I need YOU to do me a personal FAVOR!!!

My Fellow American,

1.)  Please go to http://www.save08.org/ and read the Mission Statement 

(the light blue letters) posted there on the middle/bottom of the left
side of the home page.  If you agree, please click on the “Join Today!” link.
Please fill out the form with your information, and in the “Recruited By” box,
scroll down and put me “Bishop, Trucker Randy-Traverse City, MI” as your recruiter.  
Check the “I agree” box and then click the “Join!” button. 
2.) As a Truck Driver, I need to plan out my day and to think about my 
time that is available for me to do the most important things first. 
Take a moment and reflect on the amount of time you spend online every day.   
3.)  Then, please take 25% (1/4) of the time you are spending online,
and re-direct or add that amount of your time to doing the following

a)  Write down on a piece of paper, the names of at least two people
in your life that would come to your rescue, if you ran out of gas on
the highway,…and, the names of at least two people that would (if
money was no object) get on a plane and fly in from out of state, to
see you in the hospital if you had been badly hurt,…and, the names
of at least two people that share your values, (but may not be able to
bring you gas or come see you in the hospital) and want to take our
Country back from the liberals and their media!!!

b)  Then, please call the people on your list and ask them if “they
could do you a personal favor?”

c)  While on the phone,…ask them to go online.  If they can’t go online right then, 

ask them to go online whenever they can, and call you back once they are online.
d)  Once they tell you that they are online,…ask them to go to: http://www.save08.org/
When they open the homepage, ask them if they have joined in the past.  
NOTE:  If they have joined before, ask them to send an email to: Bill@hucksarmy.com
asking Bill to change their “Recruited By” to your name.  
If they haven’t joined before,…go to the next step.  
e)  After they open the home page, ask them to read the Mission
Statement (the light blue letters) posted there on the middle/bottom
of the left side of the home page.

f)  After they read that paragraph, ask them if they plan to vote for
if they are a registered voter in Michigan,…ask them if they plan to
vote for Jack Hoogendyk to replace Senator Carl Levin in the U.S.

g)   If they say YES,…then ask them to do this personal favor for
you!!!  Ask them to click on the link named,…”Join Today!”.  Ask them
to fill out the form while you are on the phone.  Have them put in
their information,…and have them click on your name listed in the
“Recruited By”: box.

h)  Then ask them to read the statement below the Recruited By:” box.
Then ask them to check mark the box:  “I agree to the above
,… and then have them click the “Join!” button.

i)   Then ask them to make a list, just like you did when writing down
your names, using those three questions you used to make your list.

j)  Then ask them to commit 25% of their time,  to calling the people
on their list and do the exact same things you are doing, per this
“Call to Arms” e-mail message!!!


  • We need to take our Country and the State of Michigan,…back from the direction it’s going!!!
  • We need to defeat Obama/Biden and make sure that the McCain/Palin ticket wins!!!
  • We need to make sure McCain picks the next Supreme Court Justice,…not Obama!!!
  • We need to replace Senator Carl Levin with Jack Hoogendyk.  Michigan needs your help!!!

If we can get One Million (1,000,000) names on this website by next 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 by 9:00 pm EST…we will be able to get
some national media attention about our Grassroots Coalition’s efforts.

If we can get Three Million names on this website by the following 

Tuesday, September 30, 2008, we are going to submit the website’s 
list of names to the National Republican Senatorial Committee and try to get 
some money from them for Jack Hoogendyk’s campaign against Carl Levin.
Right now, they are not willing to give any money to Jack, because
they (the National GOP) do not think that Jack can beat Carl Levin.
We are going to replace Carl Levin,…this year!!!

We want to prove to the world that our grassroots efforts
can take out a very powerful and rich liberal incumbent in the U.S.
Senate, while putting McCain/Palin in the White House!!!

Mike Huckabee is coming to Michigan to do a fundraiser for Jack Hoogendyk on OCTOBER 22, 2008.
I am personally picking Mike up from the airport and taking him to this event.  
My plan is to print out the website’s list of names and give the list to Mike personally.
I hope that we can show Mike what we have done as his supporters.  
I think his heart will be touched knowing what we have done for our Country.

We want all the headlines on newspapers across America to read on
November 5, 2008:

“Governor Sarah Palin is the first woman to become Vice President of
the United States of America,…and a Michigan Miracle defeats Senator
Carl Levin”!!!

PLEASE,…consider taking the time to do the actions stated in this
e-mail and help us make the above headlines a reality!!!  For our
Country,…our children and their children, please be a part of
something that can really make a difference in this year’s election.

The website, http://www.save08.org/, has been setup and paid for by Bill Goins,…

the man that helped Mike Huckabee win the caucus in Iowa,…using this
exact same “Call to Arms” plan!!!

Thank you for everything you are about to do,…please know that you
are going to make a difference
 in the outcome of this election!!!

Thank you for doing me this personal favor!!!

Let’s Roll !!!

Trucker Randy
A Truck Driver from Michigan

P.S.  I know times are tough.  Fuel prices are killing me, too.
Could you find it in your heart to go to http://www.jackformichigan.org/contribute/
and donate $10 to Jack’s campaign, and ask the people on your list to do the same?
I know Mike is paying the bill to come to Michigan for Jack.  Maybe by us giving
$10, we can help Jack, like Mike is.  Thanks again for doing me this favor!!!

Please Help Support Annette Funicello’s Son In The MS Walk!

I received the following note in my E-mail this morning and I wanted to pass it along


On April 19, Annette’s
younger son, Jason Gilardi, will take part in the Tulsa, Okla., MS Walk on behalf of his team, Annette’s Amazing Angels OK. He and his team have been participating in the walk for several years. I know some of you donate directly to Annette’s fund, but I thought I would link you to
Jason’s home page in case you’d like to make a donation to him or
his team. I think it would be great to show our support for Annette, the cause and Jason, who has been such a loving son. You don’t have to donate a lot — even $5 will help find a cure. If you do donate, and you fill in the prompt where you list your name as a donor, I’d like to suggest you add (Annette Fan Club) in parentheses after your name so Jason knows her fans are behind him.


Let’s hold the banner high, High! HIGH! for Jason as his team fights for our favorite Mouseketeer and all who suffer from the terrible disease that is MS!


Mike Huckabee for President - Faith, Family, Freedom

New Texas phone list is live. 165,000 records spread throughout the state.

If possible, we need your help making calls tonight. Rallies have been great today and we are in high spirits on the campaign trail. Crowds of enthusiastic voters at every rally, including 2,000+ at College Station, TX today.

To get started making voter contact calls please click here. We really need your help.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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There was a CNN debate scheduled for February 28th that was to be sponsored by the Ohio Republican Party but it has been wrongfully canceled. I think the nation deserves to hear a one-on-one debate on the issues between John McCain and Mike Huckabee. I know you will as well. So would you please do two things:

1. Please go sign this petition
2. Spread the word to everyone you know so they can sign the petition too.

Thank you!

CALL TO ACTION – Sign The Huckabee Supperters’ Press Release!

The time is now! We must stick to our principles and announce to the world that we support Mike Huckabee and will never vote for Mitt Romney! Please CLICK HERE and add your voice to mine and a growing number of Huckabee supporters!

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An Urgent Message From Mike Huckabee

I wanted to pass along this message from Mike Huckabee that he sent to his supporters yesterday afternoon.

I’m writing you as we travel between events here in South Carolina. This is important, so please take a minute now to hear me out.

Chip Saltsman, my national campaign manager and I just reviewed our final get out the vote plan. While we feel it is a strong plan, we have isolated one area that needs strengthening and immediate improvement. We want to increase our voter identification and turnout calls and the price tag for these additional calls is $300,000.

Will you make an immediate contribution of $15, $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 today online to help us fund this effort?

We have set a goal of raising this money by tomorrow at midnight so we can ramp up our calls in time for the South Carolina primary. If your financial support comes in after this deadline we won’t be able to invest it in time for the South Carolina primary.

I firmly believe, this may be the difference between victory and defeat for our effort in South Carolina on Saturday. We must raise $300,000 immediately. If everyone receiving this email gave at least $25 we would more than triple our goal. But please don’t count on someone else because reaching this goal is going to take leadership from you.

With deep gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

I’m not sure how much of that money we have been able to raise thus far. However, the ticker has been really moving since this message was sent. I am sure we are over halfway there. I am hoping for an update soon and I will pass it along.

CALL TO ACTION – Get Out The Vote In Michigan!!!

According to reports I am reading the turnout so far in Michigan is really low due to weather conditions. So this is very important. If you know anyone in Michigan Contact them NOW and get them out for Huck! If you live in Michigan your job is even more important. Contact everyone you know and if needed volunteer to get them through the ice and snow to the polls to cast that important vote for Huckabee today. With you help we can pull off a Michigan surprise!


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