Rex Rice For Congress (SC-3) 2010!

It is my honor and privilege to announce my endorsement of Rex Rice For Congress!  The Current Representative from South Carolina’s 3rd District, Gresham Barrett is running for Governor next year.

Rex Rice currently serves in South Carolina’s House and spoke at last weeks’ FairTax Rally in South Carolina.  He is a very strong supporter of The FairTax and was a proud supporter of Governor Mike Huckabee’s 2008 Presidential run.  He is a fine conservative and the 3rd District of South Carolina will find a man that they will be proud in.  In addition Mr. Rice is a true champion of the disabled and is standing strong with me as a supporter of the Can-Do Conservatives of America!

I hope my neighbors in the Palmetto State will recognize the strong leader they will have in Rex Rice.  Please visit his website and join his team.  I hope to be able to travel back into the Palmetto state later on and stump on his behalf.

Memo To Tea Party People – FairTaxers Are Fighting With You, Not Against!

I hopped on twitter for a little while today and I was shocked and alarmed to get a notice that the Charleston, SC Tea Party Protest schedule has changed.  It was to be in the afternoon of April 15th.  There were people planning to go to that protest and then drive to Columbia, SC for the FairTax Rally there that evening.  The time now shows that both events are occurring at the same time, according to what I’ve read on Twitter.  This is really grinding my gears.

FairTax supporters have and are fighting with those who are holding these Tea Parties.  FairTax people will be out at these Tax Day Tea Parties in droves all over the country.  We support your movement.  We’re fighting for the same things.  We’re supporting you and the least you could do is let us have our big Tax Day event without competition in the same state!

Us FaurTax people and the Tea Party people need to be working together, not against each other.  We’re fighting for the same reasons and for similar goals.  Why can’t we fight on the same team?  It’s time to take the words to the awesome Canned Heat song “Let’s Work Togther” to heart.  Our nation will be better for it!

More on The History Made In South Carolina

I have more detailed information and analysis on the history made in South Carolina over this past weekend.

First of all is an article over at BlogHub by a blogger who is following Campaign 2008 in The Palmetto State.

Governor Mike Huckabee, who endorsed the newly elected Committeeman, Glen McCall, Congratulates McCall on winning and the GOP and people of South Carolina on this huge event:

-Mike Huckabee

With Glenn McCall’s election this weekend as Republican National Committeeman, South Carolina Republicans have gained a strong, capabale leader prepared for the challenges ahead. I was proud to endorse Glenn in the leadup to the convention and look forward to watching him help move the Party forward.

As a man of faith, Glenn believes in defining marriage between one man and one woman, and that we must fight to protect the unborn. Also, Glenn believes in protecting our freedoms, and for that reason he is an avid second amendment supporter. You can read more about Glenn here.

Republicans everywhere are going to face many challenges in the weeks and months ahead. We need strong leaders willing to lead us forward with new ideas. Glenn is such a leader. Congratulations Glenn! You didn’t just win this weekend, South Carolina won, as did our Republican Party.

Go Buddy Witherspoon!

My neighbors to the East in South Carolina are holding their primary for the State’s Senate Seat. The incumbant is Lindsey Graham and he is receving a challenge in the GOP primary by Dr, Buddy Witherspoon, a former Republican National Committeeman. Their GOP Primary will be held on Tuesday, June 10th and I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Dr. Witherspoon against Senator Graham who has shown a complete lack of leadership on illegal immigration and other issues.

Why do I like Buddy? Well first of all he is a proud supporter of the FairTax, something that cannot be said of Senator Graham. He also strongly rejects the idea of giving amnesty to illegal aliens (Graham wants to spread his open arms to the idea). He also is an opponent of eminent domain abuses and of No Child Left Behind He is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and our Military. SOUNDS LIKE A WINNER TO ME!! The Senate and the people of South Carolina deserve and could use more principled leadership and Dr. Buddy Witherspoon will provide that for the Palmetto State. If you live in South Carolina I urge you to visit Buddy’s website, and show up to the polls on Tuesday, June 10th. It’s about time that Senator Graham and his lack of leadership be sent home to where he belongs!

