This one goes out to the Okies in and around Muskogee, Oklahoma! I am very proud to announce my endorsement of George Faught. Faught is the current Oklahoma State Rep for District 14. This fine Republican was first elected in 2006. After doing research I can clearly see that he has served his constituents well and deserves to be re-elected for another term! George is a top notch husband, a loving father, and a man of honor and integrity. He was not afraid to step out of ranks with his fellow Republicans in the State House when he felt they were on the wrong side of the issues. He sponsored a bill to make English the official language of Oklahoma. Even though the bill fell just short of approval, George Faught is committed to stand up for the bill again and to solve the illegal immigration problem. George is pro life without apology and stands firm on that issue. He has also fought against corruption and graft every step of the way.

I could go on and on and on but why don’t you take a look for yourself. Please visit George Faught’s website. He could use all the help he can get. Since Distirct 14 us a traditionally Democratic district, the Democrats have targeted Faught and will fight him with all the money they can muster up. the good folks in Muskogee, Oklahoma and Cherokee County deserve George Faught’s integrity and leadership for another term! He is a shining example of the kind of REpublicans we need winning and keeping office around the country!

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We’ll Take The Small Victories When They Come

Despite the setback last night in Mississippi 01 (in a contest that will no doubt be replayed in November anyway) there was a victory for the Huckabee Republican movement where even squares have a ball! 19-year old Huckabee volunteer and supporter John Tyler Hammons won his bid to become the next mayor of Muskogee Oklahoma USA! His opponent was endorsed by the local paper and outspent Hammons 5-1! Despite all of this Hammons won the election with over 70% of the votes! Congrats John!

It’s a relatively small victory for the Huckabee Republican movement but we’ll take it!

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Today Is A Big Day For The Huckabee Republican Movement!

Today is a big day for the Huckabee Republican movement. Yeah I know it is Primary day in West Virginia which is only important for the Dems…and the only question there is how wide the margin will Clinton win by?

There are two runoff elections to watch tonight. First in Mississippi-1 where Greg Davis is running for Congress. He has been endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Huck has spent time and money in the race there. A win for Davis would be the first success for HuckPAC.

Also what is occurring in this country is Huckabee’s followers are running for local public office. One of them is John Tyler Hammons, a 19 year-old who is running for Mayor in Muskogee, OK today. Best of luck! The link will send you to the Huck’s Army forum topic and how you can help him by making some phone calls for this young man.

SUPER TUESDAY – Fox News Calls Oklahoma

Fox News calls Oklahoma for John McCain.

We really were that close to a Southern sweep. After Florida that is incredible!

Utah called for Mitt Romney and for Obama

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POLLS – Huck leads GA, OK, MO, TN, & Tied With McCain in AL

with Super Tuesday looming right after Florida Mike Huckabee sees a key to success in the many Southern States that have their primaries that day. So how do we stand?

Georgia (Rasmussen):

Mike Huckabee – 34%
John McCain – 19%
Mitt Romney – 16%
Ron Paul – 12%
Rudy Giuliani – 11%

(Note the importance of this trend. The panhandle and the Northern part of Florida are said to be more politically aligned with Georgia. If this kind of margin can be met (or even larger) in those areas on Tuesday night we might have a great shot at a good showing in Florida which would strengthen our position elsewhere in the South)

Alabama (Rasmussen):

Mike Huckabee – 27%
John McCain – 27%
Mitt Romney – 15%
Rudy Giuliani – 8%
Ron Paul – 3%


Mike Huckabee – 30%
John McCain – 25%
Mitt Romney – 13%

Missouri (Rasmussen):

Mike Huckabee – 27%
John McCain – 26%
Mitt Romney – 18%
Rudy Giuliani – 7%
Ron Paul – 5%

Tennessee (Taken before Fred Dropped Out)

Fred Thompson – 25%
Mike Huckabee – 24%
John McCain – 12%
Mitt Romney – 7%
Rudy Giuliani/Ron Paul – 2%

Also voting on Super Tuesday in the south is Arkansas and West Virginia (convention where Mike will speak). Those are 7 states that Mike really needs to win and that we should focus on. There are a ton of delegates at stake in these. Also following that is Louisiana on Feb. 9th. In what may be a three-man race by that point sweeping the South will be important and would leave Mike in very good shape for Texas on March 4th which might be for all the marbles.

HUCKABOOM – Oklahoma!

The blog OKforHuckabee has info on the latest Oklahoma GOP poll. Huck’s got a huge lead! GO CHECK IT OUT!!

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Speaking of the FairTax – 3 New Co-Sponsors Today!!

Great news on the FairTax front today. There are three new Co-Sponsors of HR 25 today! Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL 5th District), Mary Falin (R-OK 5th District), and Frank D. Lucas (R-OK 3rd District). You can read more, including comments from each co-signer here.

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