The Process Is Finished – But What A Ride!

Inauguration Day January 20, 2009. A very historic Day. The great miracle of our process again will work like clockwork. Power will be exchanged peacefully without bloodshed. Very few countries can claim this. God bless America! On this historic day I can’t go without remarking on what this day means or the unprecedented road we’ve taken to get here.

For the first time in many decades neither Party had an incumbent running or their Vice President running to succeed. What ensued was the longest, wildest, free for all in American political history fought between the largest and most diverse set of candidates this Nation has ever seen! For the first time a woman, a Hispanic, a Mormon, a man of Jewish faith, a Catholic, a former Baptist preacher, and two African Americans (yes…Alan Keyes tried again) all ran for the highest office in the land! 

Yes the process was long and grueling and at times painful (too many meaningless, poorly-run debates!). However we’ve grown as a people and as a Nation through it. More citizens than ever before participated in the process, many of them for the very first time (myself included). A spark has re-lit the flame that is our Republic as I feel more and more people are getting involved in the Democratic process. Even on the losing side the followers of Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are now just as active (or even more so) than during their respective campaigns.

The process begun two years ago and ends today at the White House. Only 40 years after Jim Crowe was banished we have elected an African-American to be our leader. Barack Obama may not have been my choice for President (not that I liked John McCain that much more) but today he will be sworn as as our 44th President. Even though I had hoped another man would be taking charge today, My thoughts, prayers, and hopes are with our new President. I hope he can lead our Nation through these rough days. My ideology is much different from his and I know I will respectfully disagree with him in the future. However, today I celebrate along with the rest of our Nation on this truly historic and momentous day.

Mike Huckabee: “Barack Obama’s Permanent Campaign”

The following is the latest message from HuckAPAC and Governor MIke Huckabee:  

Barack Obama isn’t even sworn in and he is already thinking about the future. I encourage you to watch this Obama campaign video which we posted on the Huck PAC website. Political reporter Ben Smith correctly called this a “permanent campaign.” This is unprecedented and troubling.

Conservatives nationwide need to organize and do so quickly, or we will be facing the prospect of a permanent liberal Majority in control of our Government for some time to come.

America can’t afford their big government, higher taxes and social ideas. So please help us today. Find three friends and ask them to join the National Volunteer Team by signing up at If you haven’t joined yet, I encourage you to do so.

And then, please make a contribution of $5 or more to help us fund this team of Volunteers. To date, over 2,400 volunteers have signed up and our goal is 3,000 by the end of January. We are counting on the support of individuals. Our goal is to raise an additional $25,000 this month online to help fund the promotion of this Volunteer team and make the changes we plan for our website. We are $16,000 short of this goal.  Please help us close this financial gap today at

After you watch the video, please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Fighting for our conservative ideas, 

Mike Huckabee

P.S.  Please help us close our financial shortfall with a contribution of $5 or more today.  If you prefer to contribute by mail please click here.

History Has Been Made Whether We Like It Or Not

Last night was really rough for Conservatives as Senator Barack Obama became President-Elect and the Democrats increased their majorities in the House and Senate.  The only good news for Republicans is that the Democrats will fail to get their super majority.  Stay tuned for further analysis but I just have to come out and say it.  Let’s ignore what he stands for and the direction he wants to take our country in.  Americans have spoken in a loud voice and have done something never thought possible decades ago.  In January our first Black president will take office, only forty five years after they gained the ability to vote without fear.  I don’t applaud Barack Obama’s stance on the issues but I have to applaud him for his great victory.  He also gave a great speech after he clinched victory.  Say what you will about our next President but he can deliver a speech that can evoke emotion.  I even shed a tear thinking about the many people that went to the polls yesterday to vote for a Black man after they had lived through the awful and despicable days of Jim Crow.

Speaking of great speeches, John McCain’s concession speech was very gracious and very well done.  In a very tough year and climate for Republicans McCain/Palin did probably as well as could be expected because they were really sailing into gale force winds.  Obama and the Democrats outraised and outspent them by huge margins.  It’s no small wonder that they did as well as they did at the end of the day.

When I voted yesterday I went with my youngest brother.  My first election was in 2000 and I will never forget the experience.  Before going to bed last night I did something I normally don’t do.  I popped in his room and talked with him.  I wanted him to understand the significance of what we had just been a part of.  I hope that while neither of us wanted the result that we ended up getting, that he remembers this day for the rest of his life,  I know I will.

Spreading the Wealth Around – Why Can’t We Do It On Our Own?