History Made in South Carolina as Huckabee Republican Movement Continues!

Note – Thanks to the Huckabee Alliance for crossposting and for submitting the article below to Real Clear Politics. I appreciate it!

There is big news tonight out of South Carolina that you won’t hear from the media. The Republican Party of South Carolina has elected it’s first African-American Republican National Committeeman, Glenn McCall! It’s also possible that he will be the very first African American Republican National Committeeman from the entire South! The Next Right has more details. So what does this have to do with Mike Huckabee and the Huckabee Republican movement? McCall was endorsed for the position by Governor Mike Huckabee. McCall defeated the incumbent who was endorsed by the Christian Coalition. This speaks in a large volume about what is occurring in the Republican Party and the Evangelical movement at large. The followers in the pews are overpowering their leaders at the pulpit who are fading away into obscurity and/or showing an extreme lack of leadership. Also while he was eventually defeated in his run for the President, Governor Huckabee has planted seeds in the ground and his followers are sowing them. They are not just sitting idly by for their next chance to try again for Huck. They are now using their newly-found political experience (Most of us have never been involved politically before) by running for offices both, large and small, across this land (not to mention positions within the Republican party itself). The seeds Huckabee has planted are now sprouting into plants.

A month ago I was very wary of the possibility that Mike Huckabee could be named John McCain’s running mate. Don’t get me wrong – I am all for that in fact I endorse Mike Huckabee for Vice President. However I feel it is important to mention that at the time I was very concerned that Mike Huckabee would not be able to continue to lead his movement to change the GOP for the better. Today I am very confident that his followers can carry the torch by themselves if they had to. Keep in mind It was us, the grassroots supporters that were a big force behind Huckabee’s success (as Huck did not have a lot of money). We were able to close some of the money gap with our zeal and passion. I realize that the establishment wing of the GOP is now combining forces to try to defeat us. Well go ahead, make my day! Ours is a battle worth fighting for and we are not going to be turned away so easily!

A FairTax Update

the following is an E-mail blast from

Dear FairTax Supporter:

The FairTax Campaign Rocks the Boat!

What a thrilling time it is as our idea for a better nation finally starts getting traction everywhere.

While those threatened with extinction—federal tax lobbyists and tax policy experts—have begun throwing the kitchen sink at the FairTax, the public is also getting a lot smarter about how the income tax system hurts America.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword (or the smear)

FairTax supporters have taken up their pens and are commenting online, sending letters to the editor and raising the FairTax flag wherever they can. A few writers have been making a huge difference and every supporter is invited to take up the pen—or the keyboard—and fight for the FairTax.

Every day sees a new letter to the editor or web posting defining the 67,500 pages of income tax regulations, the effects of the current tax system on the “Made in America” label and the benefits of a fair, simple and transparent national tax system.

Tax policy was once the exclusive domain of Washington, DC experts who have jealously guarded their elevated status, spun the truth of how the arcane details of the tax code work, helped Congress hide the real effects and size of federal taxes and stoked the political fires to pit citizen against citizen.

That day is coming to an end because of the FairTax.

They don’t like the idea of a simple tax system, of course, and they don’t much care for citizens learning the “secrets” of the dysfunctional income system. The more educated the public becomes; the harder it is for politicians and their handlers to manipulate the truth–and the more popular the FairTax becomes.

Iowa, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan and onward to the nation!

In Iowa, the FairTax took root and catapulted our issue to the center of Presidential politics. It was the spark that has lit a grassroots fire across the nation and caused voters to sit up and take notice that there might be a real solution to the income tax mess that bedevils taxpayers and damages the economy.

In South Carolina and Florida, FairTax groups have hosted rallies that saw thousands attend as well as Presidential candidates.

In Michigan, FairTax organizers pushed even harder to extend the FairTax virtues to the state tax system.

In one Florida Presidential debate John McCain told Mike Huckabee that the FairTax is resonating across the country and chuckled as he noted that everywhere he turns he sees someone in a FairTax shirt.

The FairTax bus is still crisscrossing the nation to the delight and surprise of people everywhere.

