HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Life Is A Precious Gift

The next candidate to post today is Brian Walker who is running to be the State Representative for the 11th Distirct in Texas: 

Life is a precious gift and a sacred right. Our forefathers knew this when they crafted the Declaration of Independence; for without life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be achieved. Some people in this country seem to have forgotten this lesson and would deny life to those who cannot speak for themselves, those who are still in the womb. Using the courts, they attempt to define when life may begin according to their own callous standards and ignore the beating hearts of growing individuals who cannot as yet speak for themselves. The danger inherent in this philosophy is that it attacks the foundation of our rights and liberties. Once they can determine whether or not a person can live, then they can determine how your other rights can be restricted. If we do nothing to stand in the face of this form of tyranny, then we are forfeiting the sacred honor entrusted to us by our Founding Fathers so long ago. Like them we must stand up to those who would deny us our rights and resolutely drive them back. The protection of life is a fight we cannot afford to lose, and we must use all our resolve to fight the injustice that is abortion. We must let people know that life begins at conception and educate those who have become convinced by the other side that they can end the life of their child. We must take every step in legislatures and courts to roll back the “progressive” abortion policies that have been put in place over the years that make it easier for women and young girls to get an abortion. Life is worth preserving and our goal must be to convince Americans that life is not something we can casually throw away on a whim.

God Bless,

Brian K. Walker

To learn more about Brian, visit his website at

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HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Clegg & Cornyn Chime In

While taking a break to grab a bit to eat and rest my fingers two new posts were published as HuckPAC’s Vertical Day continues.  First up is the Republican candidate for Congress (NH-2) and longtime Huckabee backer Bob Clegg:  

The Right to Life is not simply a modern idiom used for political purpose and mainstream media.  It is one of the significant foundations of our nation and it must honored.

Our Forefathers wrote in our Declaration of Independence that “we are endowed by the creator with certain inalienable rights, among these; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” In this triad, life comes first: you can neither have liberty, nor the opportunity to pursue happiness, if you are not afforded the right to life.

The “Pro-Life” issue is not one that can be addressed with a simple black/white answer. Though I am pro-life, that is not the only discussion that we must have. We must address parental notification, for example, and whether these discussions should take place at the federal or state level.

I served in the New Hampshire state legislature for 14 years. During which I worked hard to protect parental rights and to keep life decisions out of the hands of politicians and placed where they belong–with the family.  Current law, here and in many states, allows for a minor child to be taken to a clinic to end her pregnancy without a parent knowing.  This lacks clear common sense.  A 13 year old cannot go to a tanning booth without the consent of a parent, and yet can have a medically intrusive procedure, such as an abortion, without the parent even being made aware.

We see on the news far too often young teenagers meeting older men on line and beginning a relationship. However with the removal of the rights of a parent to care for his or her child, a 13 year old girl in New Hampshire can be brought to an abortion clinic by a 30 year old who caused the pregnancy and the parents will never be the wiser. To allow this lacks common sense. The government has taken over where family belongs. 

It is time these discussions take place with the people. Life and the right to life is an issue that should not live within the court system, nor within the federal government. The state government is the best place to hold discussions.  Those elected locally by the people have a better and stronger understanding of the needs and philosophies of the people than the federal government—who creates broad stroke laws that can never truly represent the individual issues and dynamics of states. It is a matter of state rights and it is a matter of individual and family rights.

We must remember to respect life at every stage, from childbirth to old age. It is a sacred gift that is to be cared for and nurtured until it expires. 

Please visit my website at for more details on my campaign.

The next post is by Texas Senator “Big John” Cornyn and he writes about the importance of the appointment of Federal Judges:

Presidents come and go, but federal judges are appointed for life. There is no more pressing concern about a future Obama presidency than his potential influence on the federal bench, particularly through his appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. The outlook is not reassuring.

With the addition of Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Alito, President Bush has restored some balance to the high court. The two new justices are jurists of impeccable character and record. Sen. Obama voted against both. The Washington Post reported that Sen. Obama was
advised to oppose Roberts by his staff, who feared that a “yes” vote would harm Obama among left-wing activists and interfere with his presidential primary prospects.

If history is any guide, the next President may have two or more appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court. Sen. Obama, speaking to a Planned Parenthood conference last year, faulted the current judicial confirmation procedure, which relies heavily on legal experience and reputation among peers. Sen. Obama had a different outlook on the qualities needed on the federal bench: ” We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.”

