Our Prayers Have Been Answered – Mike Nails California Debate!

The big story revolving around this last debate of the cycle tonight was John McCain Vs Mitt Romney. McCain was endorsed by Giuliani before the debate and the rumors are that the Governator will do the same. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!! The clear winner tonight was Mike Huckabee. While McCain and Romney went blow for blow against each other Mike (who was given little time comparatively) stayed above the Frey while giving the most intelligent answers and looking (and sounding) the most presidential.

This was Mike’s best performance in a debate in the last month and maybe ever. Mike hit grand slams on Pro-Life and the last question about Reagan. the question was to all of them tonight “Would Ronald Reagan endorse you and why?” While the others explained why, Mike Huckabee turned the tables and refused to use Reagan to his political gain. Instead Mike endorsed Reagan and explained why he does. What class! I stood up and applauded!

America is not interested in candidates that take cheap shots at each other. They are looking for positive change and a positive message. That’s Mike Huckabee to a Tee.

As for CNN they should be ashamed of themselves. Especially for how they treated Ron Paul tonight. they totally gave him the shaft tonight unfairly. I may not agree with him too much but at least give him a fair amount of time to speak. That was a disgrace!

I’ll have video and more reaction later on (probably tomorrow). However there is no question that the overwhelming winner tonight was Mike Huckabee hands down! and boy did he need it! the campaign is hitting the 7th inning and Mike is now bringing out the big bats. Way to go Huck!

The Reports of Huckabee’s Demise Are Not True!!

Over the last day or so the media and opponents are gleefully reporting on the demise of Mike Huckabee and that he will be the next to drop out of the presidential race. They cite that he has no money left. Folks that is definitely not the case. Let’s do some quick math.

On Sunday there was the BBQ at the Chuck Norris ranch. Attendees to that event paid a $1,000 donation each. It was reported that over 200 attended the event. That’s $200,000 right there alone. Since that point there have been at least four other fundraising events in Florida and Georgia. Add to that the nearly $300,000 we have raised (almost $170,000 and climbing since Fred dropped out yesterday around 1 PM) that puts a total of online and offline fundraising at an estimated $500,000-$600,000 in 4 and a half days!

There is a big buzz around the Huckabee camp. They were planning updates to the website but high traffic after Fred’s announcement has forced them to move slower on those updates or the site would crash.

Took us a little longer than we thought. We will make the changes live tomorrow. Website was hopping with traffic today. Lots of energy building. Keep it coming.

UPDATE – Also the return of national momentum can be seen in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll. Huck hit a low on Monday of about 15% but is creeping back up to a virtual tie for 2nd with Romney. Currently it stands at McCain 24% Romney 19% and Huckabee at 17%. Rudy is back in the pack at 11%. the past two nights of polling shows Huck with a gain of 2% in the average while McCain and Romney haven’t budged. Last night was the first night that Fred was not in the poll but with it will be a few days until his numbers disappear because the poll is a an average of the past four nights. Fred is at 7% based on the prior three nights before he dropped out. We’ll find out who gets his support. Many elected officials in Georgia that supported Fred and now moving towards Huckabee (not all of them but many).

And while Mike Huckabee may not be spending as much money or time around Florida his grassroots Army will be. So don’t be surprised if Huck does better than expected on Tuesday night.


Doesn’t that feel better? After that blues classic I sure do. Now time to move on and move forward!

Let’s look at the big picture. It’s time to see the forest from the trees. let’s step back.. This is by far the darkest day of the Campaign but we have seen dark days before. October 1st was a dark day. That was the day after the end of the 3rd fundraising quarter. The numbers were not good and we took a kick in the pants. However we took that kick in the pants and used that to charge forward with a full head of steam. We’ve taken another kick in the pants today and there is no reason why we can’t turn it into positive fuel and charge ahead again. Let’s look at what has occurred so far

Mike Huckabee won Iowa. McCain won New Hampshire but couldn’t turn that into a win in Michigan. Romney couldn’t turn his win into any success in South Carolina. All indication is that McCain won’t be able to turn his South Carolina win into a win in Florida either. He is now Enemy Numero Uno for the establishment. They seem McCain as an even bigger threat than Huckabee is. Everyone will be gunning for him in the next ten days. Huck is now off the radar screen.

Speaking of Florida this is Rudy’s last stand. His strategy has always been to take a win in Florida onto Super Tuesday and turn it into the nomination. Someone else also has this strategy now and should relish the opportunity. That is Mike Huckabee! And guess what? Mike has more viability and more delegates now than Rudy does. He’s had more success and has gone farther than Rudy has. If there is anyone that can take a Florida win onto Super Tuesday it is Huck!

What we have is a battle for delegates. It is appearing more likely that we are headed for a fight at the convention (but even the Dems are showing signs of that with Hillary’s win in the popular vote but Obama’s delegate win from Nevada yesterday). The delegate count:

1. Romney – 66
2. McCain – 38
3. Huckabee – 26

It appears to me that there is a battle in Florida in which there will be two winners. Giuliani vs McCain and Romney vs Huckabee. The winners of those contests will win the majority of delegates on Super Tuesday. It’s very clear that all four will win delegates on February 5th but those two contests in Florida will decide who wins the most. Rudy/John and Mitt/Mike are battles in which the two will fight over the same voters.

So let’s get some rest today and enjoy the Virtual BBQ with Chuck Norris (and football games after that). We’ve worked hard. We have lots to be proud of. After that we have 9 days. It’s time to refuel and then regroup. We still have lots to fight for.

