WEEK IN REVIEW – Was this Really A Holiday Week?

Was this really a holiday week? You couldn’t tell if you are following Mike Huckabee’s marathon towards the White House. There sure was a lot going on this week other than gorging on turkey, watching football, and finding the best deals for Christmas! I have not done a good roundup in a long time. Well with how busy things have been it is about time that we go on another. There has been a lot of news this week that you may have missed (but I didn’t…I just didn’t have time to talk about it). So get that cup of coffee and let’s get to work!

There have been political, evangelical, and celebrity endorsements to Mike this week! From the Evangelical side were endorsements from Jerry Jenkins and Zig Zigler. South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis also formally endorsed Mike on Tuesday! Of course you already know that wrestling legend Ric Flair is now on the Huckabee bandwagon! Wooooooo!!

How are the polls doing? Quite well I think. As of Wednesday Mike is back into a three-way tie for 2nd place nationally (with Mitt and Fred) at 13% according to Rasmussen’s Daily GOP tracking poll. They all trail Rudy (who is down to 24%). It will be interesting to see what has changed in this poll during the Holiday break.

Also from Rasmussen is a poll in the twenty Super Duper Tuesday (February 5th) states. The poll is fascinating. The doubters are saying the Huck will be a one-state wonder and fade away. Again Rudy is in the lead but Fred and Mike are tied for 2nd at 14%! If we do our job and get Mike a fantastic showing in Iowa we can only improve that number. The social conservatives are looking at the Hawkeye State for guidance. A win or strong 2nd is crucial. That is what will seperate Mike from Mitt, John, and Fred. Of course what I really want to see is numbers in each of those 20 states. But this will do for now I suppose.

What we do have is a poll from South Carolina. Mike is now polling at 12% there. He is in 4th and in a statistical tie with Rudy for 3rd (he is at 13%). Romney and Fred are tied for 1st as of Wednesday. Both of them are polling at 21%. this is yet another poll where Mike is polling at his highest point yet. Compared to the last Rasmussen poll from The Palmetto State two months ago, Mike is up about 9% (a higher jump than anyone in this poll!). Congrats to the Ron Paul supporters reading my blog. Dr. Paul is coming in at 8% in South Carolina! which is higher than I have ever seen him in any state poll (I could be wrong).

It was also a big grassroots week! Not only were we able to achieve a $200,000+ fundraising day and raise more money online in 20 days than we did last month, we also got our act together in a few days to have a banner flown above the South Carolina/Clemson game! Earlier in the week it was announced that Mike would be attending the game and tailgating with wrestler Ric Flair. We were able to pull enough funds together to fly a banner over the festivities. Although it was not in the skies while Mike was on the ground there it was no less wonderful! You can see pictures and read about it at Huck’s Army and the blog Arkansans For Huckabee (Way to go Andrea!)

What’s up this week? Well no doubt there will be new polls to look at. the Campaign is also releasing a new ad tomorrow. The next debate, the CNN/YouTube debate is on Wednesday in Florida. We will also be trying our darndest to ger over the $2 Million dollar mark by Friday. Can we do it? Well only with you help!

Saturday Morning Catch-Up

Good morning!

It’s time to play Catch-up on a Saturday morning. Most of yesterday I was busy with some other projects and taking care of my dad whose back is in a lot of pain right now. So get some coffee and let’s get going.

On Thursday night Mike Huckabee and john McCain participated in a town hall meeting hosted by AARP. It was to be a debate but all the other GOP candidates chickened out. You can read the blog post about the event which includes links to coverage about the event. Could we be looking at a Huckabee/McCain ticket? Sure sounds good to me.

There are some great campaign videos being put out on YouTube lately. Here are just a few to watch: It’s About Time & Some Things Are Not Negotiable

Well it is inevitable. Mike Huckabee is really rising fast so the attacks are escalating against him. The Huckabee camp is not taking it sitting down. They are fighting back!

Are you looking for something to watch before football tomorrow? Look no further. Mike Huckabee will be a guest on CNN’s Late Edition tomorrow at Noon.

Well that’s all the time I have for now. Oh, the current online fundraising total is $822,037.62! We’re doing great!

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A Quick RoundUp For Friday Morning

Good morning everyone.

