft money will continue to influence our behavior with tax breaks and tax increases depending on who you are and what behavior they want to punish or reward.
  • The poor are untaxed! That prebate check is designed to cover their basic necessities. The FairTax does more to fight poverty than Lyndon B. Johnson ever did during his “War on Poverty.”
  • Under this system the States will realize that this is the best way to collect their money too and when that happens you get to keep every dime that you earn and nothing is taken away!
  • Your money is your money. You get to decide what to do with it. The consumption tax is voluntary. You can save or invest your money and when you want to withdraw that or cash in there are no more taxes paid when you collect!
  • There are many companies that have relocated overseas for tax purposes. the day the FairTax is enacted and the 16th Amendment repealed the United States will become the world’s tax haven. All those companies, their jobs, and their dollars will return to American soil and they will be followed by many more companies that will decide that it will be better to do their business here in the United States! Talk about the ultimate economic stimulus!
  • Remember that prebate check I talked about? Well if you are not a legal citizen you don’t get one. The only way you are going to get one is to go back home and enter this country legally. In other words the FairTax punishes illegal aliens and is a motivation for them to actually become legal citizens!
  • Most importantly the FairTax would be the single most transfer of power from the Federal Government back to the people.

That’s why I prefer the FairTax over a Flat Tax. I am sure there are people out there that still disagree with me. that’s fine. This is America. The great thing is that we can share our opinions with each other and it is not a crime to disagree with the Government and how it works. If yo uwant to give a rebuttal, go ahead. You have free reign. I won’t fire back at ya. I will now allow you, my readers to opine. Any rebuttals on the side of the FairTax will not come from me (if any they will come from supporters of the FairTax). I have already stated my case. Just don’t attack anyone or their views on the issue. There ya go. Have at it.

Mike Huckabee Accepts Duncan Hunte’s Endorsement

News Release: Duncan Hunter Endorses Mike Huckabee

January 23, 2008

Little Rock, AR-

“ Former Arkansas Governor and Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee accepted the endorsement of Congressman Duncan Hunter, the former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee who withdrew from the Presidential race earlier this week.

Huckabee stated, “I’m honored to have Duncan Hunter’s support. Over the past year, I have come to admire him on a personal and professional level. We share many of the same positions on the military and immigration. I look forward to having his support as our campaign continues to surge ahead to Super Tuesday and beyond.”

“I got to know Governor Huckabee well on the campaign trail. Of the remaining candidates, I feel that he is strongly committed to strengthening national defense, constructing the border fence and meeting the challenge of China’s emergence as a military superpower that is taking large portions of America’s industrial base,” said Congressman Hunter.

Hunter continued, “Mike Huckabee is a man of outstanding character and integrity. I saw that character over the last year of campaigning and was greatly impressed. The other Republican candidates have many strengths and I wish them all well. My personal choice is Mike Huckabee.”

Huckabee called on Hunter’s supporters as well as those of former Senator Fred Thompson who also withdrew from the race, to join his campaign. “As a true authentic conservative, I have a vision to bring hope, opportunity and prosperity to all Americans, and I welcome their support,”Huckabee said.


Breaking news off of the CNN political ticker….

WASHINGTON (CNN) — California Rep. Duncan Hunter, a former presidential candidate, announced Wednesday he is endorsing Mike Huckabee’s White House bid.

“I got to know Governor Huckabee well on the campaign trail,” Huckabee said in a statement. “Of the remaining candidates I feel that he is strongly committed to strengthening national defense, constructing the border fence and meeting the challenge of China’s emergence as a military superpower that is taking large portions of America’s industrial base.

“Along with these issues of national security, border enforcement and protecting the U.S. industrial base, I see another quality of Mike Huckabee’s candidacy that compels my endorsement,” he added. “Mike Huckabee is a man of outstanding character and integrity. I saw that character over the last year of campaigning and was greatly impressed. The other Republican candidates have many strengths and I wish them all well.”

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Mike Huckabee Issues Statement Regarding Fred Thompson & Duncan Hunter

Mike Huckabee has released this statement regarding the withdraws from the race by Fred Thompson & Duncan Hunter:

News Release: Gov. Mike Huckabee Comments On Thompson News

January 22, 2008

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee issued the following statement today:

“Today, Senator Fred Thompson announced that he will no longer seek the Republican nomination for President. I wish Fred the best.

