Tom Ganley For US Senate!

Ohio, like the rest of the Country is hurting economically.  I believe that the solution to these problems is the FairTax.  Unfortunately we have very few co-sponsors in the US Senate.  I am very happy to report that a candidate for the US Senate has come forward that supports and will fight for the FairTax.  That candidate is Tom Ganley and he is running to represent the citizens of Ohio in the US Senate.

Ganley, a businessman from Cleveland, is also a very solid Conservative.  He is pro life, pro 2nd Amendment, and he stands for less government and more personal responsibility.  Tom Ganley will be a Senator The Buckeye State and the rest of the country can be proud of.  That is why I am very proud to endorse Tom Ganley to become the next US Senator from Ohio!  I hope you will take some time to visit his website, become a supporter on Facebook, and follow Tom on Twitter.

Sarah Huckabee: “Watching The Bread Multiply”

The following is the latest E-mail from HuckPAC:

When I was little my dad always read to me or told me stories as I was going to bed. One of my favorites was the story in the bible of Jesus feeding the five thousand with only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. I was always amazed at how Jesus was able to do that, but I was even more excited that Jesus didn’t feed those people any vegetables. In fact I tried many times to use that as a loop hole that if Jesus didn’t give the people vegetables then why did I have to eat them?

Unfortunately for me, my dad has always been quick witted and told me that he worked with what he had there and I still ended up having to eat my vegetables.

My dad’s answer did more than get me to eat peas and carrots, he also taught me I had to work with what I had.

Huck PAC is not like the federal governement and we can’t print money or spend money that doesn’t belong to us, we can only use what we have. Huck PAC has worked hard to do what we could with the resources many of you have helped provide. We have used your money wisely and tried to make the biggest impact we could even though we didn’t have a lot. We can’t do God like miracles, but over the last year we have broken the bread and watched it multiply.

The first six months of this year have been busy, productive, and challenging but they aren’t over yet and Huck PAC isn’t finished yet. We have rebuilt the website, signed up thousands of volunteers, done events on both coasts and everywhere in between, we have endorsed and supported great conservative candidates, but there is still a lot of work left to be done and we need your help to do it.

There are only a couple of days left in this quarter and we have a few thousand dollars left to go to reach our goal. We will use this money to help fund the next round of House Parties on August 22nd and to give conservative candidates the resources they need to win races. I am asking you to join me and make the most generous contribution you can whether that is $5, $15, $25, $50, $100, $1000 or even $5000. We have had a great start to this year and we want to continue our efforts in that same strength we started with.

Republicans have some big races coming up in Virginia this November and you can bet that Huck PAC will be working hard there to make sure guys like Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli are elected. Too much is at stake for us to quit now and not finish strong. Please join me by making a contribution of $5, $15, $25, $50, $100, $1000 or even $5000 today.

Thanks for all of your constant support, friendship and help as we help move our country forward.

Watching the bread multiply,

Sarah Huckabee

Rasmussen: Oxendine Has Commanding Lead in GA GOP Gubernatorial Primary!

The following is the latest press release from the Gubernatorial campaign of Commissioner John Oxendine, responding to 2nd poll in a week’s time that shows him with a commanding lead in the Republican primary:

Oxendine Holds a Commanding Lead

Rasmussen Poll: Oxendine Holds a Commanding Lead

Election 2010: Georgia Republican Primary for Governor

2010 Georgia GOP Primary: Oxendine Far Ahead of Other Gubernatorial Hopefuls

Monday, June 22, 2009

John Oxendine, Georgia’s fire and insurance commissioner, holds a commanding lead over all other Republican gubernatorial hopefuls in an early look at next year’s state GOP Primary.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Georgia shows Oxendine with 35% support among those likely to vote in the state’s open Republican Primary. His next closest competitors are Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel with 11% and Congressman Nathan Deal at 10%. But 33% are not sure which candidate they prefer.

State Senator Eric Johnson has three percent (3%) support, while State Representative Austin Scott tallies two percent (2%). Conservative businessman Ray McBerry is supported by one percent (1%), and five percent (5%) like some other candidate.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of those likely to vote in the GOP Primary have a favorable opinion of Oxendine, while just 18% view him unfavorably. Twenty percent (20%) don’t have an opinion of Oxendine. These numbers are largely unchanged from April.

Forty-nine percent (49%) have a favorable view of Handel, with 12% unfavorable. But like all the candidates other than Oxendine, she is little known by many Georgia voters. Thirty-eight percent (38%) say they don’t know enough about Handel to voice an opinion of her.

For Deal, his favorables are 28% and his unfavorables are 14%. But 58% don’t have an opinion about the 16-year congressman.

Johnson is viewed favorably by 21% and unfavorably by 14%, with 66% not sure what they think of him.

Twenty percent (20%) have a favorable regard for Scott, while 11% view him unfavorably. But nearly seven-out-of-10 Georgia voters (69%) aren’t sure what they think of Scott.