Much has been made over the comment Barack Obama made to Joe the Plumber about “Spreading the Wealth Around” Actually I have no problem with spreading the wealth around, if that wealth is our own. However I have a huge problem with the Government pillaging our money to “Spread it around” We are Americans, some of the kindest people in the world. When our neighbors are in trouble we offer to help in anyway possible because “To much is given, much is required” and frankly it is the right thing to do. That also goes for our neighbors around the world. If I remember correctly it was the private individuals from America that gave more than anyone else to help relief efforts in Southeast Asia following the deadly and horrific tsunami there a few years ago.

Why should we think the Imperial Federal Government will do a better job giving assistance to people who need help? Doesn’t anyone remember Hurricane Katrina and how that mess was screwed up by the Feds? Private individuals and charities did much better work helping out those poor people than the Feds did and it will always be that way.

So let’s see what’s going to happen if we elect Barack Obama and allow his Robin Hood economic policy go to work.   If you thought productivity and hard work was punished today just wait until Barack Obama gets done screwing with our economy.  the increased taxation and regulation will indeed lead to job migration.  In fact the first thing that will happen is buisnesses will start laying off people hand over foot.  How do you like the thought of losing your job?  Not such a hot idea, right?  I thought so.  In addition more and more companies will leave our Nation.  The “Made in the USA Brand” will continue to disappear from the shelves of Wal Mart and other stores.  The brand will continue to be filled with the lead-filled products from China produced in sweat shops.  How do you like them apples, huh?

Speaking of the increased punishment on productivity more and more Americans will realize this and will lose their motivation to work hard.  that means those without jobs will have no motivation to get one and get off of welfare.  As time goes on the Government ball-and-chain will latch on tight and those on the bottom rung of the ladder will be forced to stay there.  What about the middle class?  Consider it destroyed because no longer will those folks try to work harder to get more money in their pockets because by doing so they will move into higher tax brackets less they watch more and more of their hard-earned money  be snatched away.

When taxes are low and the economy is good there is more money in the pockets of the American citizen.  The more money in those pockets the more money they can donate to charity and help their fellow man.  Under Barack Obama’s Robin Hood Economic policy charities will suffer and people that need help will fall through the cracks.

Take it from me.  I am among those on the low rung of the economic ladder.  I don’t want a hand out from the Government that I don’t deserve.  I want the opportunity to live the American Dream and rise up the ladder so i too can “Spread my wealth around.” Barack Obama doesn’t seem to want me to be able to do that. I don’t want the Government to steal money to do it themselves.  It’s not that I want credit but I have no faith that the Government can do it properly.

I hope you will consider this next Tuesday when you vote on Election Day.

-Brian The Webmaster

Why Are We Having A Debate Tonight?

I have one simple question.  WHY ARE WE HAVING A DEBATE TONIGHT????  Our nation is in economic and financial crisis and it is not being helped that the two major Presidential candidates are sitting Senators.  As I understand it at this hour there is no solution to the problem.  The deals have not been finalized yet.  So you send the two sitting senators out to Oxford Mississippi to a debate while they should be holed up with everyone else on Capitol Hill until a consensus solution is agreed upon?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Yes this whole issue has been politicized all week long but it should not be up to McCain or Obama whether the debate is held.  This debate should have been postponed by the people in charge until a solution is reached on the current crisis because both of them should be a part of the solution, no matter if we agree with the solution or not.  

But hey would you expect anything less from the hate-America mainstream media (yep Fox News you are part of the problem too) that runs these debates?  This is par for the course for these morons!  Thanks a lot for being part of the problem and leaving our nation’s economy and finances in a bind.  


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LIVE BLOG – Mike Huckabee Fills In For Neal Boortz

I will be Live Blogging Mike Huckabee’s fill in for Neal Boortz.  He will be on the air live from 10 AM-1 PM Eastern.  I am getting started early to set everyone up so that they can listen and participate:  

As far as listening live you can click this link HERE.  In addition to see which radio stations are affiliates of the Neal Boortz show you can click this link.  Locally in Atlanta you can call into the show at 404-872-0750 or you can call toll-free at 1-877 310-2100  

It is currently 9:47 AM Eastern.  As soon as the show starts and thereafter I will update this post as we go along.  It’s going to be a fun morning.  Stay tuned!  

9:57 AM – We are just minutes away from the show.  Local host Herman Cain just finished his 1 1/2 hour fill in for Neal and will pass the baton to Huck after the news.  DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL!!

10:05 AM – Weather and Traffic will soon be replaced by the winner of the Georgia GOP Primary, FairTax supporter, and my hero and champion Governor Mike Huckabee!!