“Fred’s decision, along with my friend Congressman Duncan Hunter’s departure from the race, narrows the presidential field. I want to thank these fine men for their contributions to the debate. Our Party, and our nation, depends upon the patriotism and dedication of men and women who get involved in the political process.

“I commend Fred and Duncan for their focus on America’s role in the world. I share their absolute conviction that the first responsibility of government is to protect the American people. Our country must prevail in our fight against radical Islamics who want to destroy us.

“As a pro-life, pro-lower tax conservative Republican, who believes in the Second amendment, I believe that one of the greatest ongoing threats to our constitutional republic is the politicization of the federal judiciary. The role of a judge is to interpret the law, not to legislate from the bench; as president, I will only appoint men and women who share this view.

“As we move forward, I’d like to ask Fred’s supporters, and Duncan’s, to join our campaign. As a true authentic conservative, I have a vision to bring hope, opportunity and prosperity to all Americans, and I welcome their support.”

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Duncan Hunter’s Announcement

The following is a Duncan Hunter Press Release:

For Immediate Release: January 7, 2007
Contact: Bob Bevill, (978) 339-3198, (603) 913-1770

Presidential Candidate and California Congressman Duncan Hunter will be making a major announcement today at 2:00 p.m. (EST), regarding the future of his Presidential bid. All media are encouraged to attend or contact Bob Bevill, National Media Coordinator, to arrange alternate interviews.

Radisson Hotel Lobby
700 Elm Street
Manchester, New Hampshire
2:00 p.m. (EST)

Two questions now arise: Will Hunter be bailing out in a matter of minutes and who will he endorse if he does. My money is on Mike Huckabee who he is friends with. We can only hope at this point. Stay tuned

as Drudge likes to say: Developing….

EDIT – Rep Hunter is stayin in the race and used the opportunity to rant.

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Thompson & Hunter After Iowa

The rumor mills are flying on two candidates oon the GOP side, Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter.

First us is Fred. He just has not caught on. His heart doesn’t seem to be in it. Fred barely got a hold of enough cash to run ads in Iowa this week. If he doesn’t finish well he will run out of cash. The rumors are that Fred may drop out if he doesn’t not finish well in Iowa and the rumor is that when he does drop out he will endorse John McCain.

From Politico:

DES MOINES, Iowa – Several Republican officials close to Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign said they expect the candidate will drop out of the race within days if he finishes poorly in Thursday’s Iowa caucus.

Thompson’s campaign, which last spring and summer was generating fevered anticipation in the media and with some Republican activists, has never ignited nationally, and there are no signs of a late spark happening here in Iowa, where even a third-place finish is far from assured.

This reality—combined with a fundraising drought—left well-connected friends and advisers of Thompson Wednesday evening predicting that he will pull the plug on hype and hope before the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary.

Thompson’s departure could shake up the race more than his continued presence. Friends and advisers said they have long considered it likely that if the lobbyist-actor is forced from the race he would endorse John McCain his former Senate colleague who lately has been staging a political revival in New Hampshire.

“Without a solid third-place finish, there’s no point in going on,” a Thompson adviser said Wednesday. “It was an honorable race, and he turned out to be a good candidate. The moment had just passed.”

A Thompson campaign source said there is “a strong likelihood” that if Thompson comes in a distant third in Iowa, with less than 15 percent of the vote, he would drop out soon—most likely before this weekend’s New Hampshire presidential debates.

The Thompson sources said they were describing a consensus expectation that is now widespread among his political circle, not announcing a decision that the candidate himself has definitively reached.

But Thompson lately has been dropping clear signals that he has reached an up-or-out moment of his own. On Wednesday he took the unusual step of raising expectations for himself at a time when most other candidates are trying to lower them.

When asked what Iowa results he’d be happy with, Thompson held up two fingers, indicating a second-place finish, according to reporters who were with him.

He did something similar on Sunday, when Thompson—apparently in a semi-jocular mood—dismayed his staff by telling reporters that he needed to finish second in the caucuses, a bar that nobody here expects him to cross.

As far as Duncan Hunter is concerned he has been making several interesting statements. First of all he gave up in Iowa and is now in New Hampshire. So it appears that whatever happens tonight he will still wait it out through the 8th. However his statements to the media have been telling.

First of all he said during an interview on CNN recently that through the campaign the he has come to know and really like Mike and noted that Mike’s character was real. Hunter later told the media that he was impressed with Mike’s organization in an interview yesterday. It does appear that when Hunter drops out that he will likely endorse Mike Huckabee. When that happens I have no idea.