A Complte Tragedy In Arkansas

What a tragedy!  Today a guman charged into the headquarters of the Arkansas Democratic Party and shot their chairman, Bill Gwatney.  He is now dead.  The suspect is also dead after the police shot the suspect following a chase.  The following is a statement made by former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee:  

Bill Gwatney’s death is a senseless act of depraved violence that touches all of us. Bill was in the state senate during my tenure as Governor and Lieutenant Governor and I knew him well. He was a very effective leader for his party and an event like this certainly makes all politics seem small and insignificant. Today, no one in our small and wonderful state is a Democrat or Republican, but we are all Arkansans who join together in praying for the Gwatney family as well as those staff members at the party headquarters who witnessed this horror. We are thankful for the quick and effective actions of the police agencies in seizing the suspect. I can never understand why anyone could believe that the taking of another person’s life could solve anything. This is a real tragedy.

I would also like to offer my prayers to all involved and their families.  What a sad day in the state of Arkansas. 

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Things Are heating Up!

The latest E-mail from Mike Huckabee and HuckPAC:  

Well it’s summer and things are predictably heating up.  Not just in your backyard but on Capitol Hill as well.

Republicans in the House and Senate are fighting for a balanced energy plan to bring relief to families everywhere.  All week Republican legislators in the House have staged a rally demanding Speaker Nancy Pelosi call back the Congress for a special session and an up or down vote on a comprehensive energy plan that includes offshore drilling.

In the Senate, Republicans have gone to the airwaves with a simple but powerful message demanding action on a balanced energy plan.  You can see their video here.  I am proud to say it includes two Huck PAC endorsed candidates:  Lamar Alexander and Elizabeth Dole.  After you watch the video I encourage you to share it with family and friends.

Second, please help us close the gap on our goal of 2,000 contributions by August 20.  Since last Thursday we have had 485 individuals make an online contribution towards our goal.  If you haven’t made a contribution yet, please consider doing so today.  With a contribution of $10 or more we will count your contribution towards our goal.  If you are willing to match the average contribution of your fellow supporters, it is $65.  Regardless of what you contribute, what is important is that you participate.  Huck PAC is fully funded by individuals like you

Finally, and this is something we are all excited about, I wanted to share an idea we had and get your feedback. Everyone knows how committed our supporters were during the campaign.  Time after time we overcame long odds to shock the pundits because of the hard work of our volunteers.  In September we want to launch a campaign to mobilize Huckabee supporters once again, this time in support of our favorite candidates.  With your help, we will set a goal of X hours and then track the hours on our front page like we used to track dollars raised online during the campaign.  Participating volunteers can help any candidate of their choosing.  All they need to do is tell us who the candidate is and then login on our website the number of hours they volunteered for (so they are counted towards our total).  The candidate you help does not have to be a Huck PAC endorsed candidate.  If this effort is successful, we will launch it again in October and set a higher goal for our team.

Do you like this idea?  Please vote here.

And if you do like it, please help us set our goal of “Volunteer hours” for the month of September by voting here.

To recap, if you have a moment please do three things for me today:  watch this video, make a contribution towards our August online fundraising goal and tell me what you think about our Volunteer idea in September.

Fighting for our values,

Mike Huckabee

Huckabee is on Twitter (And so am I)!

To coincide with the busy schedule this week Governor Huckabee is a new user on the microblogging tool Twitter.  You can now follow Mike Huckabeee and his “Tweets” HERE.  Speaking of Twitter I am also a user there and you can follow me HERE.

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NRLC Defiantly Sells Out Its Principles, Endorses Fred!


First of all if you have been reading my posts you will note where I stand. I am an Independent voter. I am a Fiscal Conservative and do not consider myself a Social Conservative. In fact I am downright Libertarian in my views on such things as abortion and gay marriage. However I cannot ignore blatant hypocrisy and that is exactly what i see this morning.

Yesterday it was leaked that the National Right to Life Commitee would endorse Former Tennessee Senator, and actor, Fred Thompson. As you can see below this did not sit well with me or anyone else supporting Mike Huckabee. Based on what I have read and heard this set off an explosion and a deluge of calls, faxes, and e-mails to both the national committee and the state offices of the NRLC. In fact they had to stay up all night to field the calls at the national headquarters. There is no doubt in my mind that Romney people were also flooding them as well.

