HuckPAC On The Scene at CA GOP Convention!

Thanks to the support of HuckPACers around the county, there is a HuckPAC Booth at the California GOP State Convention this weekend!  There are already some great pictures in and you can view them HERE.  This is just the first of many events HuckPAC will be represented at this year as our National Volunteer Team continues to grow.  I am proud to be one of Georgia’s Grassroots Coordinators for the PAC.  You can sign up for the NVT by clicking this link.  Let’s keep growing our ranks and help get Conservatives elected at local, state, and the National level in 2009 and 2010!  


UPDATE – Here’s a personal report from my friend David Schmidt on how everything went on the first night.  It appears we are having a great impact by just being there!  

Government Should Get Out Of Marriage!

I realize that the words and thoughts I am going to type will enrage social conservatives. If you wish you might want to read no further and go somewhere else. I don’t apologize for them because these are my honest and true opinions.

A few feet away from me is my bookcase. In it sits my prized copy of the Holy Bible. It serves as a guidebook to me on how I should be living my life. Admittedly I don’t always follow it…I’m a human being. However I choose to live my life using the Bible as a guide that I make decisions based on it because I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. But what about Joe Smith down the street. He may not even own the book or be a Christian. Is it right for me to force him to abide by those same principles. No. Of course not. I’d be a major jerk. In the same way should the Government force people, with the power of their guns to abide by those same principles, even if they are not Christians? OF COURSE NOT!!! Don’t we have a separation of church and state?

On matters of laws our nation was founded upon the principle of Life, Liberty, & The Pursity of Happiness (property). So as far as Gay Marriage is concerned or any issue I look at three questions. Does the practice of two men/women getting married kill someone or cause a person or people not to live anymore? No. Does two men/women getting married cause physical bodily harm to someone else? No. Does two men/women marrying each other vilate someone else’s right to attempt to gain property? No. Since the answer to these three vital questions that should test each law of our land are no than no matter how people think it is moral homosexuals should be allowed to get married.

Furthermore, there is a lot of noise around about the California Supreme Court overturning that state’s ban on Gay Marriage. The outrage from the right is as loud as the joy of the left. I’m sick of this. Gay Marriage and whether or not it should be allowed is a very divisive issue. Too divisive if I say so myself. The issue blinds us from the real problems that we face in this country. Just when we are about to attack the real problems a state decides to ban it or allow it or there is some stupid court decision. and POOF the progress that was about to be made on a real problem is eliminated entirely.

Therefore my opinion is going to be very unpopular from both sides of the aisle. So be it. I feel the Government has no right to regulate marriage whatsoever. if I marry someone it should be between the person I love and God. Big Brother need not apply. There are much more important issues for the Government to be bothered with and to spend our money taking care of. What do you think? I am right on or am I a lunatic that needs to be committed to a mental institution? Feel free to opine. Please do be respectful of me or the opine of someone else. This is America.

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Our Prayers Have Been Answered – Mike Nails California Debate!

The big story revolving around this last debate of the cycle tonight was John McCain Vs Mitt Romney. McCain was endorsed by Giuliani before the debate and the rumors are that the Governator will do the same. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!! The clear winner tonight was Mike Huckabee. While McCain and Romney went blow for blow against each other Mike (who was given little time comparatively) stayed above the Frey while giving the most intelligent answers and looking (and sounding) the most presidential.

This was Mike’s best performance in a debate in the last month and maybe ever. Mike hit grand slams on Pro-Life and the last question about Reagan. the question was to all of them tonight “Would Ronald Reagan endorse you and why?” While the others explained why, Mike Huckabee turned the tables and refused to use Reagan to his political gain. Instead Mike endorsed Reagan and explained why he does. What class! I stood up and applauded!

America is not interested in candidates that take cheap shots at each other. They are looking for positive change and a positive message. That’s Mike Huckabee to a Tee.

As for CNN they should be ashamed of themselves. Especially for how they treated Ron Paul tonight. they totally gave him the shaft tonight unfairly. I may not agree with him too much but at least give him a fair amount of time to speak. That was a disgrace!

I’ll have video and more reaction later on (probably tomorrow). However there is no question that the overwhelming winner tonight was Mike Huckabee hands down! and boy did he need it! the campaign is hitting the 7th inning and Mike is now bringing out the big bats. Way to go Huck!

Reality Alert Election Forum in Califonia Endorses Mike Huckabee!