McBerry has 17% favorables and 14% unfavorables, also with 69% who have no opinion of him.

This statewide telephone survey of 463 Likely Republican Primary Voters in Georgia was conducted by Rasmussen Reports June 17, 2009. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Statement from Team Oxendine:

At some point, John’s opponents will need some new spin. John has demonstrated respect for his opponents by publicly acknowledging that with six candidates, a runoff is a reality. John has demonstrated in a very consistent manner that he has earned the trust and respect of the conservative movement in Georgia and John will be the conservative candidate in the runoff.

The numbers speak for themselves:
John has more than a three to one lead over his two closest opponents.
When you combine the numbers of his two closest opponents, he has a greater than 10 point lead over their combined numbers.
When you combine the numbers of all other announced candidates and the “other” category, John leads all those combined.
John’s approval rating is at a solid 61%. John is the only Republican with an approval rating higher than 50%.

“With Roy Barnes in this campaign, Georgia Republicans understand we must nominate the strongest candidate to run in the general election. John Oxendine is that candidate,” said Kathryn Ballou, campaign manager.

“John’s opponents will say the poll numbers do not matter. The polls are not worth the paper they are printed on. In other words, John’s opponents validate the central premise of John’s campaign. John Oxendine is the grassroots Governor who represents people – the people who participate in these polls. John’s establishment opponents, who listen to the special interests in Atlanta and Washington DC, simply are out of touch with what the grassroots in the Georgia Republican Party want in a nominee for Governor,” said Kathryn.

“John’s very proud of where the campaign is and he will continue to work very hard to earn the trust and support of Georgia,” said Kathryn.
John Oxendine
Governor 2010

FairTax: “Help Us Reach 7,500 Toolbar Downloads By July 4th!”

The following is the latest message from Americans For Fair Taxation:

Dear FairTax supporter,

More and more people are joining our cause and even those who have not joined are starting to accept the FairTax as the way to save our economy and end Congressional corruption. In fact, a recent poll found that 43% of the nation favors replacing the income tax with a national sales tax!

Washington still resists the FairTax, of course, and will until our voice is so loud and insistent that representatives remember that it is the will of the people–not tax lobbyists–that sent them to the Capitol.Our independence as a nation signaled the end to the power of royalty in the new United States. It began our great experiment in self-determination and freedom. Now the FairTax can restore that promise and bring jobs and economic health back to America.To honor Independence Day and support the FairTax will you download the new browser toolbar? Our goal is to hit 7,500 downloads by July 4th.More than 5,000 of your fellow FairTax supporters have already downloaded the toolbar. They know the toolbar will generate important funds for the FairTax cause at no cost to them. Will you join them? With more income, we can fund more billboards and media buys, grow our online and grassroots efforts, put on more rallies, and educate even more Americans about the power of the FairTax during this critical time for our nation.The toolbar, which will appear on your Web browser, can raise funds for the FairTax cause when you use it to search or make an online purchase. The toolbar is also a communication tool providing you with breaking FairTax news and updates, and a chance to be part of a growing online community.So please consider downloading the FairTax toolbar now at and help us reach our goal of 7,500 by July 4th.

It’s a fine way to stand for freedom this Independence Day.


Ken Hoagland
National Director

VIDEO – Mike Huckabee Endorses Marco Rubio In Florida US Senate Race!

The following video is Governor Mike Huckabee’s official endorsement of Speaker Marco Rubio in next year’s Florida US Senate race.  I could not agree more with Governor Huckabee.  Speaker Rubio is a strong, principled Conservative.  We desperately need that kind of leadership in the US Senate.  Speaker Rubio will be a leader the Sunshine State, and the entire nation will be proud of!

VIDEO – Governor Mike Huckabee’s Thoughts on The Iran Election

The following is the latest video from Governor Mike Huckabee.  He expresses his support for the Iranian people and his views on the current crisis there.  In the video Governor Huckabee expresses his disappointment that President Obama has not been as forthright in expressing our support for the people of Iran.  Mike is dead on.  I also support the people of Iran and have changed my blog color to green to show solidarity with them in their fight for freedom!

David Shafer For GA State Senate (District 48)!

I first met David Shafer on stage at the FairTax Rally in Duluth, GA last November.  I have been impressed with him ever since.  Even though he does not represent me in the State Senate we have become friends and he has given me advice and assistance whenever I have requested it.

David Shafer has represented the 48th Senate District (parts of Gwinnett and Fulton Counties) exceptionally well.  He has introduced legislation to establish zero-based budgeting.  He has also supported legislation in the Senate calling for a state FairTax, and protecting the rights of the unborn.  He is a very strong conservative and represents traditional Georgia values.  Therefore, I am extremely proud to endorse my friend David Shafer for re-election to the Georgia State Senate!