Huge FairTax Rally in Columbia, MO on June 13th!!

The following is the latest news from FairTax.orgĀ  Man I wish I could go to this!

Dear FairTax supporter,

It’s known as the “Show Me State,” and when it comes to the FairTax, Missouri is just that.

Our friends in the American heartland have taken a big lead in pushing the FairTax movement forward, with the Missouri House of Representatives passing FairTax legislation which would replace their state income tax structure with the FairTax.

To show your support for the FairTax there and especially in Washington to replace the federal income tax system, we hope you’ll consider making a special trip to join us in Columbia, MO on Saturday, June 13 for the huge Midwest FairTax Rally. Yep, that’s a haul for many, but this rally alone could draw 20,000 or more so we need you there.

RSVP for the Midwest FairTax Rally Now >>

The Midwest FairTax Rally promises to be a huge, all-day FairTax event at the Boone County Fairgrounds with giveaways, music, and of course many great FairTax speakers and leaders including Neal Boortz, John Linder, and Herman Cain!

Volunteers are also needed to staff the Rally so that new-comers can learn how the FairTax will bring real change and real economic stimulus to our country. Most volunteers will need to be in Columbia Friday morning for orientation and set up. Others can arrive very early on Saturday. We have a specific need people with laptop computers to help register people as they arrive at the rally. If you can help, please email with “registration help” in the subject line.

To learn more, and to the RSVP for this important rally, please go to

Again, thanks for all you do to support the FairTax cause, and I hope to see you in Columbia on June 13.


Ken Hoagland
National Director

HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Rep. Graves on Energy Independence

Missouri Congresman, Sam Graves (6th District) checks back in with his 2nd post of the day.  This time his topic is Energy Independence: 

I don’t have to tell you that we are facing an energy crisis. In parts of my district, gas is over $4 a gallon, and that is relatively cheap compared to other parts of the country. Simply put, we have waited for far too long to address our energy crisis and we are all now paying the price for the failed liberal energy policy pushed by the extreme environmental special interests. Twenty five years ago, we were more energy independent, more self reliant, and more safe. In 1983, we produced 8.6 million barrels of oil a day and consumed 15 million barrels a day. Today, we only produce 5 million barrels of oil a day and consume over 20 million barrels per day. In other words, we are now almost 9 million barrels per day more dependent on foreign oil. It is time for Congress to stop bending to the extreme environmentalists and pass an energy policy that ends our dependence on foreign oil. We need an energy policy that will increase our domestic supplies by allowing drilling in ANWR and off our coasts. We must take advantage of the vast natural resources our nation holds to give families relief at the pump. Our energy plan must also look to the future beyond oil. We need to invest in alternatives like ethanol, bio-diesel, wind power, and nuclear power. There is no silver bullet. We must pursue all options in order to Americanize our energy supply, but we cannot afford to wait. We must act now.

To learn more about Missouri Representative Sam Graves click here.

HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – "Marriage Is Under Assault"

Over at HuckPAC, Vertical Day is still going strong!  The next guest blogger is the GOP Candidate for State Treasurer in Missouri, Brad Lager.  His post is about Marriage & The Family:  

The last year has been one of transition for the Lager family. My wife
Stephanie and I were blessed with our first child in the fall, Addison

Addison is a sweetheart, a very good-natured little girl and her
presence has truly reaffirmed and strengthened my belief that we must
defend the traditional family. Marriage and the family unit are under
assault in America today.

The courts, from Massachusetts to California, are working to redefine
marriage out of existence. Our government is spending too much, making
it harder for families to afford the necessities, like gas and food, and
burdening our children with debt. In an era of tremendous
challenges-from international terrorism, to a weakening economy, to
skyrocketing oil prices- we need to make sure we get the fundamentals

We must begin by strengthening the family, not tearing it down.

The November election will be a defining election for our children’s
future. Let us not forget who we are fighting for.

Brad Lager from Missouri, is a candidate for State Treasurer.  You can learn more about his campaign here.


The latest HuckPAC Candidate to check in today is Rep. Sam Graves from Missourri.  He writes to us about the threat of Illegal Immigration:  

Illegal immigration is a clear threat to our country.  Terrorists who want to do our country harm can enter virtually unchecked through our porous borders-both southern and northern. And they can smuggle in dangerous materials capable of causing great destruction. Simply put, our unsecured borders are a national security threat.

But more than just terrorism, our unsecured borders are allowing many violent criminals to enter our country illegally. Violent gangs come here to commit violent crimes and smuggle millions of pounds of cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, all brought through our unsecured southern border.

People just can’t understand why Congress can’t get its act together and secure our borders.  To me it is just plain commonsense. We need to secure our borders so we know who is coming into the country.
But politicians in Washington just aren’t serious about securing our border.  First, they tried to pass off amnesty as comprehensive immigration reform, which I am proud to say that I fought to stop. Now, Nancy Pelosi is blocking a bi-partisan bill that will make it tougher for illegal immigrants to get across the border, find a job, and stay here once they get caught.

We have to secure the border. And we have to do it now.  Until we secure our borders, we will be vulnerable to terrorists and violent criminals not to mention the impact illegal immigration has on our economy.

You can learn more about Congressman Sam Graves here.

 Very Well said! 


It appears safe to say that John McCain will win Missouri by 5,000 ore more votes.

This is where I get off for the night. I’m beat. It’s been quite the emotional day. We did very well. Against what looked like very long odds we won five states were not supposed to win, according to the pundits. We worked very hard and all credit must go to our wonderful team of volunteers. We’ve worked our tails off! I am very proud tonight!

Tomorrow we march on and keep working hard. We may not get the nomination but by um we will give it our very best shot! That’s what we did for today’s efforts.

Tomorrow the fallout and complete results. And then honestly I am going to take a break. I’m exhausted!

Good night!


Fox News has called Tennessee for Mike Huckabee!!

and McCain has gone up by a few thousand votes in Missouri.

What a crazy night!

SUPER TUESDAY – Getting Down To cases in MO

We are getting down to cases in Missouri. It’s going to be close either way. Currently Mike has a lead by only a couple hundred votes with 87% of the vote counted. Man I want to win this one so bad!!

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