Tom Ganley For US Senate!

Ohio, like the rest of the Country is hurting economically.  I believe that the solution to these problems is the FairTax.  Unfortunately we have very few co-sponsors in the US Senate.  I am very happy to report that a candidate for the US Senate has come forward that supports and will fight for the FairTax.  That candidate is Tom Ganley and he is running to represent the citizens of Ohio in the US Senate.

Ganley, a businessman from Cleveland, is also a very solid Conservative.  He is pro life, pro 2nd Amendment, and he stands for less government and more personal responsibility.  Tom Ganley will be a Senator The Buckeye State and the rest of the country can be proud of.  That is why I am very proud to endorse Tom Ganley to become the next US Senator from Ohio!  I hope you will take some time to visit his website, become a supporter on Facebook, and follow Tom on Twitter.

Huge FairTax Rally in Columbia, MO on June 13th!!

The following is the latest news from  Man I wish I could go to this!

Dear FairTax supporter,

It’s known as the “Show Me State,” and when it comes to the FairTax, Missouri is just that.

Our friends in the American heartland have taken a big lead in pushing the FairTax movement forward, with the Missouri House of Representatives passing FairTax legislation which would replace their state income tax structure with the FairTax.

To show your support for the FairTax there and especially in Washington to replace the federal income tax system, we hope you’ll consider making a special trip to join us in Columbia, MO on Saturday, June 13 for the huge Midwest FairTax Rally. Yep, that’s a haul for many, but this rally alone could draw 20,000 or more so we need you there.

RSVP for the Midwest FairTax Rally Now >>

The Midwest FairTax Rally promises to be a huge, all-day FairTax event at the Boone County Fairgrounds with giveaways, music, and of course many great FairTax speakers and leaders including Neal Boortz, John Linder, and Herman Cain!

Volunteers are also needed to staff the Rally so that new-comers can learn how the FairTax will bring real change and real economic stimulus to our country. Most volunteers will need to be in Columbia Friday morning for orientation and set up. Others can arrive very early on Saturday. We have a specific need people with laptop computers to help register people as they arrive at the rally. If you can help, please email with “registration help” in the subject line.

To learn more, and to the RSVP for this important rally, please go to

Again, thanks for all you do to support the FairTax cause, and I hope to see you in Columbia on June 13.


Ken Hoagland
National Director

John Oxendine’s Contract With Georgia

The following is the latest press release from John Oxendine’s Campaign for Governor:

The John Oxendine Contract with Georgia

Today, John Oxendine releases the John Oxendine Contract with Georgia. As the Republican front-runner for Governor, Oxendine continues to run a positive, issues oriented campaign. In the Contract with Georgia, John offers positive solutions for the problems facing Georgians. The initial release offers John’s message to Georgia and the 12 issues covered in the Contract. Subsequent releases, over the next several days, will offer a broader synopsis of the 12 issues.

In 1994, Newt Gingrich introduced the Contract with America. His vision transformed politics on a national scale and made government more accountable to the taxpayers. We can do the same in Georgia. We will transform our state government with a service oriented philosophy that prioritizes families and taxpayers ahead of political self-interest.

Politics as usual have failed Georgians. Whether meted out by Democrats or Republicans, the results have been the same – mediocrity at best, regress at worst. The centerpiece of my campaign for Governor is a pledge. This pledge will break the cycle of promises made but not kept and transform government with one basic ideal – the good of the people before politics. I offer this contract for a better Georgia; a detailed agenda for transformation of state government, which is a written commitment.

The critics will complain, the doubters will hesitate, and the status quo will oppose; but I will move forward in a positive, determined and inclusive way. I will work for Georgia and offer real solutions to our most pressing issues. If you have been seeking an innovative approach, a new direction for government, then join me as we transform Georgia.

On the first day of the 2011 General Assembly, the new Oxendine Administration will have our Legislative Floor Leaders begin to introduce the following major reforms aimed at transforming our state government:

John Oxendine’s Contract with Georgia

First – make state government smaller and more accountable by implementing zero-base budgeting.

Second – create a modern 21st century tax code for Georgians which abolishes the state income tax.

Third – implement a comprehensive statewide transportation system.

Fourth – actively assert that pursuant to the tenth amendment of the U.S. Constitution belongs to the American people and not Washington politicians.

Fifth – break ground on new water reservoirs to ensure an adequate water supply for our future.

Sixth – invest in all schoolchildren by allowing tax dollars to follow the child in the form of an education voucher. An equal access voucher system supports the rights of parents to decide how to best educate their children.

Seventh – create an outcome-based, educational model which eliminates process micromanagement at the state level; maintaining local control but ensuring accountability.

Eighth – aggressively support legislation which protects and preserves human life from conception to death.

Ninth – fight for less government restrictions on where law abiding and permitted citizens can carry a firearm.

Tenth – protect taxpayers by defending the integrity of Georgia’s borders through upholding and enforcing immigration laws.

