HuckPAc Fundriaisng Deadline – Please Help!!

We are hours away from our midnight deadline to meet our March online fundraising goal. Still lagging behind by just over $10,000. Asking all supporters to make an emergency $25 contribution in support of our efforts. Are there 500 supporters/Team Huck members able to make this contribution today?

Boarding a plane after two days of campaigning with Bob McDonnell, candidate for Governor. It’s clear to me Huck PAC and Team Huck are already having an impact on the ground. Imagine what we can do if we are well funded. Help us reach goal before midnight tonight. Looking for 500+ supporters to make an immediate $25 contribution online.

Each contribution will be counted towards our drawing to win a free trip to New York city to see my show.

If you cannot make a contribution today, please show your support in another way: Make 5 calls for Jim Tedisco. New Yorkers heading to polls today. Lets turn out the vote for Jim.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee: I’m a "Hero for the Cause!"

I am absolutely floored!  This is the latest message by Governor Mike Huckabee to his HuckPAC supporters:  

I wanted to take a moment to honor an outstanding young man who has sacrificed for the cause and contributed $100 to Huck PAC. His name is Bill from Minneapolis, MN. Bill washed dishes for a wedding of the granddaughter of Ruth  in Minneapolis. Ruth supports Senator Obama’s campaign. When Ruth tried to pay Bill, he insisted that the money instead be sent directly to Huck PAC and today we received a $100 check and a note from Ruth explaining Bill’s request.

Bill, thank you for your dedication to our mission.

I also wanted to thank Brian Donegan of Lawrenceville, GA who is “Walking the Extra Mile” for Huck PAC and his health. Each day of this week he is walking an extra mile and has raised $345 of his $500 goal for the PAC.

These two extraordinary members of our Huck PAC family are going above and beyond the call to help the cause and we need you to do the same.

Friends, tomorrow, September 30th marks the end of the quarter for Huck PAC and we are in need of your support. The absolute meltdown in D.C. that has occurred over the past two days proves that we need a changing of the guard. Help us fund and steer that change by contributing today to Huck PAC. Your contribution of $100, $50, or $25 will help us ensure that Wall Street no longer rules D.C. and that D.C. no longer rules Main Street. We need to put the people back in charge of Government. It is our goal to raise $25,000 today, help us do so right now by clicking here.

I hope you had the opportunity to watch my new show on Fox News this past weekend titled “Huckabee.”  Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Alexis Glick, Dave Ramsey and Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro were guests as we discussed the campaign and the economy.  The show is going to be a valuable instrument of change as it will allow me to frame the debate in Washington and ensure that our conservative values are not only heard, but listened to and acted upon.

Once again, I want to thank Bill and Brian for their dedication. Heed the call and follow their lead. We need your support today if we are going to ensure that our voice is heard and that our values and principals prevail.

May God bless you and your family in these trying times.

Yours in the fight,
Mike Huckabee

P.S. If you didn’t get a chance to this past weekend, be sure to check out “Huckabee,” on Fox News on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

P.P.S.  Take a minute to vote in our poll “Do you support or oppose the bailout legislation that was rejected by the House of Representatives ” and leave me a comment.  Your opinion is important to me.

HuckPAC: "Time to Kick It Into High Gear"

The following is an urgent message from Governor Mike Huckabee:  

As we head to the final laps of the 2008 races, we need to kick in to high gear for the candidates who will help bring principled government from the White House to the state house with our shared commitment to the sanctity of life, the Fair Tax, respect of the traditional family, and responsible and honest government. 

I don’t mind asking for your help because it doesn’t benefit me personally.  When we launched HuckPAC, I decided that I wouldn’t take any compensation from it but would earn all my income in private sector endeavors such as speaking, writing, and doing commentary for the Fox News Channel.  I wanted to make sure that critics didn’t think I created HuckPAC for personal gain.  Frankly, it would be easier for me to not have the responsibilities of HuckPAC and simply spend more time either at home or doing things that did benefit my own family.  But Janet and I launched into the shark infested waters of politics almost 18 years ago to be “salt and light” in a decaying and dark world and there’s no reason to turn back now. 
I’m actually writing this on yet another plane on another early morning flight toward another long day.  I left Little Rock Tuesday night after doing Hannity and Colmes and flew to Orlando for a Wednesday morning speech.  Then flew to Washington, D. C. for a music education event before participating in “DC’s Funniest Celebrities,” a fund raising event that helps provide music education for children with disabilities.  (By the way, I won the event of about a dozen people doing stand-up routines at the Improv).  I’m now flying to Springfield, Missouri for an event for a pro-life group.  Tomorrow, I will go to Oregon to speak to a men’s conference.  Saturday, I’ll speak in Monterey, California and then go to Los Angeles for a church speaking event to discuss the importance of marriage and Proposition 8 (CA marriage amendment).  Then Sunday night, I fly to Atlanta where I’ll guest host for radio talk show host, friend, and Fair Tax book author Neil Boortz.  Then it’s on to South Carolina for candidate events Monday night and then to North Carolina Tuesday to help more candidates before finally getting back home Wednesday-8 days and two coast to coast trips later. 
I’m not telling you that schedule to make you tired or sympathetic, but to let you know that we are not sitting on your contributions to HuckPAC, but using them. 
Travel costs are up significantly due to fuel prices and I’m sure you have noticed the improvements in our website, which will get even better in the coming weeks.
I don’t often make such direct appeals, but as I was standing in line for coffee at 5:30 this morning trying to wake up, it occurred to me that the cost of the coffee each day for a month would be more than $50 in a month.  Just the coffee.  Surely my HuckPAC team could give that much to wake up America as we spend to wake up ourselves!
Or you call mail it in:
P. O.  2008
Little Rock, AR  72203
Here’s a special incentive-for the first 25 donors who contribute $1000 or more online, I will send you a custom-designed “Huck-a-Bass” silk tie personally signed on the back.  It was a tie you’ve likely seen me wear on Fox and Friends or in speeches, but it’s a blue tie that has the print of my Tobias bass guitar and was designed and custom made especially for me and not available in any other way. 
There were only a few made, so when they are gone, that’s it. 
I hope to hear from you today!
God bless and keep the faith!
Mike Huckabee
You heard Mike.  Let’s go folks!  Time to kick it into high gear!  The stakes are too high to sit and do nothing.  If you believe in the same cause please donate any money you can afford.  If you read this here, please use my Ranger code 23636  Thank you!  
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Things Are heating Up!

