A Complte Tragedy In Arkansas

What a tragedy!  Today a guman charged into the headquarters of the Arkansas Democratic Party and shot their chairman, Bill Gwatney.  He is now dead.  The suspect is also dead after the police shot the suspect following a chase.  The following is a statement made by former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee:  

Bill Gwatney’s death is a senseless act of depraved violence that touches all of us. Bill was in the state senate during my tenure as Governor and Lieutenant Governor and I knew him well. He was a very effective leader for his party and an event like this certainly makes all politics seem small and insignificant. Today, no one in our small and wonderful state is a Democrat or Republican, but we are all Arkansans who join together in praying for the Gwatney family as well as those staff members at the party headquarters who witnessed this horror. We are thankful for the quick and effective actions of the police agencies in seizing the suspect. I can never understand why anyone could believe that the taking of another person’s life could solve anything. This is a real tragedy.

I would also like to offer my prayers to all involved and their families.  What a sad day in the state of Arkansas. 

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Why McCain Should Choose Huckabee

In my previous post I argued that McCain needed a strong running mate as his choice and that his choice is much more important than Obama’s. I then argued that the two best choices for McCain would be Louisiana’s Governor, Bobby Jindal and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. I also received a suggestion for Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin. She would also make a fine choice but I don’t know enough about her to argue for or against her. To her supporters I do apologize. On the surface she looks like she’d be great running mate as well.

Yes I will openly admit by bias towards Mike Huckabee. I’ve supported him and his efforts for the past eleven months. However my opinion that he would be a better choice than Bobby Jindal for McCain’s running mate is not based on that bias. There is nothing wrong with Bobby Jindal. I like him a lot! He is definitely a rising star within the Republican Party, one of several Republicans trying to change the GOP’s brand into something much better for the people and for our Nation. Some people and pundits have said that Jindal is too young compared to how old McCain is. This to me is irrelevant.

The state of Louisiana still needs Bobby Jindal. The Pelican State is just beginning its new day after years of corruption under the Democratic party. Before last year’s revolution (that Jindal led), Louisiana was one of the last states swill part of the “Solid South.” While voting for Republicans for President, Democrats dominated state politics (only Arkansas and West Virginia are left in that boat today). Jindal is cleaning up the corruption but some of it still exists. Wonder why Governor Huckabee never visited The Pelican State to campaign before their primary? As a neighbor to the north he knew the books were still cooked and indeed they were. On February 9th Huckabee won the popular vote in Louisiana’s primary but because he did not win a 50% plurality he received no delegates and McCain won them at a convention later.

The people of Louisiana need Jindal to stick around a little bit longer. I don’t know if there is anyone that he could pass the torch to within his party. In fact the Jindal Revolution could be fought back and crushed without him to lead it. The people of the Pelican state deserve better.

Now why do I think Governor Mike Huckabee is a perfect choice for McCain’s running mate? In a campaign strategy presentation the McCain camp is more worried about attracting Independents and Democrats instead of clinching the support from his base. While this appears to be the right strategy on the surface, I don’t think having someone that could appeal to both Indies (& Reagan Democrats) as well as the conservative base at the same time. Governor Huckabee could be that perfect choice! Behind McCain, Huckabee came in 2nd with Indies during the Primary season (of course McCain won them).

McCain/Huckabee would be a maverick ticket with both of them caring more about the American people and what’s best of our nation instead of what is best for their party. These are also two candidates who know how to work together with the Democrats to make things work. Regardless of how you think about McCain and what he has done in the Senate he has reached across the aisle many times to get things done. Governor Huckabee served with a largely Democratic state legislature for his 10 years in Arkansas. He knew how to get things done and work together for the greater good of the Razorback State.

Also while a bunch a bologna, the media driven perception is that Mike Huckabe is not a conservative. However, Huck mobilized conservatives and others so much that he was able to win a bunch of states on a shoestring budget fueled by passion more than greenbacks. This army of passionate volunteers is waiting for the call from John McCain and at the exact moment Huck is chosen will mobilize with great speed. There are thousands of soldiers in “Hucks Army” (I am one of them) ready to hit the streets to wave signs, knock on doors, make thousands of phone calls, raise money, and whatever else we are needed to do to achieve victory (which is obviously what McCain wants). I am sure some of us will mobilize no matter what but the best way to energize and mobilize us is to pick Huck or someone like him. Remember Bush’s success in 2004 was an energized base and the same base that he energized is the same base that supported Mike Huckabee with such vigor. If McCain doesn’t work to get their support he’ll have to find another group to energize and that doesn’t seem like something he is good at.

It is possible for John McCain to have his cake and eat it too. Not only will he be able to appeal to Independent voters and Reagan Democrats with a maverick ticket, He will gain a base of energized support from the Conservative base. I think it is his best shot, and the best shot the GOP has at playing damage control in races down the ticket. Otherwise it may not be pretty for McCain or his party.


Polls are now closed in Arkansas and Mike Huckabee (and Hillary) have been declared the winners of Arkansas!

Update on the numbers in Georgia (18% Precincts Reporting):

Mike Huckabee – 34%
John McCain – 31%
Mitt Romney – 31%

Mike Huckabee – "This Race Is tight!"

Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

We just finished a campaign event here in Arkansas. The crowd was great and very enthusiastic. Arkansas will lead the way for us tomorrow as we begin to add to our delegate count. Polls in Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama also show this race too close to call. We are in the middle of the fight for the Republican nomination and our hopes are running high.