Empathy should not be the prime qualification for the bench. Ability to apply the law fairly, without favor or prejudice, should guide this process. Sen. McCain has been responsible and constructive in judicial confirmations, reaching across party lines as a member of the Gang of 14
to break a partisan logjam over President Bush’s judicial nominations. His success, quite frankly, surprised me. He has generally supported nominees of good character, men and women who have shown the ability to follow the law as written, and to avoid substituting their own views for
that law.

The stakes are high in this election. Sen. McCain has numerous attributes, including a strong record on cutting wasteful government spending. Some conservatives are irked because he’s also shown an independent streak on events of the moment. But federal judges appointed in the next Presidential term will be serving, and rendering decisions, for decades. I would feel very comfortable if a President McCain were making those nominations. Thanks to Governor Huckabee, HuckPAC, and all the bloggers for inviting me to take place in “Vertical Day.”

You can learn more about Senator John Cornyn at

This is Ridiculous!

I am sitting here watching coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary Returns. Each network has these talking heads with their fancy maps and they are trying their very best to explain delegates and all of that. From what I can see that it is possible for Senator Clinton to win the popular vote and still get slighted in delegates because they are allocated by congressional district. However the districts that are more favorable to Democratic candidates have a higher count of delegates allocated to them. Putting two and two together these areas that have higher delegate allocated would favor Obama. Do I have a problem with states having different amounts of delegates? No. Do I have a problem with the delegates being given out by congressional district? No. What I DO have a problem with is giving different delegates counts to different congressional distircts. If I was a Democrat in Pittsburgh my vote should carry the same weight as if I was a Democrat in Philly. We’re both Democrats. It’s THAT simple!

THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! The primary system in both parties is royally screwed up! If there is anything I have taken out of this whole process it is that. I have no doubt about it. This tears it! First the states wet themselves trying to be the first to have their primary, Then the national parties penelize and disenfracnises the voters in these states. I’ve seen state parties (Washington’s GOP and Texas Democrats) take days to count caucus ballots, Louisiana’s GOP choice wins the popular vote but the party goes to the back room and gives the delegates to someone else. this process is so screwed up it is very hard to answer the question “Who wins?” Well It is very easy to figure out who the losers are and that is the American people. How sad and infuriating!

SUPER TUESDAY II – Everything Going As Expected so far

It’s almost 8 PM and polls are closed in Vermont and Ohio. John McCain has been declared the winner in both as expected. Obama has been declared the winner in Vermont. It is too close to call in Ohio for the Democrats. But again that is also to be expected. We wait anxiously for Texas.

Thank You Texas Volunteers!

I’d like to take this time to say a special thank you to all the wonderful volunteers in Texas, and who traveled to Texas to help out the Huckabee campaign. Also I don’t want to forget all the hundreds of rangers who made calls into the state and those who sent their leftover supplies and sent them off to Texas. Every vote and every delegate earned today down there is a testament to your hard work!


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More OTS Updates

I have some more updates from Operation Texas Surge. Unlike the last few these are not my own. I am just passing them along. Our first update comes from Oliver, the Meetup organizer in College Station:

Things are going real well. I have a tendency to be a little pessimistic, but am constantly encouraged by other supporters in College Station. I’m giving away the last of the Huckabee signs tonight, and all the fliers are gone too. I know one woman is hitting up 8 polling places tonight, 1 guy hit up 5 yesterday and some along the major highway, another woman is getting about 6, so things are really going well. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens on Tuesday! -Oliver

Next up is an update from the group handling operations in Lubbock:

Coming at you from the second most conservative city in the United States, according the Lubbock, Texas where OTS is out in full force!

Our team included two from Southern California and one from New Mexico. The two of us from Southern California flew into Albuquerque, New Mexico where we met up with the New Mexico Huckabee Meetup State Coordinator. Together, we drove into Lubbock.

The city of Lubbock has 200,000 people. According to, seventy five percent of it’s population votes conservative and twenty five percent votes liberal.

According to the local Meetup coordinator, Andrew Vaughn, there has been very little media coverage prior to Mike’s rally in the city on Friday. The locals selected a venue that held 100 people and at the last minute decided to move the rally outside to accomodate more people. Good thing, too! Three hunded people came!

The next day the rally was the lead story in the city’s only newspaper on the front page with a full color photo of Huckabee playing his bass at the rally. Great press!

Saturday night we caught up with the Meetup to plan strategy for each day all the way through the day after the primary!