10:07 AM – Mike starts the show by remarking on on the hurricane, LA train wreck, and the trouble on Wall Street and then after introducing himself and why he was filling in for Neal, Mike mentioned that Merril Lynch has been sold to Bank of America and Leeman Bros. has filed for Chapter 11 and how atrocious it all is for us struggling in the current economy with high gas prices and truck drivers.  “Only in the financial world do bosses get a bonus for running their company into the ground”  With all of this “After this weekend our country is in a world of hurt.”  Mike now explains how Hurricane Ike impacted more than the Gulf Coast.  Also that “We are resilient!”

10:14 AM – Back to Leeman Brothers.  Mike says that a major reason why they ended up claiming bankruptcy is because they expected the Government to bail them out and credited those in charge for doing the right thing and not bailing them out.  Mike now goes into the FairTax and why we need it now more than ever and it would really help our economy out now.  “The economy is one of the most challenging issues today.” 


10:22 AM – We’re back!  “I wish term limits could get rid of some of these people.”  If in charge he would support term liomits for Congress and he says it might give a better chance to pass the FairTax because the people in Washington would not be power hungry.  A caller asked about the Bush tax cuts and he commented on how great they were but pushed the FairTax for a more permanent solution.  Mike says now the harder you work and the more money you make the more you are penalized you are under the current tax system.  “Let’s not penalize hard work.  There is a long line of callers.  My friend Don Williamson has now called in and he explained to Mike,  John Oxendine’s efforts to pass the FairTax via Constitutional conventions and Mike supports it. whole heartedly.  Don goes on to explain the true impact of the Huckabee Republican movement and how supporters are now running for local office.  

10:30 AM – NEWS BREAK  Mike is doing a fantastic job.  Between this and filling in for Paul Harvey occasionally he is now having an impact on the radio like Ronald Reagan did.  People seem to be interested in talking to him because the phone lines are packed to the gills!  Keep up the great work this morning Mike!  Also notice that he is spending a lot of time talking about the economy…he did not have a lot of time in the spotlight to talk about these issues and was hurt by it when he was running for President.  

10:35 – News is ending and Mike is coming back on the air.  “I’m on a high horse today and I’m not going to get off!”  He doesn’t mind the guy at the top getting a nice paycheck but it shouldn’t be disproportionate to the workers and he shouldn’t be paid for failure.  Airline workers are working really hard and it is not fair that their employers are being paid to drive the companies into the ground.  Mike gives stas on how bonus have increased while revenues are not increasing too much.  Mike esplained  that this is not a good way to run your business.  

The next caller Steve asked a question why Conservative leaders failed to get behind Mike during the primary but they are demanding Mike give commentary for them.  Mike said it had to deal with the way the money was flowing.  Some of it will be explained in his new book.  He was very frustrated especially with the way it was covered and that it was all about the money instead of the issues.  Candidates are now echoing Mike’s stances on the issues after he was laughed off the debate stands for having them.  

The next caller asked why more people are not behind the FairTax – Mike said that some of those people don’t understand it.  He was once one of those people.  Mike was won over when a supporter gave him “The FairTax Book” at a rally in Southwest Iowa last year (probably last spring based on my known time line of events). “I am now a strong unabashed supporter of the FairTax” Back to term limits – “You could go through the phone directory and pick 535 random names and they would do a better job than the current crop!”

10:45 – ANOTHER BREAK IN THE ACTION – Wow what a great show so far.  Mike is doing a fantastic job! 

10:51 AM – Mike is back.  Joe Biden has released 10 years of Tax returns.  and not much of it was donated to charity.  Anthony asks how the media became so biased.  “There is no such thing as pure unobjectivity in the media”  Mike says that if he read an article written about himself andh e couldn’t tell if he was a supporter than that is a good journalist.  

The next caller, Fabian is a Democrat and explained why he was a supporter and that because the GOP nominee is not him will be voting for Obama.  Mike will not press his luck and try to change his opinion and Mike respected his opinion.  

Rodney from Jacksonville asked about the Electoral College and Mike explained why it is needed.  If there was no Electoral College none of the smaller states would ever see a candidate and everything would be decided by the larger states.  “We have learned that from the past few election cycles.”   

10:57 – END OF THE FIRST HOUR  Phew!  time to rest my fingers for a few minutes.   I am really impressed with Mike’s radio skill and that he is talking about issues that are most important to us average everyday people.  I should not be surprised and I am not because this is what endeared me to Mike throughout his Presidential campaign.  

11:07 AM – START OF HOUR TWO  “The phone lights are lit up like a Christmas tree!” Mike read an E-mail and got a chance to explain that the Government shouldn’t force the companies to line up their salaries fairly…it should be up the the boards instead of the Government will take care of it because of public demand.  Mike does not want Government regulating it at all.  “That will only make the problem worse.”  “That is why we need the FairTax.” Mike said.  