Eleventh – implement focused domestic and international economic development which targets our efforts on the recruitment of industries for which Georgia is a talent and resource fit.

Twelfth – work with the Governors of other states to strongly encourage Congress to adopt The Fair Tax.

Rex Rice For Congress (SC-3) 2010!

It is my honor and privilege to announce my endorsement of Rex Rice For Congress!  The Current Representative from South Carolina’s 3rd District, Gresham Barrett is running for Governor next year.

Rex Rice currently serves in South Carolina’s House and spoke at last weeks’ FairTax Rally in South Carolina.  He is a very strong supporter of The FairTax and was a proud supporter of Governor Mike Huckabee’s 2008 Presidential run.  He is a fine conservative and the 3rd District of South Carolina will find a man that they will be proud in.  In addition Mr. Rice is a true champion of the disabled and is standing strong with me as a supporter of the Can-Do Conservatives of America!

I hope my neighbors in the Palmetto State will recognize the strong leader they will have in Rex Rice.  Please visit his website and join his team.  I hope to be able to travel back into the Palmetto state later on and stump on his behalf.

VIDEO – Last Week’s FairTax Rally

The following are videos taken at last week’s FairTax Rally in Columbia, SC.  My Youtube report is still in production.  Stay tuned:
The first video is the speech by South Carolina Representative, Rex Rice.  He is running for Congress next year to succeed Gresham Barrett.  Mr. Rice has my complete support!

Next up is the speech by Syndicated talker, and author of The FairTasx Book, Neal Boortz.  This is the longest speech on the FairTax that I have heard him give.

You’ve already heard from one congressman and next you will hear from the next President of the United States!” From your lips to God’s ears, Neal!  Here’s Governor Huckabee’s speech.  It’s a classic.  Very folksy with a great closing parable.

Stay tuned for my personal video report about the rally, coming soon!

Yesterday’s FairTax Rally Rocked!

Yesterday was quite the day for “Right-Wing extremist rabble rousing!”

After a lot of effort I did finally get a ride to the FairTax Rally yesterday in Columbia, SC.  A big thank you to my new friend, Dennis for helping me make the trip.  I enjoyed meeting you and definitely enjoyed your company!
A little later than we wanted to, at about 12:30 Dennis drove up in his truck and we wre off!  I really enjoyed riding with him.  He travels with a CB radio and I got my chance to do a little talking with the truckers out on the highway (while we did a little FairTax rabble-rousing over the air).

Unfortunately we hit some rush-hour traffic in Columbia and arrived to the rally late.  We took our seats just as things were getting kicked off.  We had a lot of great speakers, Ken Hoagland, US. Reps Glenn McCall, and Steve King, SC Rep. Rex Rice, the talkmaster Neal Boortz, and of course Governor Mike Huckabee (who got the biggest cheers of all)

After the speeches we were treated to some hot bass licks by Mike, who played with the East Coast Party Band.  They were smokin’ Hot!  I loved ’em!

We had a great turn out of about 3,500-4,000 very loud, and enthusiastic FairTax supporters.  Most of us stayed late in order to show our support on Hannity’s show at 9 PM.  That was a hoot

Between the rally and the remote I met David John for the first time.  He traveled with Governor Huckabee yesterday.  He tried very hard to get me a moment with Mike but the schedule just did not allow.  I want to thank you, David for trying.  You are appreciated.  I look forward to getting my book signed in the mail (Please take good care of it!)

Since we stayed late, that meant a late ride home.  I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM this morning.  I enjoyed being a part of an historic day of Tea Parties and FairTax rallies all over this great land!

Dennis is a prolithic videographer and had two cameras with him (in fact the picture of Mike speaking up there was taken by Dennis).  He showed me how to use his spare.  While I didn’t use it too much we have plenty of video from yesterday and my first Youtube video will be of the rally.   Stay tuned!

Memo To Tea Party People – FairTaxers Are Fighting With You, Not Against!

I hopped on twitter for a little while today and I was shocked and alarmed to get a notice that the Charleston, SC Tea Party Protest schedule has changed.  It was to be in the afternoon of April 15th.  There were people planning to go to that protest and then drive to Columbia, SC for the FairTax Rally there that evening.  The time now shows that both events are occurring at the same time, according to what I’ve read on Twitter.  This is really grinding my gears.

FairTax supporters have and are fighting with those who are holding these Tea Parties.  FairTax people will be out at these Tax Day Tea Parties in droves all over the country.  We support your movement.  We’re fighting for the same things.  We’re supporting you and the least you could do is let us have our big Tax Day event without competition in the same state!

Us FaurTax people and the Tea Party people need to be working together, not against each other.  We’re fighting for the same reasons and for similar goals.  Why can’t we fight on the same team?  It’s time to take the words to the awesome Canned Heat song “Let’s Work Togther” to heart.  Our nation will be better for it!