I have made an executive decision.  For the last three and a half hours of Vertical Day I am going to Live Blog it.  I have not blogged this much since Super Tuesday and my eyes are starting to hit the wall.  I will give links to the posts but not the posts themselves.  Sorry for that but it is either this or I will not be able to finish my pledged obligation to Governor Huckabee. 

I am behind so the time stamps will start before I am actually typing this.  HERE WE GO!!! 

8:01 PM – Missouri Congressman Sam Graves is back with another post.  This time he writes about protecting Marriage

8:23 PM –  Next up is another published idea from a fellow supporter.  We go out to California to hear energy ideas from Joshua Love from Berkley.  

8:39 PM – Phew!  If you think I am exhausted I don’t even want to know how tired Chris, the webmaster is after this is all over!  Kudos dude.  You are working overtime! 

9:00 PM – GOP Candidate in the 2nd’ Congressional District of Indiana, Luke Puckett checks in again with a post on why he is Pro-life. 

9:15 PM – Texas Senator “Big John” Cornyn is back with another post.  John’s latest post is on the current Energy crisis and the bottleneck in Congress.  

9:20 PM – Need to take a time out for a few minutes to rest my fingers and eyes.  I am also getting a nice cold drink of water.  I’ll post what I miss with the proper time stamp even though I will likely not post them at the same time.  

9:35 PM – Tennessee Senator, Lamar Alexander returns with another fantastic post.  this time he opines about the 2nd Amendment.  Great post Senator!  

9:50 PM – Sam Graves is back again.  This time he discusses the need for the United States to be the strongest force for freedom in the world.   

10:08 PM – Thanks to Governor Huckabee’s Twitter Account for the plug.  Are you on Twitter?  Mike is!  Why don’t you follow him?  You can also follow me as well!  🙂

10:17 PM –  From Mike’s homes state of Arkansas, State Senator Gilbert Baker (District 30) is our next blogger!  check out his post, “God’s Gift of Life”

10:41 PM – Oklahoma’s Senior Senator, Jim Inhofe has returned.  this go around he blogs the old fashioned way.  Jim writes and tells us that the 2nd Amendment is “The Very Essance of Freedom!”  I could not agree more!   

10:51 PM –Roy Brown is running as the Republican candidate for Governor in Montana.  As we head towards the final hour of Vertical Day, Roy is our latest guest blogger.  Go check out his post, “The fight For Values Continues”  Very well said!  Montana could use a fantastic governor like you.  

11:05 PM –  We are now in the final hour of Vertical Day.  Wow this has been fun!  I hope that after a whole new batch of candidates are endorsed by HuckPAC, that we can do this again very soon.  Yes it is tiring to blog all day long but the cause is great and I’m all for it.  Let’s do it again Huck!   

11:20 PM:  Bob Clegg, from New Hampshire (he was Huckabee’s campaign chair in the Granite State), checks in one more time.  His latest post is about health care reform.  

11:32 PM – We haven’t heard an idea from a supporter in awhile.  UNTIL NOW!  The latest supporter ideas is sent in by Eddie Harper.  Mr. Harper writes about his ideas on the current energy situation.  

11:44 PM – Here’s another Supporter idea.  This time we hear an idea on how we can controll spedning.  The contributer is Michael Kandoll from Pikeville, NC.  Great post Mike!  Way to go!  

11:54 PM – The procedings were kicked off by Senator Lamar Alexander and I think he has the final word as far as candidates go (I could be wrong).  In his final Vertical Day post, Alexander calls for a “New Manhattan Project” om prder for the United States to become completely energy Independent.  I’m all for that!  

MIDNIGHT – HuckPAC’s Vertical Day is now over but before I finish I want to share with you the final blog post by Governor Mike Huckabee.  

I had decided earlier this week to conclude Vertical Day with a blog post rallying conservatives to come off the sidelines and join the fight for our ideas.
That was until I received this email today. It’s a story that I want to share with you, so you may hear from a voice more powerful than my own this evening:

Thank you for caring about us…the people. Thank you for all that you are doing for the people…
…We were already just barely making it, and now that the cost of living and gas prices are so high, we are not making it to the next paycheck, and if we do, we are spread very thin. In fact, this month, some unexpected costs came up causing us to be short. My husband is a minister and gets paid once a month. The church does reimburse him for 50 dollars in gas expenses, but it’s not anywhere near enough for what he is spending considering he makes several trips to Abilene a week for hospital visits, bringing people to the doctor, giving people rides to work, taking people to AA meetings, toting kids around, etc. You know what it’s about because you have been there. We live twenty minutes from Abilene, so the cost of gas is killing our pocket book.