The next caller James spent a long time railing on the Republican policies.  Mike is just letting him speak in Neal Boortz fashion.  James broke the ice, “if it wasn’t for that Movie Star you would have won South Carolina”  Mike understands James’ frustration.  “Republicans have not been acting like Republicans” on many issues.  When they go back to the basics and act like Republicans “We do fine” but they have not and that is why we lost the last cycle but the Democrats haven’t done any better.  Mike finished the thought, “There is a lot of blame to go around”

The next caller spoke about Ike and then the FairTax.  Mike said not only do we have to deal with a free spending Congress but they are spending money that they don’t even have!  Mike says that that is wrong!  

11:17 AM – TIME OUT!!  

11:23 AM – Mike is back on the air after the commercial break.  People are lining up on the phone lines.  Great response to his appearance!  Tina Fay’s spoof on Governor Palin on SNL.  Mike said it was very humorous.  the next caller, Ann wanted to talk about her.  The far left feminists have been down right nutty according to Huck.  “NOW is not a woman’s organization.  It is a leftist, feminist organization.”  they are hypocrites according to Mike because while they talk about how household duties should be shared that is exactly what Todd and Sarah do with their children.  “the NOW should applaud them” but they don’t because she is conservative and pro life and doesn’t fit their ideology.  “Sarah is drawing record crowds”  Mike was not optimistic about his parties chances a few weeks ago.   He did not see the base excited.  They were not going to be involved at the grassroots level.  However according to Huckabee, that has completely changed now thanks to Governor Palin!  

11:28 AM – TIME FOR NEWS BREAK – Wow how the time just flies.  We are now halfway through the program!  INCREDIBLE!  I wish Huck was on my radio everyday!  

11: 35 AM – Mike is back on the air!  More on Palin and the energy she has given to the campaign.  61% of Republicans are now more likely to donate money to the cause. Mike says that Governor Palin is authentic and she has run a small business and is the only person on a ticket that has signed a paycheck.  “If I knew being a woman was so important than I would have run in high  stiletto heels, lipstick and a wig!”  Mike is very appreciate to us Georgians for giving him a big win on February 5th and attributes a big part of it to us, the FairTax supporters!  

I missed the last call typing.  Sorry.  I am surprised it hadn’t happened yet.  I must be doing a better job than I thought I would.  I am a fast typer but I have to go back to fix my typos a lot.    

The next caller went back to executives…or at least he wanted to…Mike was able to elucidate and cleared the air.  The caller went on to talk about gas prices. Mike clarified his position on executive salaries again.  Mike wants to let the executive take home all he can as long as the wealth is shared for the hard work of the employees but Government shouldn’t force the issue – “I’m not for government regulations. I’m a free market guy!”

Grace in Kansas is up next  (mentioned Huck’s Army!  Great plug) and asked about the black vote. Mike noted it is a big mistake to go to their community to reach out their hand in October.  “They should start at the beginning.”  the GOP doesn’t have to refine its message it just has to be clear from the beginning and reach out at the very start of the cycle.  The preceived notion that all blacks are liberal is nonsense.  there are lots of them that are conservative but they are not hearing from a lot of Republicans who think they matter or are authentically respected.    


11:52  AM – Here we go again!  Mike is commenting on the news.  One of the stories going over the wire is that Obama is questioning why the Iraqis won’t wait to drawback troops until after election.  Mike is steamed.  “Obama better answer that and answer it soon” 

The next caller, Dan wondered if a political commentator had to present his credentials publicly before an interview.  Mike thought it was interesting and a good idea but said it will never happen.  Mike says that the commentators were more interested in their own credentials while hosting the debates.  That frustrated him a lot!  

11:58 PM – END OF HOUR TWO   While you listen to the news I am going to go get the mail.  Maybe I got some Birthday cards today (Mine is on Friday!).  Nope…not today.  Just a stupid Credit Card offer.  I hate those!  😦  

12:06 PM – Mike is back for the final hour of his fill in for Boortz.  Mike says that Obama has been claiming that he is the agent of change and that he would bring a new breeze to Washington.  Washington Times now claims that John McCain has been partnered 55% of the time with Democrats in the Senate over the past two terms.  Take that!  