Here is what we did / are doing:

– Morning sign wave
– Voter guide distribution on car windshields at major chuches
– Afternoon sign wave

– Discover Huckabee Issues Roundtable – Invited

– Precinct coverage
– Watch party

– Gather materials and drive to New Mexico

This is just Lubbock! We also campaigned in Albuquerque before we left for Lubbock. More to come…

Here’s an update from the folks from N. Florida who are on the ground in Houston:

Groggy report from the ground in Conroe/Houston. I did manage to stay awake during church. It was so heartening to hear the pastor their inform his church of who he would be voting for! Mike Huckabee!!! It was really nice to see a man of God take a public stand for the right candidate for a change. Mike spoke briefly as he introduced Tim LaHaye. We left the church and headed to the gun show in Pasadena. Only in Texas can you leave church and go shop for guns! LOL.

We got a really good response from the patrons there. Many had bought the theory of McCain’s inevitability but we’re eager to learn of the brokered convention’s history. We gave away several signs, lots of buttons and bumper stickers and sold a few of bpassmore’s shirts!

Then the menfolk headed off to put up the ginormous signs we brought. We took miracleshappen and her children and headed to Huntsville to visit the statue of Sam Houston. I will post pics tomorrow after I find a way to resize them! That is one big statue!

When we got home we were reminded that today is a very special day. Yes, it’s my DH’s birthday (thanks for letting me be away!), but it is also TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!

If the Texans I met today are anything like their neighbors, we won’t need to worry about those silly polls come Tuesday! There are a lot of enthusiastic Huck supporters here. I met several people that told me they were going to vote for him even though they believed he couldn’t win! They are not going to continue to vote for the lesser of two evils and they aren’t going to let a pundit tell them how to vote!

I’m nearing comatose levels now, so I’ll post more tomorrow. Jerod and I are headed to San Antonio to help set up for the rally and then to work the polls on Tuesday. Erin will be taking a much needed mini-vacation with friends.

Remember San Jacinto, folks!

We have a lot of great people o nthe ground giving their all for Huckabee in Texas! Way to go!

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Operation Texas Surge Updates

The following are updates I have been posting over at Huck’s Army for Operation Texas Surge Team One: the first update was posted yesterday:

This is BDBopper Reporting for HNN….THE HUCKABEE NEWS NETWORK….and our live team coverage of Operation Texas Surge YEEE HAW!!! :D (Can you tell I am enjoying writing these reports?)

On to the update! When we last left our heroes, They were headed out of College Station and on to Houston. It took them much longer than they wanted because the traffic in H-Town is an absolute nightmare! That didn’t stop them one bit and they arrived at the Passmore’s at about 6 PM Friday evening. What a wonderful family and team of volunteers Brett has! After hugging and twenty minutes of verbally catching up (if allowed they really could have talked and spent time forever!) the trade was made. Brett & Co. got a bunch of bumper stickers while Shawn (Trox) and Jack were given over 300 signs. As I said they could have spent time together forever but it was time to saddle up and get a move on. Off to The Alamo! WESTWARD HO!!!

In About 4 hours (around 10 PM) our heroes arrived in San Antonio to meet with Chris (TexasAggie4Mike or something like that…can’t remember off the top of my head) and his lovely wife. Shawn and Jack gladly dropped off 100 signs (after some hugs) with Chris for his meetup to use in sign waves and setting up near polling locations.

Our fearless twosome were hoping to get back into Waco at a decent hour but unfortunately it just wasn’t going to happen So they made a decision. They got on the horn as they were leaving San Antonio, and talked with Jason West of the Austin Meetup group. Jason is currently serving in OTS in Abilene and doing one heck of a job over there! They asked Jason if his group could use some supplies and if there was someone that might be willing to meet them near the highway in Austin. Jason called back and our heroes met with a couple from the Austin group at a Austin McDonald’s who were in desperate need of supplies at about 1 AM this morning (Saturday). The Austin Volunteers were really overjoyed and pumped to get these signs and some other materials!

Our weary travelers had some good news. They made it back to Home Base in Waco 45 minutes earlier than they did after yesterday’s (Thursday’s) operations. Not only that but they had no morning commitments so they were able to sleep in! Yippee!! :)

Shawn (Trox) & Jack (Whose pet peeve is whistling…yes they have spent to much time with each other to find that one out) enjoyed a well deserved night’s sleep. They actually got to sleep in! After waking up they split off. Jack headed into Waco to join Blake (the Waco Meetup Organizer). Shawn headed up to Dallas.