…The point of this email is that we are hurting, and if Congress doesn’t do something soon, we lower middle class people are going to end up as charity cases. We are doing everything in our power not to have to go that route, and besides that, our income probably falls right above the foodstamps income line, so we wouldn’t qualify anyway. I’m not saying I want to be on welfare. Not at all. But I feel we are being forced in that direction if something isn’t done soon.
Again, thank you so much for what you are doing. I’m glad that people like Senator John Cornyn are helping you. I’m glad that we, the people, can count on you and some others to fight for our values and the economic issues facing our country…

I know from my many long months on the campaign trail meeting with voters nationwide that the writer of this email is not alone. To her and everyone else in a similar situation, please know, I hear you and I will make sure the candidates Huck PAC supports hear you.

There are real problems facing this country. We need to solve our energy crisis. We need to reform our tax code. We need to get a handle on our sky-rocketing health care costs. We need to revitalize our schools.
Washington likes to play a who’s up, who’s down game with politics. Well when there are hard working Americans writing emails like the one I shared above, let me tell you everyone is down.

Today was about identifying and hearing from the candidates we have endorsed. If you haven’t had a chance to read all of the posts I suggest you do. Read the comments as well. We have a community here at committed to the issues. We will continue to grow and I hope you will continue to participate.You can count on Huck PAC to fight for these candidates. And you can count on me to continue fighting for you.

 Thank you very much Governor.  It has and continues to be an honor to fight for you, and our cause!  this was a absolute blast.  I hope that we can do this again many times over.  

thanks to everyone for participating today.  As for me I’m heading to bed.  I’m exhausted from blogging all day.  


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HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Lamar Alexander On Life

the man famous for campaigning in plaid shirts, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander is back to blog again as the sun sets on Vertical Day.  This time Senator Alexander talks about his pro-life stance: 

I’m pro-life, and I know that many of you share my deep and abiding respect for life in all of its forms.

I continue to believe what women in crisis need most is our care and support. I support adoption as an alternative to abortion and encourage efforts to make adopting a child easier. And I’ve fought in the Senate for numerous pro-life measures.

I cosponsored the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 to end that dreadful and unnecessary procedure. And, through that law was challenged in federal courts, I was heartened that the U.S. Supreme Court did the right thing last year by upholding the ban.

I supported the Unborn Victims of Violence Act – also known as Laci and Conner’s Law – which made it a criminal offense to injure or kill a fetus during the commission of a violent crime against a pregnant woman.

And I was proud to cosponsor and vote for the Child Custody Protection Act, a measure which would make it a federal offense to transport a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion if the intent is to circumvent a parental notification or consent law in the state where the minor lives. In many cases, we’re talking about girls who couldn’t even go on a school field trip without a parent’s permission. And I firmly believe that a young lady should have her parent’s involvement in such a life-changing decision.

Despite strong bipartisan support in both chambers and Senate approval by a vote of 65-34, this bill never became law because the Democratic leadership in the Senate refused to allow the two Houses to meet and agree to a final version to send to the President for his signature.

The inexcusable lack of progress on the Child Custody Protection Act demonstrates how badly our nation needs leaders who share our commitment to the culture of life. If you’d like to learn more, I’d encourage you to visit and sign up to join my team.

Even though the sun is now setting into the West, there are still 3-4 hours left in Vertical Day and more posts coming up.  Please stay tuned and do go click the links and comment to these wonderful supporters and candidates!  They deserve our support! 

HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Answering the Questions

When requesting our ideas about the important issues of the day, Governor Huckabee asked about several issues.  Well the next guest supporter, a retired teacher from California, tries to answer them all:

Control Spending? Stop spending money that does not exist. Every one must live withing their means including our government. Congress spends tax-payers money and goes into unbelievable future debt that we will have to pay generations down the line. Irresponsible? YES!!!!’

Energy Independent? Use our own countries resources that are within our Nation’s borders. We have plenty, and we cannot afford to be held hostage by our enemies around the world.