I’ve got places to go and errands to run but I wanted to point you towards a few notables this morning.

First of all, here’s a fantastic article written for World Net Daily about Mike.

Mike Huckabee makes the Op-Ed page of the New York Times!

Mike officially filed his candidacy papers in New Hampshire today and picked up yet another NH endorsement at the same time!


At this point this week can only be labeled fantastic for the campaign and it has the potential to be even bigger and better. Stay tuned!

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Playing Catch-up

Good afternoon!

We’r3e going to start this post by playing Catch-up and move from there. There are several items that I neglected to post about there that I feel I must bring to your attention. After that we’ll go looking around and I’ll share the good stuff. Sweet Tea anyone? Stick around and I’ll pour you a glass. Happy Friday!

Here’s the video from Mike’s speech this week at his alma mater in Arkansas.

Would you like to meet and get to know governor Huckabee’s wife, Janet? Here’s your chance!

Mike discusses race, 50 years since the Little Rock Nine.

Governor Huckabee comments on the recent visit by the president of Iran.

Huck sets the record straight on the issues of Civil Unions.

Massachusetts For Huckabee reviews the PBS debate last night and shares news articles which really mean good news for the campaign!

K Street Mole For Huckabee is “Walking On Sunshine” because we’ve almost reached our goal of 2,500 donations by the end of the weekend (just under 300 still left to go as of this writing) and he got to meet Mike in person.

Rise Conservative Nation, is starting a series highlighting Huckabee vs Clinton. Check out the first installment.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the tea I brewed for ya. Lemons and extra sugar are on the table.

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Another Saturday Morning Huckabee Roundup

Happy Saturday everyone!

The blgosphere is buzzing over the Thompson vs Huckabee challenge. The letter faxed over to Fred from Mike can be read and co-signed here (There are 130 signatures already and counting). More commentary and analysis can be found at A Layman’s Point of View, The Swamp, On What Matters, American Elephant Blog, Heels For Huckabee, Dream_Outside_The_Circle, Westmoreland GOP Blog, Wide Awakes, North Dakota Politics, Javno, and FullosseousFlap’s.

Mike Huckabe ’08 shares a transcript of a call and positive conversation about Mike Huckabee on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Who knew? Huckabee is a Guitar Hero!

I’m going to be adding more blogs to the roll today, especially to the Huckabee roll. Leave me a comment if you want a link to yours whether you are for Huckabee or not.

As much as I want to I can’t get out to Duluth to see Huck today. A ride wasn’t possible today. I know he’ll be back soon and I will see him then. Georgia For Huckabee will have the scoop on everything that went down during Huck’s travels through the Atlanta Metro today.

Have a great day Y’all!

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Are You Ready? Post Debate Roundup Time!

(drumroll) Okay…now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Strap yourselves in and get you popcorn ready…Cause it’s time for the Post-Debate Roundup! Trust me you’ll want a nice cold drink and maybe a snack. It’s going to be quite a ride. It might take me a few hours to prepare this sucker! Ha!

To start us off, here is Mike Huckabee’s very intelligent and dignified response to the “Iran Scenario”

Did you miss the debate? Well here is the whole thing in 11 parts.

There was a rally and Debate viewing party held in New Hampshire yesterday. Massachusetts For Huckabee was there and has the skinny and pictures to share with us!

The Huckabee camp, in a Press release, claims that “Huckabee Vaults to The Head of the Pack After Debate Performance!” I agree! So does Colorado For Huckabee and California Grass Roots.

eyeon08 shares videos of Mike Huckabee discussing things right after the debate from the “Spin Room.”

Heels For Huckabee
has more videos from last night.

America’s Victory 08
and Oval Office 2008 discusses last nights debate. The Des Moines Register and Primary Monitor Blog also chime in. Right on The Right and Scottish Right has their say. There’s My Two Cents…well…gives his two cents. The Carpetbagger Report, The Banana Republic of Arkansas, Dial F For Fay, Compassion In Politics, Jeff Ellis, Purple Wombats,and Tom Roeser analyze the debate. Miles Per Gallentine has a unique take on the debate as an Obama supporter with an awesome sense of humor. Also from the left side of the aisle is Reality Check. Mark Towner’s spyglass also had his eye on the debate.

