VIDEO – Governor Mike Huckabee’s Thoughts on The Iran Election

The following is the latest video from Governor Mike Huckabee.  He expresses his support for the Iranian people and his views on the current crisis there.  In the video Governor Huckabee expresses his disappointment that President Obama has not been as forthright in expressing our support for the people of Iran.  Mike is dead on.  I also support the people of Iran and have changed my blog color to green to show solidarity with them in their fight for freedom!

VIDEO – Special Order Called by Steve King in US House on the FairTax

The following is the video of the Special Order on the US House floor on the FairTax this afternoon.

The following are the members of Congress who spoke on behalf of the FairTax yesterday (in addition to Steve King of Iowa):

Rep. Cliff Stearns (FL-06)
Rep. Nathan Deal (GA-09)
Rep. Jeff Miller (FL-01)
Rep. John Mica (FL-07)
Rep. John Linder (GA-07)
Rep. John Duncan (TN-02)
Rep. Phil Gingrey (GA-11)
Rep. Henry Brown (SC-01)
Rep. Paul Broun (GA-10)

Cliff Stearns spoke before the Special Order and his speech is not included in the video.

VIDEO – Governor Huckabee’s Speech at CPAC




VIDEO – HuckPAC House Party

The following is the video shows tonight at HuckPAC House Parties being held in 125 locales in 41 states tonight:  

VIDEO – Mike Huckabee Is “The View’s Favorite Republican!”

Today Governor Mike Huckabbee, in support of his new book, appeared on The View.  He was a big hit and in another testament to his across-the-board appeal was hailed as “Their Favorite Republican!”  The video of his appearance is below.  Enjoy!  Great job as always, Governor!

Also, don’t forget Mike’s other media appearances over the next few days to promote his new book.

My Response to Bill Maher’s Question on “Huckabee” Last Week

The following is a response I have written to a specific question Bill Maher asked Governor Mike Huckabee on last week’s edition of the Governor’s hit Fox News TV show.  Maher asked why “God allows pain and suffering?”  Maher went on to specifically reference children born with “that terrible cleft lip.”  In the link above you can see that Governor Huckabee gave a very good answer for the short time he had but since the question hit home to me I wanted to respond in my own way: Read the rest of this entry »

Democrats Continue Their War On The FairTax In Georgia!

The attack the Democrats begun to wage against the FairTax continues.  they are now attacking Dr. Deborah Honeycutt who is running against incumbent David Scott in the 13th District on her support of the bill in Congress.  The National Democratic Congressional Committee (likes its counterpart in the Senate) are now running this ad against her.

After redistricting, this is what the 13th District looks like.  It is almost a 50/50 district and includes a ton of support for the FairTax.  If this ad has the same effect on the House race there that a similar ad has had on the Senate race, the Democrats could lose a seat!