Improve our Educational System? Stop allowing social agendas to be forced on our kids when we parents disagree full-heartily. Educational basics are still Reading and Writing, and Arithmetic with English, Science, and True US and World History, not re-written to lead our youth into wrong thinking. The Golden Rule has always been easy to understand and to live with. It is scarcely known by our students now. The foundations of a strong work-ethic is essential to make it in this world today financially, and teenagers need to be exposed to skills that they can enter the workforce with and be successful. Families are the basic unit of society, and as they fall apart at the seams, so does this country. We all are losing hope for a better future with the support of family and school working together to prepare our young to become successful and productive adults. A state of hopelessness and depression is taking its toll. So many people are wasting their lives due to their failure to achieve when their opportunities were not taken seriously. Bad Attitude is very difficult to turn around, so we should prevent it at all costs.

Improve our Health Care?

Most of us like to select our own health care and we are willing to pay whatever we can afford. Unfortunately too many others like to think they are “entitled” to have tax- payer supported health care. Many employers now offer health care benefits, but for the unemployed…they miss out on that. So their attitude is the government must provide it for them. They take no personal responsibility for themselves which is another part of Bad Attitude. More and more people are willing to do nothing for themselves but to rely on the tax-paying citizens to take care of them. We have become a nation of people who are depending on their Entitlements. They are not free, in fact people who do not pay have little respect for the value of anything. They are the wasteful ones who throw away good food etc. and litter the common areas with their wastefulness. Families used to take care of their own, but now they let the state governments take care of their problems and provide care for individuals who have serious needs. Family and Education need to work together to reduce the numbers of welfare rolls.


 Every family needs to have members who work for a living to support the family. And every family should pay taxes accordingly. Right now less than half of our population pays taxes, and this is sure doom and our society is going broke. I am for tax-reform that is fair to all.

Promotion of concervation and good sterwardship of our environment.?

Education and common sense tells us that wastefulnes will cost us dearly, and when we conserve we also save much money for a better economy at home and in the community. But when people get things for free, they place no personal cost or value, and they are so wasteful it is pitiful. It is an attitude of total ungratittude. They tend to have no personal responsibility nor pride in themselves because they are takers and not givers anyway. The are the product of failing families and failing schools, and they are growning in numbers that are so costly.

Don’t we care to fix what is broken? Apparently our Congress is broken too. They are not concerned about what is true and right in the over-all sight of God.

Mrs. Jean Palmer, San Marcos, California, retired high school teacher for over 40 years.

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HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Bob Clegg For the FairTax!

In his 2nd post today, New Hampshire Congressional Candidate (2nd District), Bob Clegg joins John Linder in writing about his support for the FairTax

Over the past few months, many of you saw checks in the mail from the federal government. As part of the so-called “stimulus package”, the government returned $600 that it originally took from your paycheck. Apparently, Washington politicians came to the realization that more money in your pocket will stimulate the economy and thereby create jobs. The cost of notifying you of the $600 “rebate” was somewhere in the neighborhood of $42 million…and that didn’t even cover the cost of printing new checks and mailing them back to you! Imagine if the government had left that money in your paycheck in the beginning. Imagine if the government didn’t spend $42 million to let you know it was sending you back some of your hard earned dollars. Imagine if the government didn’t spend millions more of your money sending you back your money. That is one of the reasons why I am a proponent of the Fair Tax. Let’s leave the paycheck with the family. Let’s not tax the worker who takes on a second job to send his daughter to college, and reward those who would rather sit back relying on the government to increase taxes to do it for him. Let’s change the system to one where your purchasing decisions determine what taxes you pay and your productivity is rewarded not punished. It’s time for America to allow a family to work hard to better itself, to feed itself, to nurture the belief that a self-sufficient, self-reliant population is a better place than one that waits for government to do it all. We need to reward hard work. We need to leave the paycheck in the pocket of those who have earned it. The time has come for a Fair Tax.

To learn more about Bob Clegg’s campaign for Congress click here.

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HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Senator Elizabeth Dole

Please excuse the lull in posting…I had to break for dinner.  Hopefully it won’t take me too long to catch up. 

The next candidate to participate in Vertical Day is Senator Elizabeth Dole (of North Carolina).  Her post, like others, is about Energy Independence: 

I am continuing my fight to bring immediate and long term relief to the rising price of gas. I have heard from North Carolinians and people from across the country that are being hurt every day by the increased burden this puts on your lives. I have put forward a real plan that provides immediate and long term relief and I will be fighting for its passage in the United States Senate.

Everyone agrees we need to fix this growing problem, but there is widespread disagreement on just how to accomplish it. I often hear, “Drill for more oil here at home,” “Become less dependent on foreign sources for oil” or “Find alternative sources for energy so we don’t have to rely on oil.

All of those suggestions are accurate.