Mike Huckabee Back On Top In Daily GOP Tracking Poll!

My oh my this has been a topsy-turvey cycle. For a little while Mike Huckabee had run at the top of the field according to the Rasmussen Daily GOP Tracking Poll. After he had displaced Rudy, there was a dead-heat after the New Year. After McCain won New Hampshire he soared to the top. As Michigan approached McCain fell back down and now after Michigan Mike Huckabee has reassumed the top spot.

Today’s tracking poll
finds Mike Huckabee at 23%, John McCain at 20% Michigan winner, Mitt Romney is at 18% (and climbing), Fred Thompson sits at 12%, and Rudy is down at 11%.

I expect to see some changes in this tracking poll between now and South Carolina on Saturday. McCain’s momentum is now halted, and Romney is getting his Michigan bump. Let’s see if it continues tomorrow. What is very clear is that Huckabee’s support is more stead and strong. while everyone goes up and down the merry-go-round based on momentum.

Fasten your seat belts gang. We’ve still got a long ways to go!

McCain, Thompson, & All Democratic Candidates Fail to Sign No-Tax Pledge

McCain, Thompson, All Dems Fail to Make No-Tax Pledge

All but two GOP presidential candidates have committed to voters to
oppose income tax increases
    WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- For two decades,
Americans for Tax Reform has asked all presidential and federal candidates
to commit to their constituents, in writing, to oppose any and all efforts
to raise income taxes. On the presidential level, every Republican nominee
since Ronald Reagan has made this commitment, including President George W.
Bush. In the current Congress, 42 Senators and 195 members of the House of
Representatives have made this commitment, including Nevada Sen. John
Ensign and Reps. Dean Heller and Jon Porter.
    Among the 2008 presidential field, all but two of the Republican
candidates -- Sens. John McCain and Fred Thompson -- have made this
commitment to the American people, while none of the Democrats have done
so. Sen. McCain signed the Pledge as a candidate for president in 2000, and
has signed and kept the Pledge as a Senator.

                    2008 Presidential Candidates
           Name               Party           Taxpayer Protection Pledge
                            Affiliation                   Status
    Rudolph Giuliani        Republican                     Yes*
    Mike Huckabee           Republican                     Yes
    Duncan Hunter           Republican                     Yes
    John McCain             Republican                     No
    Ron Paul                Republican                     Yes
    Mitt Romney             Republican                     Yes
    Fred Thompson           Republican                     No
    Hillary Clinton          Democrat                      No
    John Edwards             Democrat                      No
    Dennis Kucinich          Democrat                      No
    Barack Obama             Democrat                      No
    Bill Richardson          Democrat                      No
    *Giuliani did not sign the Pledge per se, but has put in writing his
commitment to oppose and veto all tax increases (as did George W. Bush) and
ATR considers this to achieve the spirit and letter of the Pledge.
    Americans for Tax Reform is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and
taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases. For more information or toarrange an interview please contact John Kartch at jkartch@atr.org or via
telephone at 202-785-0266.


If This Califonria Poll Is Accurate, Rudy Is Toast!

Go over HERE to check out the latest California Poll. Remember this is one of the states Rudy is counting on on February 5th to give him a ton of delegates. Keep in mind it is a private poll and may not be accurate. If Rudy has fallen that low in California than he is toast and has no shot at the nomination.

Oh who leads? John McCain leads with 18% and Huck is not far behind, with 15%

Rudy Tries To Win Us Over & Fails!

Fox News is reporting the following:

Rudy Giuliani to Unveil ‘Largest Tax Cut’ in American History

(12:32 p.m. ET)

Rudy Giuliani is set to unveil a new tax plan Wednesday afternoon that the campaign is touting as the “largest tax cut in the history of America.”

The Republican presidential candidate is trying to raise his profile after placing fourth in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday and nearly finishing last in the Iowa caucuses last week. The former New York mayor has lost his lead in recent national polls, and is banking his campaign on its performance in states like Florida, which holds its primary Jan. 29, and the Feb. 5 primary states.

Fittingly, Giuliani plans to deliver his tax plan announcement in Melbourne, Fla.

Details of the plan are still emerging, but the campaign says it will include a $3,500-per-person deduction, and deductions for health care, home mortgage payments, charity contributions, and local and state taxes, as well as a $1,000-per-child tax credit.

Then a 10 percent tax would be assessed on the first $40,000 earned, 15 percent on $40,000 to $150,000 earned and 30 percent on $150,000 earned and above.

It also would include a one-page “fast form” that is supposed to simplify the tax process.

The campaign said Giuliani will be joined by Steve Forbes and released a statement saying: “Considering the Democratic candidates for President haven’t been shy about their commitment to raise taxes, the American people can’t afford not to have Mayor Giuliani in the White House. Bottom line — there is no other candidate, Republican or Democrat, for President that has a better record of cutting taxes and has a better plan for putting more money back into the hands of the American people.”

Nice Try Mayor but no cigar! Our tax system cannot be fixed with tweaking, the turning of a screwdriver. Our system is so screwed up it cannot be fixed with duct tape and WD-40! Why? the Tax code is the tool of politicians and lobbyists to force behavior. Ot is highly manipulative. I refuse to be a political pawn any longer. I’ve had enough being played with in a political chess match for votes. It’s time to put a going out of business sign on the door of the IRS and end this nonsense for good!

That’s why Mike is my guy!

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