$1,000,000 in Six Days?

As I said before Huck’s demise has been greatly exaggerated! From the campaign blog this morning is a note that we are about $145,000 from raising $1 Million dollars in online and direct mail donations since South Carolina. That doesn’t even count the several fundraisers that have been held ($200,000 from the Chuck Norris BBQ and more!). There are now ads running on cable in Florida too!


The Reports of Huckabee’s Demise Are Not True!!

Over the last day or so the media and opponents are gleefully reporting on the demise of Mike Huckabee and that he will be the next to drop out of the presidential race. They cite that he has no money left. Folks that is definitely not the case. Let’s do some quick math.

On Sunday there was the BBQ at the Chuck Norris ranch. Attendees to that event paid a $1,000 donation each. It was reported that over 200 attended the event. That’s $200,000 right there alone. Since that point there have been at least four other fundraising events in Florida and Georgia. Add to that the nearly $300,000 we have raised (almost $170,000 and climbing since Fred dropped out yesterday around 1 PM) that puts a total of online and offline fundraising at an estimated $500,000-$600,000 in 4 and a half days!

There is a big buzz around the Huckabee camp. They were planning updates to the website but high traffic after Fred’s announcement has forced them to move slower on those updates or the site would crash.

Took us a little longer than we thought. We will make the changes live tomorrow. Website was hopping with traffic today. Lots of energy building. Keep it coming.

UPDATE – Also the return of national momentum can be seen in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll. Huck hit a low on Monday of about 15% but is creeping back up to a virtual tie for 2nd with Romney. Currently it stands at McCain 24% Romney 19% and Huckabee at 17%. Rudy is back in the pack at 11%. the past two nights of polling shows Huck with a gain of 2% in the average while McCain and Romney haven’t budged. Last night was the first night that Fred was not in the poll but with it will be a few days until his numbers disappear because the poll is a an average of the past four nights. Fred is at 7% based on the prior three nights before he dropped out. We’ll find out who gets his support. Many elected officials in Georgia that supported Fred and now moving towards Huckabee (not all of them but many).

And while Mike Huckabee may not be spending as much money or time around Florida his grassroots Army will be. So don’t be surprised if Huck does better than expected on Tuesday night.

Fundraising Update

You can go ahead and gloat all you want to folks. The fundraising did not meet expectations at all yesterday. However today looks to be a different story. Since I woke up this morning the online fundraising total has increased by at least $25,000. I think December 27th was too close to Christmas and a lot of people were either on vacation or just did not have their computers on while still in Holiday mode. We ended up raising almost $90,000 yesterday and compared to Fred Thompson and Ron Paul’s efforts we beat both of them. Granted Ron Paul’s supporters were not pushing an effort but Fred’s campaign sure was. You can check out the stats RIGHT HERE

It looks like we are well on our way to smashing the $5 Million dollar online fundraising goal for the 4th Quarter. What will the entire total be? I’d say add up at least $1-3 Million more from fundraising events, over-the-phone fundriaisng, and mail-in contributions. There might be an outside shot of a $10 Million quarter when all is said and done. We’ll have to see how it all adds up after the Ball Drops.

Speaking of the bloggers Call

Some other points that were made tonight:

1. Mike really appreciates us a whole lot. In fact he said that when he is sitting at a desk in the Oval Office one day and is asked “Well How did you do it?” Mike would definitely say that it was his bloggers that helped him out a whole bunch.

2. This has been a huge week. Fundraising goals are being blown out of the water. Online alone $112,000 and counting have been raised just today! There are twelve phones in the Little Rock office and all of them are literally ringing off the hooks! Additional phones are going to need to be brought in, as well as, increased server capacity for the website that keeps crashing under the weight of increased web traffic every few hours! It is now clear that the counter on the website is for Internet donations only. There is much more being raised over the phones. At this rate the 4th Quarter is going to be absolutely huge. In fact there is a group of 100 people efforting to raise $100,000 each for the campaign by December (that would be 10 million dollars if anyone is counting)!

3. Also discussed tonight was the GOP possibly punishing states that have moved up their primaries. Mike said he would work with what is put in front of him. He will not let anything stop him. Mike stressed the importance of Iowa and New Hampshire to the process as well. He did not say it but I think Mike is irritated that the RNC would even think of such a move. There is much more to gain from letting this one go while the Democrats disenfranchise states’ voters.

That was basically it tonight. Mike had to get ready for a fundraiser in California this evening. As always it was very informative and entertaining. I’ve been on the line for each one since August except for one. Does anyone know the trick to actually getting to ask a question. I press the right key almost immediately after the prompt and I never get in. Oh well. As usual I was on the line while riding my exercise bike (my usual routine for debates or TV appearances that Mike appears in).

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Huck’s Fundraising Problem Is Officially Over


We hit $250,000 at Noon today. That’s $50,000 raised in 12 hours! OUTSTANDING! We are on pace for a $100,000 day! Every time I refresh the counter the total rises at least by a Grand. The current total is over $252,000

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WE DID IT – $200,000 WEEK!!

Good Morning everyone!

Last week the Mike Huckabee campaign challenged us to raise $200,000 before Halloween. WE just blasted through that goal last night! It took only 5 days! Even though the goal has been reached the donations keep rolling in. We are now over $240,000 in donations and should pass $250,000 before this evening (we might even make it to that point by the time I eat lunch). Way to go everyone!!

Stay tuned…lots of content today! I’ve got to make up for the thirty six hours I was not around.

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Yes, One Million is Enough!

Head over to One Mom. I agree whole heartedly with her analysis of the 3rd Quarter numbers. Well said!

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