Rock Around the Mouse Show 1002

Well I promised this to ya the other day so here it is!


That link should take you to a folder that holds all three hours (three files, one for each hour).

This edition is dedicated to my friend Shayne in Arizona (Earkid on MiceChat) who graduated College with a Doctorate degree. Her favorite music is featured. Also in the mix are songs about Spring and we’ll welcome the return of Baseball! Also on the show is the introduction of the MouseKartoon segment – where we go digging through the Disney archive to find some audio gems. This week we take a look at Disney animator Ward Kimball and his Firehouse Five Plus 2.

Show 1003 is already in the can and has run. I’ll share that with you later on this week. I have to get busy recording shows 1004 & 1005.

Speaking of shows my new schedule on Radio Odyssey is as follows (effective this Sunday):

Shows PremEAR Sundays from 8-11 PM Eastern & repeat on Wednesday nights from 9 PM-Midnight Eastern.


The Last of Walt’s "Nine Old Men" Has Passed On

The world has lost a true legend in animation. The last member of Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men” Ollie Johnston has passed on. He was 95 years old. He served as an animator for dozens of classic Disney films from Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs to Fox & The Hound. There is no doubt that the animation studio in the sky has received another member. The Walt Disney Company has released a press release and you can read it HERE. RIP Ollie. You will definitely be missed but fondly remembered!

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The Golden Horseshoe Revue Honored Last Weekend

Last weekend a long gone, but long remembered show from Disneyland was honored and remembered, the Golden Horseshoe Revue during a special evening at a Sheraton Hotel near Disneyland. Especially honored was cast member and Disney legend Wally Boag. He was the star of the show. You may also recognize his voice as one of the birds in Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Alas I never was blessed to see this show in person but I remember seeing reruns of an episode of the Wonderful World of Color in which the state show was featured, on the Disney Channel.

My friend, Circarama over at MiceChat was blessed to be in attendance and shared his experience with the world. There are many great pictures and some videos. If you are a Disney fanatic, like me, you won’t want to miss reading about it HERE.

In Honor of The Super Bowl

Today is The Super Bowl. the New York Giants will try to keep the New England Patriots from finishing their season undefeated at 19-0. No matter who you are rooting for this will truly be a fun day for all. Don’t eat too much though.

In honor of the big game I present you with a classic cartoon! I love the old Goofy cartoons. Here’s “How to Play Football” Enjoy!

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When You Wish Upon A Star

Please note that the following video is meaningless, other than having the classic song in it.

There are indications that mike Huckabee will be “Wishing Upon A Star” very soon. Who? Well stay tuned and find out when it is official! 🙂

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