Mike is now joined by WSB Washington Correspondent Jamie Dupree.  Dupree says that the state of New York now has a 5 percent lead for Obama (down from 18 %).  Jamie Dupree agrees with Mike in that the establishment and the Washington chattering class are eating their hats on the Palin selection.  Jamie thinks they are jealous and that people can identify with her and the more they look down on her the more the people support Sarah.  Mike says at the convention there was a sigh of relief that Joe Lieberman was not picked.  Mike even says he would not have spoken at the convention if McCain had done that.   Than Governor Palin invigorated the delegates and energized the party base.  Jamie Dupree says the bounce while it will eventually receded it will take a long time to do so – “Whomever wins three out of four between FL, MI, PA, and OH will win the election.”  They went on to discuss the Charlie Gibson interview.  There were many got cha questions and Jamie said that we in the media look bad when we ask those.  In other words Gibson and ABC looks terrible for asking the questions that they did of Governor Palin.    They both agreed that this has galvanized the Conservatives and it is working.  They also agreed that Palin is now in Obama’s head and has really hurt him.  Mike is criticizing both campaigns for not talking to the American people and focusing on the issues and neither have lately according to Mike.  


12:22 PM – Mike is back from the break.  Mike is talking about the Charles Rangle scandal with his tax returns.  He helped write the current tax code and he screwed up on his returns.  there are demands that he step down from the Ways and Means Committee.  “Neal would not be as polite as I am to Charlie”  My friend Lisa is now on the line and she asked about their (McCain/Palin) position about the FairTax.  He does not know about Governor Palin’s position but that he hopes John McCain would consider it and he thinks he will and hopes he will support it.  Mike would like to see the IRS out of business within the next few years and definitely in his lifetime.

i missed the last caller of the half hour cause I had to feed the cat.  Sorry.  

12:29 – TIME FOR NEWS  

12:35 PM –   The last break for News is over and the last half hour of the show has begun.  Wow.  Time flies.  “What would Neal Boortz do if he couldn’t find anyone good to fill in for him when he was gone?  He got me!”  Mike hopes to get Sarah Palin on board wit the FairTax as a response to a caller in North Carolina.  The next caller  wishes that every time Obama said change that people would hear “towards socialism”.  Mike agrees and while Obama wants change he doesn’t advocate change that he wants or that we need.  Mike ran into a small business owner last night and she is worried about Obama because his economic policy would kill her business.  Mike understands and he agrees.  Now he is advocating the FairTax for the 100th time today (it seems).  He is talking about the New Hampshire stump story about the 2nd job someone took to help her job and that it wasn’t helping because he was basically being taxed everything from that 2nd job. where he noted that the only way he could get assistance for his daughter would be to quit both jobs.   

Mike is now taking a deluge of calls and it is hard to follow.  Many of them are talking about the FairTax and/or people are hailing Mike and telling him that they voted for him.  One caller commented about the bias in the media and Mike said the only way it will stop is if the ratings and money go away and mentioned that MSNBC is now tanking because of their bias.  Mike doesn’t want Government to regulate it and he supports free press.  

12:46 PM – FINAL COMMERCIAL BREAK  One of the many soldiers in Huck’s Army is recording the show and will be splitting it up by segment.  Stay tuned for those.  

12:52 PM – FINAL SEGMENT BEGINS – Mike says thanks to Neal’s staff for helping him and for helping Neal and to Neal for supporting the FairTax.  Here comes another deluge of calls.  First topic  up is offshore drilling.  Mike is explaining  that there is not as much environmental concerns to get oil today than there once were.  Mike says we need energy developed of all types.  Mike is next asked about the cabinet. Mike doesn’t think he will be asked and is not really interested.  H wants to stay out there to help push the issues important to him.  “Never say never though”  The last caller asked about Obama and why he did not donate much money to help education initiatives.  

Mike finshes the show. “It was a pleasure.  God bless and have a nice day!”  


Phew.  I’ll have more and add to this later in the coming hours and days.  I am going to get lunch now.  If you missed it there are some affiliates that run the show on tape later and WSB plays the show back from 1-5 AM the next morning.  So he would be on from 2-5 AM if you are up at that ungodly hour.  Thanks for hanging around with me for the past three hours.  It’s been a pleasure enjoying the show with you.  

VEEPSTAKES – Obama Taps Joe Biden

The news of Barak Obama’s chosen running mate broke last night/this morning right after the Midnight hour He has tapped longtime Deleware senator, Joe Biden.

This is a very interesting choice. While Biden definitely gives Obama a Veep with foreign policy experience (recently evident with his visit to the front lines of the Russia-Georgia conflict) it does not seem to me to fit with what Obama wants to do. Barack Obama has run a campaign based on political change. It seems almost hypocritical to choose a running mate who is a long term (much longer than McCain) Washington “Politics-as-usual” politician as his running mate. If Obama wanted foreign policy experience and an agent of change he could have chosen New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson and acomplished that goal.

Very interesting. We’ll see how this works out for hin in the end.

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