TIME CHANGE – FairTax Special Order Possibly at 4 PM Today!!

Yesterday I posted about a special order being called by Congressman Steve King of Iowa the discuss the FairTax.  I am hearing that instead of 6 PM, the special Order may be held at 4 or 4:15 PM Eastern.  The following are the words of Steve King posted on FairTax.org:
Today, March 17th, Iowa Congressman Steve King is going to host a “Special Order” on the floor of the House of Representatives on the FairTax! For one full hour Members of Congress will discuss the FairTax and how our legislation can save the US economy.

Our current economic crisis will not be solved through tax increases or massive government spending. In these tough times, we need an innovative solution on Capitol Hill: the FairTax.

The FairTax is the best and most effective way to encourage business growth and positive, long-term economic performance. Enacting the FairTax would usher in a new period of American economic growth, create new jobs across the country and give American citizens more control over their own paychecks.

On Tuesday, March 17, several of my House colleagues and I will spend an hour on the House floor discussing the merits of the FairTax and sharing its positive message with C-SPAN viewers (Watch live Tuesday night via your local cable provider or at http://www.cspan.org. New scheduled start is 4:00 p.m. EST, but may be delayed due to normal House business).

Our goal is to educate and inform more Americans about the FairTax and how it can help American workers and businesses. Millions of Americans have either never heard of the FairTax or do not know enough about it, but as more people hear about the FairTax, support grows.

My hope is that this hour and similar opportunities in the future will add to the groundswell of national FairTax support. I spent 28 years running my own construction business, and I remember thinking that if I was ever in a position to help dismantle the IRS, I would do everything I could to make that happen.

Right now we need the FairTax not only because our federal tax system is broken beyond repair, but because it will help unemployed Americans find new jobs and help families pay their bills. Now is the time to position the FairTax in the center of the ongoing economic debate in Congress, the White House and throughout America.

Special Order Called For FairTax On House Floor March 17th!

There is great news coming from Congress!  One of the newest original co-sponsors to H.R. 25 (The FairTax Bill) is Steve King (R, IA-5).  He has called a special order to the floor of the House tomorrow evening.  At approximately 6 PM there will be an hour of floor discussion on the FairTax.  I believe this is the first time that this has been done.  The session will air live on C-SPAN.  Stay tuned as the details are firmed up.  So far in the 111th Congress the FairTax bill has 51 Co-Sponsors.  On the first day of the session the bill was co-sponsored by a record amount of original co-sponsors.  Stay tuned for more info as it comes in!

Turn Your PC into a Live News Room!

Yesterday over at Mashable they introduced me to one sweet website! I’ve always wanted to have as much news feeds available to me as I could in one place. The problem is that no such service or website really existed. i could always go tripping around from site to site but it was burdensome and time consuming. In other words I had better use of my time!

Well consider my needs now met and the problem solved! Enter LiveNewsCameras.com They have over 100 feeds available to be viewed. Many of them are from US Broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, & Fox affiliates). There are also feeds from Fox News & C-SPAN. In addition there are international feeds from the BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera, NHK (Japan). There are also a tab for weather radars and cameras for the latest weather forecasts and news. Apparently this is only the tip of the iceberg at this point and they plan to add more feeds all the time.

During peak hours of the day there are hosts that are on camera and in the chat room that is also there. For example the host right now is Kat and she is telling us where the hot news feeds are. At the time of this posting the hot news item is the acquittals in the Shawn Bell murders (and the crowds gathering in New York to protest that). the 3rd Chicago feed will have pictures soon from a helicopter en route to a situation. Also on one of the Greenville, NC feeds is a Hillary Clinton rally.

I really like the layout of the site. On the left side of the page is a square with feeds in small boxes. You can get a preview of the feeds and if they are live the preview will update ever so often (still pictures). In the middle is a video box and if you click on one of the feds it will show up there. On the right side of the page is the host (at peak hours) with a chat room and it gets really interactive in there. Every so often someone in the studio (the host is from the Fox affiliate in Chicago) might come by and say hello.

This is one of the coolest and most awesome sites I have found in a long time. You should check it out. When major news breaks This is exactly where I will turn. It will also be neat to check this out during peak times of severe weather. The other time I can’t wait to use this site is on New Year’s Eve to check out celebrations all over the world. I am sure that this site will really be hopping by that time.

Go check it out!!

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According to many sources Mitt Romney is suspending his campaign operations. We are now down to three on the GOP side.

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Wow! There sure is a lot going on today and it all sourrounds Huck. the following is from MSNBC’s First Read:

From NBC/NJ’s Adam Aigner-Treworgy
DES MOINES, Iowa — Peace protestors mixed with Ron Paul supporters prevented Huckabee from entering his Des Moines headquarters through the front door. Three people were arrested and then reporters were allowed back in to shoot footage of Huckabee glad-handing volunteers in his headquarters. This was immediately following his 2:00 p.m. ET news conference.

More info on this shortly…

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Tom Tancredo to Drop Out?

Fox News and other outlets are running with a story that Colorado Rep Tom Tancredo will drop out of the Presidential Race tomorrow afternoon during a Press Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. So that leaves the question who will he endorse for the GOP nomination? Tancredo’s pet issue is Illegal Immigration which would eliminate Rudy, Mitt, and McCain. That leaves Fred and Mike left. Mike is perceived as weak on the issue but Tancredo is closer to social issues and both of them vigorously support the FairTax. My guess is that Immigration trumps all and he will go with Fred. However I could and might very well be wrong. Stay tuned. I will come back with what happens tomorrow evening when I have some time.

BREAKING NEWS – Hostage Situation at Hillary Clinton Campaign Office

There is breaking news from Rochester, NH as there is an ongoing hostage situation at the Hillary Clinton campaign office. Two Clinton campaign workers are being held hostage. Senator Clinton is not on site. She was to speak at the DNC meeting this afternoon in Virginia. She has since canceled her appearance there and is being guarded by the Secret Service.

My prayers are definitely with Senator Clinton, her campaign staff, and all the families involved in the situation.

You can watch the news as it happens HERE

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