Despite all of that the NRLC went through with the endorsement this morning. I am so angry I can hardly see straight.
It’s the blatant hypocrisy that angers me! I disagree with Mike Huckabee on the issue in question. However it doesn’t take much work to figure out who most closely shares the NRLC’s principles – That candidate is Mike Huckabee. Rudy is pro-choice and proud of it. Mitt Romney offers more flip-flops on the issue than the International House of Pancakes! And then there is Fred Thompson. How can a pro-life group endorse someone who lobbied for Planned Parenthood of all Political Action Groups? Governor Mike Huckabee is pro-life now, he was pro-life 15 years ago, and he’ll be pro-life 15 years from now! His convictions and principles are clear and deep rooted. The fact that the NRLC and other Social Conservative leaders have chose to ignore this is egregious to me!

The NRLC has sold out to someone who they feel is more electable. THIS ELECTION CANNOT BE ABOUT ELECTABILITY!!! Let’s get over the Hilary Clinton thing. The Senator from New York is done. It’s over for her. She’s now free-falling with no signs of stopping. She is the Howard Dean of 2008. Even if she does regain her footing we should not be making our choice about who can beat her. When we make a choice like that we lose. Look at the Dems in 2004. They made their choice based on who could defeat George Bush. They failed! We’ll fail too if we fall in the same trap. We must make our choice for a man with deep convictions, big ideas, and a new direction to take our nation back to being “the beacon on a hill” that Ronald Regan spoke of and accomplished. There’s only one candidate out there that can do that and that is Governor Mike Huckabee!

Thanks to Brett who has shared this graph with me and I will share it with you below:

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The graph above clearly shows the direction that both the Huckabee (in Red) and Thompson (In Blue) campaigns are going. The data is from the Rasmussen GOP Daily Tracking Poll since October. You can clearly see that Huckabee is rising and Thompson is falling (both at a steady rate)

Congratulations NRLC! Way to go! You’ve deemed yourself irrelevant to the process. You will lose money and tons of members in the process. Let’s see what happens when Fred continues to tank. Will you stay aboard the Titanic as it sinks or will you show your hypocritical ways and change sides?

Okay…I need to go take a walk. Phew!

A Campaign Update

Good afternoon!

I know I have not been around in a while but I wanted to post an update. Not posting as regularly doesn’t mean I am not paying close attention.

Today there is great news in latest polling: Mike has doubled his support in two weeks, from 5%-10%, in the latest CNN poll and has moved into third place (with 14%) in the latest Rasmussen Daily GOP Tracking poll!

Also remember that huge goal set for the month of December of over 2 Million dollars? I thought that it might be a little daunting by itself. I did not get a chance to say so but the Huckabee camp was receiving my brain transmissions. They have done something that I think is brilliant. The Huckabee campaign has broken down the goal into smaller pieces in a very creative way. They have created an interactive mural that is unveiled tile-by-tile as more money comes in as we inch closer to reaching our November goal. They call the mural “Discover Mike” and i think that is an awesome way to introduce Mike Huckabee to new people during this key month when more and more people are going to visit the website. Not only that but we were sort of sluggish over the first five days of the month. Almost immediately when this initiative began the contributions picked up again because supporters like me want to see the mural be unveiled tile-by-tile.

Are you looking for a great index of Mike Huckabee news stories? Well look no more! Be sure to take a look every so often while I don’t have as much time to share it all with you.


Cue the balloons and cofetti cannons


We are now about $33,000 away from breaking the fundraising goal and one day ahead of schedule!!

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Today the Iowa GOP straw poll was held in Ames, the site of Iowa State University. It was anticipated that Mitt Romney would win as he has poured millions of dollars into his Iowa operations. Mitt did win. Cyclone Conservative has the total numbers.

I am very pleased to say that the candidate that I support, Mike Huckabee took 2nd place with 18.1 percent of the vote! This is very huge for the former Governor of Arkansas who is, over time, climbing his way up the ladder of candidates. Note that Guilianai, McCain, or Fred Thompson did not participate so the competition was lighter than it could have been for a candidate, such as Huckabee who clearly lacks the funds that Romney has been able to collect. This is a huge victory for my guy and i hope it results in the turning of some more heads and the opening up of some wallets.

How did the Fair Tax do? Not sure. I suppose a full report will come from Neal Boortz who was up in Ames today, on monday morning. I don’t think they had the immense support or grabbed as much attention as the Fair Taxers did last May in Columbia, SC. However while Americans For Fair Taxation does not endorse a particular candidate, the candidate that is the standard bearer, compared to everyone else in the field, for the FairTax took 2nd at the Straw Poll (Tancredo who also endorses the movement came in 4th. Duncan Hunter who endorses the Fair Tax didn’t do as well and might drop out).

Stay tuned!

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