The New York Observer
is impressed by Huckabee’s debate performance yet again. Ditto for Wendell Robinson.

It is quite obvious that the showdown between Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul was the highlight of last night’s debate. Therefore the Blogosphere is buzzing about it from all sides. You can read reaction to the smackdown from Partisan Free Politics, Sharon Hughes, The UnCapitalist Journal, The Chief, Wyatt McIntyre, In The Agora, Western Writer, TalkWisdom, The Plank, Nick Carnes, The Philes, Sharon Cobb, The Podium, and darbyDarnit,

The Everyday Republican has the scoop on something we didn’t see last night. During the commercial break that followed the exchange between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee, the former Governor of Arkansas continued to show his class and grace by walking over to Dr. Paul and shaking his hand.

Michigan Redneck has the scoop on Huck’s appearance this morning on “Fox & Friends.”

The Political Junction
thinks that Huckabee could sweep in 2008.

Oops. Remember Mike’s “No Show George” remark about Fred Thompson last night. He got the reference wrong. The Junkyard Blawg has the 411.

Remember that Blogger’s Conference Call with Mike I talked about this morning? Georgia For Huckabee and Mike Huckabee And Arts Education have more.

K Street Mole For Huckabee pleads “It’s The Economy Too, Stupid!”

Huckabee in double digits in Texas!

Mike Huckabee Claims Authentic Conservative Title Over Thompson Doug Thompson of the Fayetteville Free Weekly agrees. David Kuo at Beliefnet got an E-mail this morning and writes that “Christians are for Huckabee, not for Fred.”

Get ready folks, Alan Keyes is on his way in. At least the Democrats won’t be able to call the GOP field “not diverse” anymore.

Huckabee definitely won over people and made converts last night. Two Cab Gab, Chirky, and Bounded Irrationality are three of them.

Well there you have it. the roundup is finally done! I’m going to sleep well tonight! Can’t rest too long though – I have to get out to see Huck on Saturday afternoon!

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TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT – A Pre-Debate Roundup

Coming to a TV near you it’s the Fox News GOP Debate, tonight at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific). I can’t wait to see how Mike Huckabee will dwarf everyone else and move on the momentum of the past few weeks and join the Top Tier tonight. He WILL win the debate tonight hands down! As of this posting there are 7 hours left before the big show – So here’s a Roundup from the News and Blogosphere to tide you over.

Mike Huckabee President 2008 has Huck’s recent appearance on CBN’s 700 Club.

Meanwhile Death By 1000 Papercuts looks forward to a huge event in West Virginia on February 5th next year that may very well have a bearing on many others state primaries that day. After doing some research I’ll definitely have more to say on this later.

has a story about a debate two weeks down the road in Florida. So far Rudy, Mitt, Fred, and McCain are snubbing. It’s the “Values Voters Debate” which should give you a clue who not to vote for (Hint – The candidates who snub this debate). I’ll have more on this at a later date since the debate will be streaming over the web.

While there is a surge of momentum for Huckabee, things are looking bleak for the Brownback Campaign. Hey Sam! Isn’t it time you throw in the towel and endorse Mike?

Back to the debate tonight, Kevin Tracy has a great rundown on what the keys are for tonight’s debate. also chiming in with a great opine on the Debate and the Fred Thompson factor is Colorado For Huckabee. SC4Huckabee is also looking forward to Round 5 of the debates!

US News & World Report has an excellent write-up this week on Mike Huckabee.

Yet another straw poll shows us that Huckabee is in double-digits. Mike finishes tied for 4th with 13 percent in South Dakota.

Huckabee is still the only candidate from either party to sign Newt’s “Nine Nineties in Nine” pledge
. If another GOP candidate doesn’t sign that pledge I think Newt will endorse Huckabee and it will be all over for the rest of the field.

Wide Awakes has what may be devastating news for Fred and excellent news for Huck!

Hooray! There’s a mole on K Street for Huckabee!

Phew. Theres a whole lot more out there but my fingers are tired and now we have 6 hours to go (it’s taken me one hour to compose this Roundup). I have to rest my fingers for after the debate and the fallout tomorrow. The blogosphere really buzzing, that’s for sure!

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