My Huckabee Campaign Story

In the past year I have become very active politically.  I’ve always paid attention to politics and the process because I feel it is my duty to do so as an American citizen (a duty I don’t take lightly).  After listening to him speak in support of the FairTax at one of the first Republican Debates, and especially right before the Iowa Straw Poll I knew that my support should be thrown behind former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.  Not only did he support and speak for the most important issue to me personally (The FairTax), he appealed to me with his humor and wit.  I was also looking for someone who was authentic and someone who would bring the country together again.  Through his words and deeds, Mike proved that he was my man and no matter what long odds stood against him and success I committed myself to his cause.

Supporting Governor Huckabee involved taking one leap of faith after another.  I was completely new to grassroots activism.  I had only watched politics from the sidelines.  I was not prepared to get my hands dirty or my shirt bloody.  However that is exactly what happened!  It all started with my blog.  I had started a casual blog in July of 2007  but It quickly became my sounding board of support for Governor Huckabee, especially right after the Iowa Straw Poll triumph.  I soon signed up as one of his official bloggers (I was one of the first ones but there were several before me).  A post from the blog was published during the campaign’s “Vertical Day in September of 2007:  

It’s been less than a decade since the Clinton impeachment circus. Since that point we have stood as a nation politically divided and highly polarized. You either have to be a Conservative or a Liberal, Republican or Democrat.There can’t be a happy medium. Nothing in Washington is done for the good of the people or the nation. It’s all party politics and politics as usual has thrown the concept of bi-partisanship out the window and into the garbage. As an Independent voter and an American I’m sick of this nonsense!It’s time for a change and in the immortal words of Sam Cooke “A Change is Gonna Come.” It’s time to rise up as one voice and demand a president who won’t divide us any longer. Our future as a nation depends on it. Our enemies have already started gathering like vultures and hungry wolves at our doorstep because they can see our weakness since we are so very divided. We have brave men and women fighting for us abroad against an enemy that hates us and yet we remain divided at home. I don’t care what your opinion is on Iraq or the War on Terror. However, in our present situation we might as well just bring them all home, retreat and surrender. We cannot achieve victory abroad in any sense without being united at home. If we were divided at home during World War II, we’d all be lampshades now. It’s time we get behind someone who will unite us again.

What you’re still reading? Excellent! That’s where many politicians would stop and receive applause and step away from the stump or the microphone after telling us what our problems are without presenting solutions to rectifying the situation. Not me. Not now. Not this time. Not that I am a politician, I’m just a common man giving his two cents to anyone who will read this blog.

How do we rectify the situation? We unite around the only presidential candidate that appeals to the masses on either side of the aisle, former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. I endorse him not as a Democrat or a Republican, but as an American. If there is anyone that can unite us again it is a Washington outsider and Huck’s the only viable candidate in either field that can claim that. I feel that Mike is the greatest communicator of ideas since Ronald Regan. No matter what you think about what he says you always know where he is going to stand on an issue. Mike’s take on the issues of the day are straight from his mouth and not from some Political adviser. His opinions and stances on the issues will not change based on what other people think, what advisers tell him to say, how poll numbers come out, or the political winds changing direction. Granted I disagree with Mike on a few petty issues but unlike other candidates, Huck doesn’t leave me with a sense of bitterness or anger towards him. Instead of offering some jelly beans to you (like Regan), Mike will give you a laugh, a smile, and maybe even some ear-pleasing bass licks with his rock band if you disagree with him There is not a man, woman, or child that would hate Huckabee as President of the United States. Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air compared to the current status quo?

How do I know Huckabee has the appeal of the common man? Mike is going to places where a GOP candidate normally wouldn’t dare to tread. He is appealing to his base one day and courting the NEA, Machinists Union, and the AARP and appear before television audiences that are predominatly liberal (like 
The Daily ShowThe Colbert Report, and Bill Maher) the next. He is definitely a uniter and not a divider.

So let’s get behind a true winner. Remember “A House Divided Will Never Stand.” Mike Huckabee is the only “Hope” for a true “United” States of America in 2008! As for me, I am voting for a change. I will proudly march to the voting booth on February 5th in the Georgia primary and vote for Huckabee . I will proudly do the exact same thing next November (even if I have to write his name in on the ballot). I hope you will join me!

As summer turned to fall I began fundraising (mostly unsuccessful but not for a lack of trying).  I spent early October writing every Republican elected official representing Georgia that I could to build up support (an effort that took many hours of my time).

Then when the Meetup initiative started I took another leap of faith.  I started the local group in my county of Gwinnett.  I had no experience whatsoever but I knew if someone didn’t start one that maybe no one would.  I did have help (Thank you Lisa!!!) in this venture and I am very blessed to have had it cause success could not have come without it.  We held meetings and sign waves.  We did our Christmas shopping while passing out campaign literature.  As 2007 became 2008 our activity level increased.  We stood on freezing street corners waving signs and passing out campaign materials.

In fact Right after the South Carolina Primary we held a sign wave and handed out signs and literature on a very cold afternoon.  It was sunny outside but the wind was blowing.  It must have been at the most 35 degrees but the wind chill was in the single digits.  I had as much clothes as I could but I was out there for about 5 hours.  This resulted in a sinus infection and cold that did not really go away for a month.  Even though my immune system is not all that great I did it anyway because I believed in the cause so much.

Through Huck’s Army we made hundreds of phone calls to key states (including our own) to build our support base.  While I could not make as many calls as I wanted (the script font was small and the script changed a lot depending on who we were to call) I was able to get several people to make calls for me.

Our hard work was finally rewarded on Super Tuesday with a crucial victory here in Georgia!  While many in the team were able to celebrate at watch parties I was at home instead.  Regardless of the fact I have never been able to celebrate the accomplishment properly, absolute elation was the result.  I am very proud of my efforts, and the efforts of the team.  This has never been about me – it’s been about Mike Huckabee and promoting his causes. This has never been about some sort of ego trip.  It has and continues to be a labor of love.     We did not win Gwinnett County but came within 1,000 votes of Mitt Romney in the Primary here.  There are a ton of votes here for Republicans and it can be argued that without our efforts it would have been much harder for Mike to win the state.

Even though our efforts did not result in Mike Huckabee winning the Republican nomination I am still fighting the good fight for Mike and the causes dear to us all!

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