The latest E-mail from Mike Huckabee and HuckPAC:  

Well it’s summer and things are predictably heating up.  Not just in your backyard but on Capitol Hill as well.

Republicans in the House and Senate are fighting for a balanced energy plan to bring relief to families everywhere.  All week Republican legislators in the House have staged a rally demanding Speaker Nancy Pelosi call back the Congress for a special session and an up or down vote on a comprehensive energy plan that includes offshore drilling.

In the Senate, Republicans have gone to the airwaves with a simple but powerful message demanding action on a balanced energy plan.  You can see their video here.  I am proud to say it includes two Huck PAC endorsed candidates:  Lamar Alexander and Elizabeth Dole.  After you watch the video I encourage you to share it with family and friends.

Second, please help us close the gap on our goal of 2,000 contributions by August 20.  Since last Thursday we have had 485 individuals make an online contribution towards our goal.  If you haven’t made a contribution yet, please consider doing so today.  With a contribution of $10 or more we will count your contribution towards our goal.  If you are willing to match the average contribution of your fellow supporters, it is $65.  Regardless of what you contribute, what is important is that you participate.  Huck PAC is fully funded by individuals like you

Finally, and this is something we are all excited about, I wanted to share an idea we had and get your feedback. Everyone knows how committed our supporters were during the campaign.  Time after time we overcame long odds to shock the pundits because of the hard work of our volunteers.  In September we want to launch a campaign to mobilize Huckabee supporters once again, this time in support of our favorite candidates.  With your help, we will set a goal of X hours and then track the hours on our front page like we used to track dollars raised online during the campaign.  Participating volunteers can help any candidate of their choosing.  All they need to do is tell us who the candidate is and then login on our website the number of hours they volunteered for (so they are counted towards our total).  The candidate you help does not have to be a Huck PAC endorsed candidate.  If this effort is successful, we will launch it again in October and set a higher goal for our team.

Do you like this idea?  Please vote here.

And if you do like it, please help us set our goal of “Volunteer hours” for the month of September by voting here.

To recap, if you have a moment please do three things for me today:  watch this video, make a contribution towards our August online fundraising goal and tell me what you think about our Volunteer idea in September.

Fighting for our values,

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee: "Now We Know"

The following is the latest HuckPAC E-mail from Governor Mike Huckabee:

Senator Obama is the Democrat presidential nominee. So where does he stand on the issues?

  1. He supports abortion.
  2. He supports amnesty.
  3. He supports universal health care.
  4. He supports new federal spending.
  5. He supports raising our taxes.

And the list goes on. Senator Obama’s vision for America and his view of the role government should play in our daily lives is dramatically different than our own understanding of government and the conservative vision of America.

Across America, Democrats with similar views of government are running for office hoping to ride what they believe will be a great wave of “change” into office.

Who will stand against them? Who will support our Republican candidates?

I will and I hope you will stand with me. Through Huck PAC, I will be working overtime to assist Republican candidates that share our values. I will campaign for them, we will support them financially, we will give them a platform to speak with voters and we will actively promote their campaigns to our friends, family and within our communities.

On Friday I am headed to North Carolina to campaign for Elizabeth Dole and this weekend I will campaign for Bob Clegg in New Hampshire.

While I am campaigning for these candidates, I ask that you do three things for me:

1. Email or call a friend and ask them to sign up for my Huck PAC emails.

2. Join the discussion on our blog.

3. And make a contribution of $25 or more if you haven’t yet supported Huck PAC financially.

Thank you again for your continued support. I will email you again from the campaign trail this weekend.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

HuckPAC: 1000 New Contributors In May (And Counting)

On May 9th HuckPAC set a goal of gaining 1.000 new contributors in the month of May. Last night, that goal was reached as yet another financial goal for the Huckabee movement. There were very few times during the Presidential Campaign that we failed to do this. Currently there have been 1,006 new contributors in May and there is still one more day. If you are interested in supporting HuckPAC’s efforts in helping out strong, Conservative candidates than please make a contribution today. It doesn’t matter how small – Even a “Buck for Huck” will help!
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Good morning and Happy Friday everyone!

The media is spinning that the GOP race is over. NOT SO FAST MY FRIENDS!!! There are many states left in the process, and tons of delegates still up for grabs. John McCain has not won enough delegates to win the nomination by a long shot.


So let’s prove those pundits wrong! Let’s give them a message loud and clear that we’re still behind Mike Huckabee 150%.

! Let’s make today the best fundraising day of the campaign by far and get us well on our way to reaching our goal of $1 Million raised by February 12th.