In the future, we may have sources of alternative energy that will power all our needs, burn cleanly and render gasoline obsolete. However, we are years, if not decades, away from a solution of this magnitude. The reality of today’s world is that we rely on oil in this country to drive to work, harvest crops, transport goods, fly planes, build roads and heat our homes. We must take serious and responsible actions that provide families and businesses with some near-term relief. That is why I have called on the president to immediately release one third of the supply from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which will immediately provide relief at the pump because of an increased supply of oil available for refinement and will punish the oil speculators who are betting against America. This will not jeopardize national security because the reserve would still contain a 60 day supply.

In addition, I have called on the president to create an Oil and Gas Market Fraud Task Force, which will ensure that energy markets are free from illegal manipulation and corporate corruption. This new Task Force can help restore the confidence of Americans in our oil and gas markets and prevent further harm to our economy.

While we focus on the short-term relief, we must also work towards long-term solutions. Given that the reasons for oil price fluctuation are more complicated than simply supply and demand, I believe our government must have an oil strategy. We need to increase supply by investing at home and increasing or starting environmentally-sound production in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico and ANWR. I also helped introduce the Gas Price Reduction Act, which would allow states, including North Carolina, the option to open areas, at least 50 miles offshore, to energy exploration as long as it is safe, clean and not visible from the land. States would be able to receive 37.5 percent of the revenues from oil and gas found off their coasts. This bill also would lift a moratorium on oil shale in the Rocky Mountain West, where experts estimate there is three times the oil that is in Saudi Arabia.

The liberals in Congress like to argue that if we begin drilling in ANWR it will take ten years to realize the increase in supply. If President Clinton hadn’t vetoed legislation in 1996 to open 2,000 of the 19.6 million acres in a remote area of Alaska for exploration, our current energy deficit would already be reduced by roughly one million barrels of oil per day. How long must we wait? The time for action is now.

In fact, since Democrats have taken back control of Congress, gas prices have risen by about $2 per gallon. Now, my opponent wants to point fingers, but she should look no further than her friends in Washington who have blocked responsible oil exploration since I was elected and long before.

However, simply having more oil is not only the long-term solution we need for this country’s economic stability. It is vital to also lessen demand through technology and conservation. I support further increasing fuel economy standards for all vehicles and providing point-of-sale rebates for hybrid and clean diesel vehicle purchases, which will save millions of barrels of oil per day. I have co-sponsored numerous bills to pursue those goals, including the Clean Energy Investment Act and Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act.

Many politicians “talk” about high gas prices support energy plans that do nothing to produce a single barrel of oil or bring the price of gas down a single cent. I have a plan that immediately addresses high gas prices and increases energy independence over the long term. The American people are tired of political gimmicks and empty platitudes. North Carolinians and all Americans deserve better.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this important issue.

To learn more about Senator Dole’s campaign click here.


We are now halfway through Vertical Day and it continues with a post by Mike’s daughter, Sarah Huckabee.  In fact her post is so long I am not going to quote it here.  However I would like everyone reading my blog to CLICK HERE and read it.  There are not many people working for HuckPAC but all of them are wonderful and dedicated.  Our hopes and prayers are with them.  Sarah introduces you to the staff and I enjoyed learning who they were and what they do. 

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HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Rep. Graves on Energy Independence

Missouri Congresman, Sam Graves (6th District) checks back in with his 2nd post of the day.  This time his topic is Energy Independence: 

I don’t have to tell you that we are facing an energy crisis. In parts of my district, gas is over $4 a gallon, and that is relatively cheap compared to other parts of the country. Simply put, we have waited for far too long to address our energy crisis and we are all now paying the price for the failed liberal energy policy pushed by the extreme environmental special interests. Twenty five years ago, we were more energy independent, more self reliant, and more safe. In 1983, we produced 8.6 million barrels of oil a day and consumed 15 million barrels a day. Today, we only produce 5 million barrels of oil a day and consume over 20 million barrels per day. In other words, we are now almost 9 million barrels per day more dependent on foreign oil. It is time for Congress to stop bending to the extreme environmentalists and pass an energy policy that ends our dependence on foreign oil. We need an energy policy that will increase our domestic supplies by allowing drilling in ANWR and off our coasts. We must take advantage of the vast natural resources our nation holds to give families relief at the pump. Our energy plan must also look to the future beyond oil. We need to invest in alternatives like ethanol, bio-diesel, wind power, and nuclear power. There is no silver bullet. We must pursue all options in order to Americanize our energy supply, but we cannot afford to wait. We must act now.

To learn more about Missouri Representative Sam Graves click here.