Jack and Brent started off the day sign waving and hading out materials to the crowd gathering for the Baylor basketball game. Afterwards they placed about 100 signs in strategic places all around Waco. They have more signs for Blake’s group to place around polling places on Tuesday.

Meanwhile Shawn headed to up to The Metroplex of Dallas-Ft.Worth and is there currently. He will be meeting with our wonderful Andysprite and Mike (from a group of Oklahoma volunteers). They will be placing 300-400 signs around Dallas and Fort Worth in strategic locales.

Speaking of Andysprite – For those of you who don’t know – Her son, Carson fell and needed stitches yesterday. They were to go to the Fort Worth Stockyard rally to cheer on Mike and Carson was very excited to have the chance to meet Chuck Norris. Unfortunately this incident did not allow that meeting to occur. However there was a surprise resolution in store for our Airborne Ranger and her son. Andrea received a call from our awesome Governor Huckabee! AND GET THIS – Chuck Norris will be sending a personal card to Carson! WHAT CLASS AND GRACE WE HAVE IN OUR CANDIDATE!!! We should all be proud!

Hopefully our Heroes will make it back to Home Base at a more decent hour tonight. Tomorrow it is back to Dallas-Fort Worth. As for Andysprite she is off to Tyler to drop some supplies to Huckabeliever and her meetup group.

Y’all should be very proud. This is a total team effort. Out of all the supplies, only 10 percent were newly bought. That means that the vast majority of the supplies were donated by Huckabees all over the country. WE are all apart of this Team Effort. WAY TO GO!! WE are giving it all we’ve got…nothing will be left on the playing field when all is said and done!

And this is the update for tonight that I just posted:

HNN Reporter BDBopper with another OTS Update!

When we last left OTS Team One Jack was still in Waco with the Meetup group there and Shawn (Trox) was on his way to Dallas. Shawn made it to Dallas with about 400 signs that he needed to find places for (the signs were given to him by both Andrea and Mike of the Oklahoma group). In addition Mike Ford and his Oklahoma Meetup group had more signs. Luckily they found to dedicated volunteers, Kelsey and Scott (Husband and Wife) who knew exactly waht to do. So everyone (including Andrea) met at Huckabee HQ in Dallas for a confab to make plans for the next phase of operations. First was a sign wave at Prestonwood Baptist Church, and after that they marked out precinct locations and other strategic localses for signs to be placed.

After that it was back to Home Base in Waco for Shawn. He arrived back at 2:45 AM (30 minutes earlier than the day before!). Then it was back up to The Metroplex for Jack and Shawn. The locations to meet was outside of Prestonwood Baptist Church where a group of 15 volunteers ended up waving signs for about three hours. During that entire time there were nonstop horn honming and the reception was tremendous for Huckabee! VERY ENCOURAGING NEWS! Not only that but 250 bumper stickers were given out and placed on the bumpers of cars right on the spot! Jack and Shawn didn’t arrive untl near the end of the sign waving but it was still amazing. After the end of the sign waving everyone went out to lunch. At this point the Oklahoma group had to head back home. After dropping some more materials and placing signs it was time for our Heroes to head home as well. However Jack decided to stick around in Texas for the next few days and take the bus home. So he’ll still be around for the rally tomorrow and operations on Tuesday. Shawn is now headed back to Memphis very exhausted but looking forward to sleeping in his own bed!

There are more people involved with OTS than you even know. Almost miraculously a volunteer who had driven all the way from Georgia ran into Shawn this afternoon. That volunteer was trying to find out what to do and where that person’s services were needed. Fortunately Shawn knew exactly what to do and got that volunteer in touch with Kelsey and Scott. That person will be helping out operations at the rally tomorrow and with Get Out the Vote on Tuesday! Shawn and Jack also met with other groups holding sign waves who were definitely pumped up when they found out about our operations.

Everyone should be very proud of our efforts. Everyone who has pledged to chip in and help has done so. Whether it be to donate signs and other materials, to all of our boots on the ground. All indications are that the Florida group in Houston and the Southern California group operating in Lubbock are also having successful missions! The locals are absolutely pumped gang! They are ecstatic to see troops from all over the country helping them out with their efforts. It’s a total morale booster!

This will probably be my last report on OTS for HNN. Thanks for reading. I’m Out!

There are tons of pictures from Operation Texas Surge and you can find them HERE.

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