What we need to do tomorrow is turnout every Huckabee supporter we can. Last minute reminder calls and messages to voters are going to be critical. Every vote counts. To help fund this effort in Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and Alabama we are relying on you to help us close the gap. We are $215,000 away from reaching our midnight goal of $1,000,000 for get out the vote efforts.

Will you make an immediate contribution of $25 or more?

Please help us reach our goal. I will make a final decision on how many reminder calls we will make tomorrow based on the financial resources we have available at midnight. Reaching our goal will give us the resources we need to win in the states we are targeting.

I am counting on you so please consider making a contribution immediately.

With the deepest gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Arkansas Right To Life Endorses Mike Huckabee!

From the blog at htt://www.mikehuckabee.com

Arkansas Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed the candidacy of our good friend and favorite son, Mike Huckabee, to become the 44th President of the United States.

Rose Mimms, Executive Director, said “ There are 11 reasons that Mike Huckabee is our choice for President:

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act (1997 Act 984)

The Fetal Protection Act (1999 Act 1273)

The Physician Assisted Suicide Ban Act (1999 Act 394)

The Woman’s Right to Know Act (2001 Act 353)

The Safe Haven Act (2001 Act 236)

The Choose Life Specialty Plate (2003 Act 344)

The Human Cloning Ban (2003 Act 607)

The Right to View Ultrasound Test (2003 Act 1189)

The Right to Receive Nutrition & Hydration (2003 Act 1322)

The Parental Consent for Minor Abortion Act (2005 Act 537)

The Unborn Child Pain Awareness & Prevention Act (2005 Act 1696)

On April 29, 2006 Arkansas Right to Life honored Governor Huckabee at the annual Arkansas Right to Life Rose Dinner and presented him with the Mary Rose Doe Award in recognition of his legacy for life as governor of Arkansas. The award is presented each year to exceptional individuals in service of life.

“We are grateful for the outstanding leadership and support of Governor Huckabee in the defense and protection of human life during his ten years as governor, and look forward to continuing our work with him as President of the United States,” Mimms stated.

Arkansas Right to Life is the state’s largest and oldest pro-life organization in Arkansas and is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

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POLLS – Huck leads GA, OK, MO, TN, & Tied With McCain in AL

with Super Tuesday looming right after Florida Mike Huckabee sees a key to success in the many Southern States that have their primaries that day. So how do we stand?

Georgia (Rasmussen):

Mike Huckabee – 34%
John McCain – 19%
Mitt Romney – 16%
Ron Paul – 12%
Rudy Giuliani – 11%

(Note the importance of this trend. The panhandle and the Northern part of Florida are said to be more politically aligned with Georgia. If this kind of margin can be met (or even larger) in those areas on Tuesday night we might have a great shot at a good showing in Florida which would strengthen our position elsewhere in the South)

Alabama (Rasmussen):

Mike Huckabee – 27%
John McCain – 27%
Mitt Romney – 15%
Rudy Giuliani – 8%
Ron Paul – 3%


Mike Huckabee – 30%
John McCain – 25%
Mitt Romney – 13%

Missouri (Rasmussen):

Mike Huckabee – 27%
John McCain – 26%
Mitt Romney – 18%
Rudy Giuliani – 7%
Ron Paul – 5%

Tennessee (Taken before Fred Dropped Out)

Fred Thompson – 25%
Mike Huckabee – 24%
John McCain – 12%
Mitt Romney – 7%
Rudy Giuliani/Ron Paul – 2%

Also voting on Super Tuesday in the south is Arkansas and West Virginia (convention where Mike will speak). Those are 7 states that Mike really needs to win and that we should focus on. There are a ton of delegates at stake in these. Also following that is Louisiana on Feb. 9th. In what may be a three-man race by that point sweeping the South will be important and would leave Mike in very good shape for Texas on March 4th which might be for all the marbles.

Arkansas Busniesmen Support Huckabee!

Several prominent businessmen held a news conference yesterday expressing their support for their former Governor, Mike Huckabee:

News Release: Arkansas Businessmen Release Statement Supporting Former Governor and Presidential Candidate, Mike Huckabee

January 16, 2008

Columbia, SC – Today, the following businessmen from Arkansas released a statement in support of former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee: Scott T. Ford, President and CEO, Alltel Corporation; Warren A. Stephens, President and CEO, Stephens Inc.; Madison Murphy, Former Chairman, Murphy Oil Corporation; John Tyson, Chairman of the Board, Tyson Foods, Inc; and French Hill, Chairman and CEO, Delta Trust and Banking Corporation:

“We are a traditionally bi-partisan group of executives of several of the largest corporations headquartered in the State of Arkansas, each with considerable exposure to the Administration of Governor Mike Huckabee. Of late, Governor Huckabee has attracted what we believe to be unwarranted criticism regarding his business record.”

“Our experience with Governor Huckabee indicates that he not only values greatly the freedoms of religion and liberty, but of the free market as well. He is an atypical leader who garnered the respect of not only the professional business community but of the working men and women across our State as well.”

“When he became our Governor, he inherited our long sub-standard education system, infrastructure, and regulatory climate. Under his leadership, we were able to grow our businesses, increase our employment, reduce our litigation exposure and enjoy, along with all of our fellow Arkansans, a healthier economy, improved schools, updated highways, and new healthcare delivery facilities.”

“In our support of Governor Huckabee’s truly conservative, small government business outlook and his pragmatic, yet compassionate style of governing, we invite you to look past the shallow rhetoric of yet another campaign season to see what we have experienced first hand – that with the right political leadership in place, businesses and citizens can jointly prosper and as they do, they contribute so much more to the economic and societal fabric of a community than simply tax revenues.”

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