Why West Virginia is Importantt

Remember back in late August? There was a link to a story that I shared with you that there was going to be a convention in West Virginia to decide a significant amount of their GOP delegates and that each Republican candidate was going to attend and speak.

Okay so what? Well that convention will be held the morning of Super Tuesday, February 5th. Whomever wins will be nationwide headline news by Noon and will likely affect the results in other states somewhat. The field is now being whittled down. and it is possible that we may only have just a handful of candidate for them to choose from. Remember that Mike Huckabee is the most eloquent speaker of the bunch and might win over the entire room. With so few left to choose from the likelihood of that is even higher.

I’m not sure if this has even crossed the Governor’s mind but when he says we’ve got a great shot at this juncture he’s not kidding. West Virginia might lead the nation to a Super Tuesday sweep for Mike Huckabee, especially if Mike does very well in Florida!

Just take that and file it in the back of your mind folks.

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