FairTax Vs Flat Tax

First of all I am no expert on this argument. The following are my opinions on the matter. I cannot get much deeper that I will get. I am not the best person to ask questions about this subject to. However let me set you in the right direction. First of all there is the FairTax Website. If you are willing to spend hours upon hours of time getting all the specifics there ya go. Libertarian Talk-show host Neal Boortz and Republican Congressman John Linder have written two books on the subject. First there is the original FairTax Book that was released in 2005. There were many questions and critics that resulted from the first book so a second book was written to answer those questions and clear the air. FairTax: The Truth. Answering The Critics was written last fall and released this Spring, just a month or two ago. On the other side of the argument are Steve Forbes’ and Dick Armey’s books.

Is that not enough for ya? Are you thirsty for more? There were two relevant workshops hosted during Newt Gingrich’s Solutions Day last September. Linder & Boortz hosted one for the FairTax and Dick Armey hosted on on the Flat Tax. In addition Neal Boortz has produced a Web Seminar on the FairTax and you can view it HERE (it works better in Internet Explorer than it does in Firefox).

Okay so we’ve got that out of the way. Now to the meat and potatoes of this post. It is no secret I am a proponent of the FairTax. I think it is the only way we should go to fix our system. I know that some of you disagree with me and have let me know that in no uncertain terms. Fine. Let’s all agree on one thing before we move forward. Our tax system sucks and we need to do something about it. It’s terrible and horrible. It needs to be fixed in some form or fashion.

First of all for the person who is coming by and has no idea what I am talking about let me explain. The FairTax (aka the National Retail Sales Tax) is a plan that would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service (or IRS for short), eliminate payroll taxes, corporate taxes, FICA, The Death Tax, Medicare Tax, Social Security Tax, etc and replace it with a flat 23% sales tax on every new item that you purchase at the consumer level. The tax would be included in the price of every item you buy (in other words not added to the price at the counter like a normal sales tax). The plan was developed by a group of professors and economic experts back in the early 1990’s after much research and development. The plan was designed to be revenue neutral. In addition the plan includes a prebate check issued to each legal American citizen and family to offset the purchase of items that are needed each month (like groceries) and would pay you for each person lving in your household up to the poverty level. In simplistic terms the FairTax replaces our current tax on productivity and income and replaces it with a consumption tax. The FairTax wa supported and pushed by several GOP candidates for President (Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes,) and a Democratic candidate (Mike Graval, who is now running for the Libertarian nomination). In addition Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr is a supporter. The FairTax is an actual bill in the hopper of the house and Senate and has over 70 co-sponsors at present.

So why do I favor the FairTax over a Flat Tax. It’s very simple. We’ve already tried it before. Back in the 1980’s under the Reagan administration we went to a flat tax. It basically wiped the slate clean as far as the tax cod is concerned. Almost twenty years later the tax code is hundreds of pages long and very complex. Let’s all agree that it is too complex. Here are reasons why I favor the FairTax over the Flat Tax (these are all things not possible under a Flat Tax):

  • Under the Fairtax, April 15th becoems just another Spring Day. No more filing to worry about. No more filing stress! No more paying someone to do the work for you. Go out have a picnic and celebrate the end of Tax Opression!
  • While there is a tax code still in place, the Federal Government, along with help from K Street lobbyists and their soft money will continue to influence our behavior with tax breaks and tax increases depending on who you are and what behavior they want to punish or reward.
  • The poor are untaxed! That prebate check is designed to cover their basic necessities. The FairTax does more to fight poverty than Lyndon B. Johnson ever did during his “War on Poverty.”
  • Under this system the States will realize that this is the best way to collect their money too and when that happens you get to keep every dime that you earn and nothing is taken away!
  • Your money is your money. You get to decide what to do with it. The consumption tax is voluntary. You can save or invest your money and when you want to withdraw that or cash in there are no more taxes paid when you collect!
  • There are many companies that have relocated overseas for tax purposes. the day the FairTax is enacted and the 16th Amendment repealed the United States will become the world’s tax haven. All those companies, their jobs, and their dollars will return to American soil and they will be followed by many more companies that will decide that it will be better to do their business here in the United States! Talk about the ultimate economic stimulus!
  • Remember that prebate check I talked about? Well if you are not a legal citizen you don’t get one. The only way you are going to get one is to go back home and enter this country legally. In other words the FairTax punishes illegal aliens and is a motivation for them to actually become legal citizens!
  • Most importantly the FairTax would be the single most transfer of power from the Federal Government back to the people.

That’s why I prefer the FairTax over a Flat Tax. I am sure there are people out there that still disagree with me. that’s fine. This is America. The great thing is that we can share our opinions with each other and it is not a crime to disagree with the Government and how it works. If yo uwant to give a rebuttal, go ahead. You have free reign. I won’t fire back at ya. I will now allow you, my readers to opine. Any rebuttals on the side of the FairTax will not come from me (if any they will come from supporters of the FairTax). I have already stated my case. Just don’t attack anyone or their views on the issue. There ya go. Have at it.

Huckabee’s Participation in Solutions Day Is A Big Boost!

Go check out this article shared by Georgia For Huckabee! the crowd over at the University of West Georgia was very impressed with Mike Huckabee’s participation in Solutions Day amd his support of the Fair Tax. I am sure as this spreads the polls will trend our way and Mike will be in double digits very soon.

