Today Is A Big Day For The Huckabee Republican Movement!

Today is a big day for the Huckabee Republican movement. Yeah I know it is Primary day in West Virginia which is only important for the Dems…and the only question there is how wide the margin will Clinton win by?

There are two runoff elections to watch tonight. First in Mississippi-1 where Greg Davis is running for Congress. He has been endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Huck has spent time and money in the race there. A win for Davis would be the first success for HuckPAC.

Also what is occurring in this country is Huckabee’s followers are running for local public office. One of them is John Tyler Hammons, a 19 year-old who is running for Mayor in Muskogee, OK today. Best of luck! The link will send you to the Huck’s Army forum topic and how you can help him by making some phone calls for this young man.

A Thought For Today – Don’t Vote For the Lesser of Two Evils

I was just sitting at the breakfast table. My dad was sleeping so I decided not to turn on the TV. So I am eating and doing some thinking. My reflection turned towards a phrase you are going to hear a lot when we get close to electing our next president. that phrase s “I’m Voting for the lesser of two evils” or something to that extent. Everyone who thinks they are doing as such and does not think they have another choice should be physically barred from voting. If you vote for the lesser of two evils instead of voting on principle and what you believe in you are abusing your democratic privilege. You might as well stay home because you will be contributing an equal amount to the process as if you would be by voting for the lesser of two evils.

There are many things you could do instead. There are a plethora of third party options on that ballot you are going to read for President. Go do your homework and find the candidate that most matches what you would want in your President. Be an informed voter (and this doesn’t go just for President – this goes all the way down to school board or those pesky ballot initiatives) and don’t listen to the morons who say you are throwing away your vote. They are full of Bull Crap! By voting (and making an informed decision in doing so) for a third party instead of the lesser of two evils you would be making your choice with you heart and with your principles. Someone who does that is never throwing their vote away. Gosh even if you can’t find someone to identify with, use the write-in option. It’s much better than staying home because there are other contests you will need to make a choice on. Trust me, while the vote for President is important your life will be much more affected by who you elect to Congress, Governor, and state/local official.

Take if from a person who spent all summer and fall of 2000 researching and making a decision so I could make the right choice when I voted for the first time (I was 18). I marched in that voting booth and voted for Harry Browne (the Libertarian). I did so because I couldn’t stand Gore or Bush and I thought Harry Browne would do a much better job. I also agreed with him on the issues more. Then I got my sticker and marched triumphantly out of the voting precinct and I wore that sucker for a week (until it fell off my chest)!

Don’t get me wrong. Am I advising you that voting for McCain or Obama (or Clinton) is a waste. No. If you honestly believe that one of them will do a better job than anyone else in the field and your choice matches your principles than voting for either ofthem is the right thing to do. But voting just for voting sake is wrong and you might as well just stay home.

This is Ridiculous!

I am sitting here watching coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary Returns. Each network has these talking heads with their fancy maps and they are trying their very best to explain delegates and all of that. From what I can see that it is possible for Senator Clinton to win the popular vote and still get slighted in delegates because they are allocated by congressional district. However the districts that are more favorable to Democratic candidates have a higher count of delegates allocated to them. Putting two and two together these areas that have higher delegate allocated would favor Obama. Do I have a problem with states having different amounts of delegates? No. Do I have a problem with the delegates being given out by congressional district? No. What I DO have a problem with is giving different delegates counts to different congressional distircts. If I was a Democrat in Pittsburgh my vote should carry the same weight as if I was a Democrat in Philly. We’re both Democrats. It’s THAT simple!

THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The primary system in both parties is royally screwed up! If there is anything I have taken out of this whole process it is that. I have no doubt about it. This tears it! First the states wet themselves trying to be the first to have their primary, Then the national parties penelize and disenfracnises the voters in these states. I’ve seen state parties (Washington’s GOP and Texas Democrats) take days to count caucus ballots, Louisiana’s GOP choice wins the popular vote but the party goes to the back room and gives the delegates to someone else. this process is so screwed up it is very hard to answer the question “Who wins?” Well It is very easy to figure out who the losers are and that is the American people. How sad and infuriating!

SUPER TUESDAY II – Everything Going As Expected so far

It’s almost 8 PM and polls are closed in Vermont and Ohio. John McCain has been declared the winner in both as expected. Obama has been declared the winner in Vermont. It is too close to call in Ohio for the Democrats. But again that is also to be expected. We wait anxiously for Texas.

SUPER TUESDAY – New Jersey called for Hillary Clinton

Fox News just called New Jersey for Hillary Clinton. Wow.

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Polls are now closed in Arkansas and Mike Huckabee (and Hillary) have been declared the winners of Arkansas!

Update on the numbers in Georgia (18% Precincts Reporting):

Mike Huckabee – 34%
John McCain – 31%
Mitt Romney – 31%

New hampshire Fallout

Wow! New Hampshire was fun wasn’t it? NH has changed everything and the crystal ball looks muddy at this point. Even minutes before the returns came in last night we were betting the farm on an Obama blowout of Clinton. that did not happen. Of course we did expect a McCain victory and that did happen. With 96% of Precincts reporting here’s the numbers:

McCain – 37%
Romney – 32%
Huckabee – 11%
Guiliani – 9%
Paul – 8%
Thompson – 1%


Clinton – 39%
Obama – 37%
Edwards – 17%
Richardson – 5%
Kucinich – 1%

So what does it all mean? Well the Clinton surprise changes everything in the Democratic race. Before last night it was all but certain that Obama would sweep to the nomination. Not so fast my friend! We now have a Battle Royale on our hands. The win last night has revived Clinton’s campaign and given it brand new life. It has also kept John Edwards around for South Carolina (which he won in 2004). Between New Hampshire and South Carolina is Michigan (who will vote for Clinton even though they’ve lost all their delegates), and Nevada (where Clinton has a big lead right now). If Edwards wins South Carolina again (not likely but possible) we might see a brokered convention in late August.

Now to the GOP. Huckabee won Iowa. Romney won Wyoming. McCain won New Hampshire. More importantly Mitt Romney lost both Iowa and New Hampshire where he was leading big two-three months ago. Romney is down to his last out. That last out is Michigan (where he was born and his father was Governor). It’s going to be a three-man race between McCain, Romney, and Huckabee. I am very anxious to see some new polls from Michigan. Nevada is anyone’s guess at this point. South Carolina looks like Huckabee’s to lose. Florida, Rudy’s last stand is showing signs of the Huckaboom. It’s looking rather good for Huckabee right now but things could change and we must keep working hard.

It is distinctively possible at this point that one or both parties could have brokered conventions. Incredible