Great news! The Reality Alert Election Forum in California has endorsed Mike Huckabee for President! I just got this E-mail a few hours ago:

Reality Alert/Election Forum
January 28, 2008

Dear Brian,

I wanted to let you know that election recommendations from a Christian worldview are now up on the Election Forum website. The recommendations address the Presidential election, local races and tricky initiatives on the ballot this year.

You will shortly receive the next issue of Reality Alert that explains our reasons for endorsing Mike Huckabee over Romney, Paul, McCain and Giuliani. There are no recommendations for Democrats. You can see why by reading our voter guide.

This election is critical for Christian voters. If for no other reason than upcoming Supreme Court judicial appointments, you should be informed and vote. Judicial activists want to destroy traditional marriage, religious freedoms, individual liberty and economic prosperity by legislating from the bench.

But also at stake are our religious liberties, the direction of the economy and the future of the war on terror.

Help us let Christians know how to vote to prevent those who could be destructive to our society from gaining more power.

Click here to visit the Election Forum website so you can access all of our recommendations and the reasons why.

Here is how you can help:

  • Visit our website by clicking here and copy or print the recommendations.
  • Give the recommendations to your church group or Bible study group and tell them to visit
  • Pass the printed information out after your church service to church members and leaders.
  • Access the voter guide by clicking here. Then post the guide in church buildings and on bulletin boards. Click here for the guide.
  • Email the link to friends on your email list.
  • Send the printout or link to family members.
  • Insert the information in church newsletters.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word.


Craig A. Huey

Craig A. Huey

Reality Alert/Election Forum
Where the Spirit of the Lord Is, There Is Liberty (2 Cor. 3:17)
21171 S. Western Ave., Suite 260
Torrance, CA 90501

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If This Califonria Poll Is Accurate, Rudy Is Toast!

Go over HERE to check out the latest California Poll. Remember this is one of the states Rudy is counting on on February 5th to give him a ton of delegates. Keep in mind it is a private poll and may not be accurate. If Rudy has fallen that low in California than he is toast and has no shot at the nomination.

Oh who leads? John McCain leads with 18% and Huck is not far behind, with 15%

A Look At Recent Polls

There are many state polls out for the GOP Race. They all are confirming the “Huckabee Surge” at the national level. I know I am missing some but here are the polls I have seen, the company polling, and the state being polled (only candidates in double-digits are included also the the numbers +/- are from the last poll from that company in the state):

Pennsylvania GOP (Qunnipiac)

Rudy Guiliani – 27% (-2)
Undecided – 23%
Mike Huckabee – 13% (+7)
John McCain – 13% (+1)

New Hampshire GOP (Zogby)

Mitt Romney – 35% (+11)
John McCain – 17% (+1)
Rudy Guiliani – 15% (-6)
Mike Huckabee – 10% (+5)
Undecided – 10% (-7)

Iowa GOP (Zogby):

Mitt Romney – 26% (-5)
Mike Huckabee – 25% (+10)
Undecided – 15% (-1)
Rudy Guiliani – 12% (+1)

Ohio GOP (Qunnipiac):

Rudy Guiliani – 29% (+2)
Undecided – 21%
John McCain – 13% (+1)
Mike Huckabee – 10% (+3)

Florida GOP (Quinnipiac):

Rudy Guiliani – 30%
Undecided – 17%
Mitt Romney – 12%
Mike Huckabee – 11% (+3)
Fred Thompson – 10% (-4)

Florida GOP (Suvey USA):

Rudy Guiliani – 32% (-2)
Mike Huckabee – 18% (+10)
Mitt Romney – 15% (-2)
Fred Thompson – 14% (-8)
John McCain – 11% (+1)

California GOP (Survey USA):

Rudy Guiliani – 32% (-7)
John McCain – 18% (+5)
Mike Huckabee – 14% (he didn’t register in the last poll so +14)
Fred Thompson – 13% (-5)

North Carolina (Public Policy Polling):

Mike Huckabee – 33% (wow)
Rudy Guiliani – 17%
Fred Thompson – 16%
Undecided – 10%

So to review here are the states Mike Huckabee is polling in double digits: Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Texas, Missouri, and Alabama. A new poll is rumored to be released soon in New York which will add that state to the list (with Huck in 2nd), and Strategic Vision is coming out with a new poll in Iowa with Huck leading tomorrow.

to quote a poster on the Huck’s Army Forum, “The Surge is Working!”