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"Why I Decided Not to Run For President" by Newt Gingrich

the following is an article written by former Speaker of the House, Newt gingrich and we he decided against running for President. His selflessness on this matter is highly admireable. You can read the article HERE

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Some Huckabee Items of Interest

Here some more things to chew on this morning.

Last Monday Mike was interviewed by Instapundit You can listen to the interview here. I think it will air tomorrow on XM’s POTUS channel.

Here’s an extensive recap of the PBS debate last Thursday (with pictures).

Is Huckabee on the verge of a breakout? I think so. We just have to work hard for that to happen.

On Saturday afternoon, Mike Huckabee led a Solutions Day workshop on Education and Healthcare. You can watch it here. In addition, here is the FairTax workshop.

Great News on Two Fronts

Good morning!

There is awesome news on two fronts this morning. Not only did we meet the 2,500 new donations goal set by the Mike Huckabee campaign, we met the 3,000 new donation goal when the bar was raised yesterday! Can we get to 3,250 before Midnight tonight? Let’s keep it up!

Also there are new numbers in from Iowa from yesterday and the news is good. Mike’s in double digits! Mike is three points ahead of John McCain, one point before Rudy, and four points behind Fred. There is also 15 percent undecided and even if only half broke Mike’s way, Huck would be in 2nd place behind Mitt “Mr. Moneybags” Romney. One caveat is that the margin of error is high with this poll. I wonder why? I am also interested in the polls that are taken from this point forward. Why? Well finally Newt is out of the equation. How much of his support will break for Mike? Is the sudden surge in Huckabee donations (500 in one day) a result of Newt’s announcement yesterday, and from the people that were going to donate to his campaign?

I am pretty sure that not even Mike Huckabee himself knew what good timing the end of the 3rd Quarter was. He participated in Solutions Day, yesterday, He impressed at the PBS forum on Thursday (Michael Steele was impressed…could an endorsement be coming from him?),and Mike’s Foreign policy speech on Friday has gotten him a lot of press from the “Bush Bashing” mainstream media. It can only get better from here folks! We may be watching the most spectacular political Cinderella story ever. Mike is being outspent 1,000 to 1 and yet those people who have more money are losing their support while Mike gains. If Mike can end up pulling this out we might have a movie in the making here. This would be more shocking than Jimmy Carter’s rise to the White House. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s a long way to go.

BREAKING – Newt Reportedly NOT Running

This decision came quickly. I am listening to the Georgia/Mississippi football game and WSB radio reports that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will reportedly not run for President. This comes on the day of the 30-plus workshops of his Solutions Day Initiative (The FairTax workshop starts in 30 minutes).

The Atlanta Journal & Constitution has the story HERE. Apparently it is legally impossible and prohibited for Newt to be the head of, the Political Action Committee, American Solutions For Winning The Future and run for president at the same time. I am a Mike Huckabee supporter but I think this is stupid. We really need to overhaul campaign laws and regulations, to give more freedom for people to run a campaign as they see fit, as long as a candidate is open about who is financing their campaign and their other political activi so that the citizens can make a fair and informed decision.

I am going to assume that knowing what we do now that a Newt Gingrich endorsement for Mike Huckabee is also impossible at this point for the exact same reason Gingrich can’t run for President.

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Solutions Day & the PBS Debate Thoughts

Good evening!

It’s been a busy evening in front of the old compy and the tube. Here are some thoughts.

To kick off the night we had Newt Gingrich and the kick-off of Solutions Day. Red State has a good handle of the whole thing as they had a few folks live blogging the even down at the Cobb Galleria. Very well done. I enjoyed every minute of it. Newt is a very brilliant man. Not only was the webcast available in Spanish but he als did a similar presentation in the Online world of Second Life. Don’t ask me to tell you about that cause I really don’t know. My computer doesn’t have the memory or the graphics card to be able to get in there. However I do know it is immensely popular and including them in Solutions Day is absolutely brilliant!

The Solutions Day kickoff ended 5 minutes ahead of schedule (around 8:25 PM) so downstairs I went to do the dishes so I could be free for the next event of the evening, the PBS debate. I have some early thoughts on that.

– There was a very tight schedule since we were dealing with a network. I appreciate the pleasantries and the pomp and circumstance but all that ended up douing was rushing the end of the debate and keeping a few candidates fro not even answering the last question.

– Speaking of the last question – Why even ask a question that not all the candidates will have time to answer due to the constraints of the PBS schedule? That was stupid!

– Alan Keyes – Would you please stop screaming so much? You’re giving me a headache. I must say that hearing that he is not invited to the debate in Michigan does not sit well with me. No matter how loud and obnoxious he is when he is screaming, he is a candidate and he deserves to be invited to debates. The inclusion of a man of color on the stage is definitely an asset for the GOP if there is a candidate that meets the qualification.

– this was the first televised debate that only one question was asked about Iraq. Finally they get it! There were questions about health-care for the first time and one on education (that was the last question that not all candidates got the pleasure of answering, which I still think was unfair).

– Mike did very well. He answered his questions with his usual class. There really wasn’t room for jokes this time since everything felt so rushed. Who cares! Ron Paul was also impressive. Why? Because only one question was asked about Iraq. He scores points with me by default because of that. I think tonight was Brownback’s best showing. He’s still not on par with the other top-tiers though (and some of that was his communications skills). Brownback may have had the best line of the night at the very beginning asking the viewers to send a political message during the Primary and vote on the GOP side for one of the six who attended the debate tonight. I couldn’t agree more!

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