This is the beginning of the transformation from a national campaign to a national movement with individuals at the local level dreaming up new and even better ways to spread the word.

One fellow from Georgia has asked for help in promoting a FairTax rally next Saturday, February 2 in the online virtual world, Second Life. “I own property next to the FairTax Support Center,” he said. “That’s where I would like to hold a rally!”

The Best is Yet to Come

If you think that its been an exciting ride so far—just wait—its about to get a lot better.

Boortz bookFebruary 12 sees the release of Neal Boortz and John Linder’s new book, FairTax: The Truth–Answering the Critics. You can order a copy now here through

The first 100,000 copies of the book contain’s membership brochure which should help build our army of citizens willing to speak up for a better tax system.

As April 15th approaches again we are making ready for an on-line petition we hope will have hundreds of thousands of names for delivery to both Presidential campaigns and to Congress itself.

The FairTax website saw 100,000 new visitors during December and here at we have worked hard to keep the website current and interesting—both for long time supporters and for new visitors.

We have developed “E-cards” that allow FairTaxers to send a simple message about the FairTax to a friend. You are encouraged to use these messages to both educate the public and bring new strength to our campaign. Click here to send an E-card.

Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, the brilliant Boston University economist, has posted new work on the FairTax, including how it helps the middle class. While this won’t stop the disinformation campaigns of the critics, it provides a needed answer by a highly respected economist to those who are trying harder than ever these days to distort the FairTax.

Our radio talk show appearances (at 650 and counting) continue to fire the imagination and hopes of hundreds of thousands of citizens who had given up on real tax reform and even given up on the Founding Father’s promise that we are a nation, “Of, by and for the people….”. Leo Linbeck, our Chairman and cofounder recently spent two hours on big New York City station WOR.

The FairTax movement has become as much about the public’s role in public policy as it is about a far better tax system.

Its healthy for the nation and it moves us closer—one step at a time—to seeing the FairTax driven, by the people, to the floor of the House and Senate.

Our goal now is to fan the spark that has been set in the grassroots into a raging fire that sweeps away those politicians who have forgotten they work for the people—not for tax lobbyists and not for themselves.

We are closer than we ever have been before but every one of us knows that as far as we have come, we have as far to go.

We cannot ever underestimate the self-interest of Washington, DC in keeping the power over the citizenry in the hands of the few who profit from manipulation of the tax code.

No single candidate defines the FairTax—this is a growing movement by the citizens of America who are finally standing up to end to our broken tax system and for a far better way to raise and control revenues for the common good.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your passion, your commitment and for your belief that, together, we citizens can create and see enacted good public policy. It is the core belief of our form of government and our best hope for a better nation. Please keep up the good work and keep up the pressure. When our elected officials–and candidates–feel the heat, they will see the light.

Ken Hoagland
National Communications Director

Message For Anyone Who thought We’d Throw In The Towel….

The following message was just received from Governor Mike Huckabee:

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

We came so very close in South Carolina last night. I am extremely proud of our team and the effort everyone put in. Thank you! While we would liked to have finished in first place, we will take a second place finish and focus on the next miles in this marathon race. Florida is next on January 29 and Super Tuesday only days later on February 5.

We need to re-focus on the primaries ahead and everyone needs to pitch in.

Here is what you can expect from us in the hours ahead:

1) A national call for volunteers in Florida. Whether you live in Florida or you are from out of state, we need and welcome your support. We made this announcement on the campaign blog earlier this evening and you can read it here.

2) Launch of online headquarters in every Super Tuesday primary state. We will need bloggers in each state to help organize our grassroots efforts. We will send state specific emails discussing our goals in each state.

3) A national drive to increase the size of our list of campaign supporters. Clearly every vote counts and the growth of our supporter list is critical. We will set a specific goal and encourage everyone to recruit their friends to our team.

4) A fundraising drive to raise money to help fuel our efforts in Florida and many of the key Super Tuesday states where we have a deep base of support.

I said last night and I meant it, running for President is a process. Today we reset ourselves, recharged and we are ready to hit the campaign trail with a new burst of energy. Let’s win this together.

I will email you soon.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee