PRESS RELEASE – John McCain Shows Presidential Leadership and Unifies GOP!!!

The following is the latest press release from the Huckabee Grassroots Coalition  It refers to the rally that is being held near St. Louis, MO exactly one week from now that both Governor Huckabee and Governor Romney will be attending.  This is the speech that we feel that John McCain should make at that and other similar functions.  Below it I will explain why this is the best way to unite the party for this and future cycles.  


August 24, 2008
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Ronald Reagan would be Proud of John McCain:

Conservatives United – Social, Economic, & Military

John McCain Shows Presidential Leadership and Unifies GOP!!!
August 31, 2008 

St. Louis, MO

Today marked the beginning of John McCain’s demonstration of his Presidential Executive judgment and leadership. At a rally held at a minor league baseball stadium in O’Fallon, Missouri to an overflow crowd of GOP supporters, John McCain entered the stage flanked by former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee.  The three men approached the podium, as John McCain stepped forward to the microphone:

“My fellow Americans, we come here today to make unprecedented presidential history.  
I am joined onstage this afternoon by two great fellow Americans.  These two men have 
shown great executive experience as governors of their states.  During this presidential 
campaign, all three of us have been able to get to know each other, debate the important 
issues facing our country, and share with the American people our distinct backgrounds, 
life experiences, and political differences. 

Today, I announce that all of those said differences have been laid to rest.  As I prepare
to accept, this upcoming week, the Republican nomination for President of the United States,
I have been forced to evaluate and make some fundamental decisions regarding my
administration.  In looking at these two gentlemen, I feel honored to be able to consider 
both of them for key roles in this administration.

Former Governor Mitt Romney, in my review of his experiences, leads me to believe
that he has keen business acumen, as well as proven leadership skills in economics,
business, understanding of capital markets, world trade agreements and job creation.  
Due to the fact that the majority of challenges that currently face our nation, are 
economically related, I have asked, and he has graciously accepted, my request for 
him to be my U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.  Additionally, I have requested Governor 
Romney to work with the U.S. Congress-House of Representatives to pass a legislative 
bill to repeal our Constitution’s 16th Amendment, to shut down and permanently close
the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Agency, and replace it with the FairTax system.  
(John McCain then turns to Governor Romney, reaching out in acknowledgement and 
agreement, they shake hands.) 

(John McCain then returns to the podium and looks at Governor Huckabee)
My review of Governor Huckabee and his lifetime accomplishments, include those
things he was able to achieve in his home state of Arkansas, and his length of executive
experience has compelled me to ask Gov. Huckabee to be my Vice President.

As my Vice President, Governor Huckabee will also preside as President of the U.S. Senate.
I have conveyed to Governor Huckabee that I would like him to create similar legislation 
to that which will be passed in the House of Representatives. I have conveyed to
both of these men that I want these joint bills pushed through the legislative process
and brought to my desk for my signature on April 15, 2009.  As someone on this stage has
said in the past, “We will make April 15 just another beautiful spring day in America!”

I have conveyed to Governor Huckabee my great concern for our country’s future
and direction in the event that I am unable to fulfill my term as President.
I shared with Governor Huckabee my observation during the Presidential campaign,
that Governor Huckabee and his supporters did not always see eye-to-eye with
Governor Romney and his supporters.

Going into office as President is a heavy burden of responsibility that is placed on
just one individual.  Knowing this, I am prepared to fully accept this responsibility.
However, I do so knowing that our Country would be in good hands in my absence.
I have asked Governor Huckabee, and he has honorably agreed that if he assumes
the office of President of the United States during my administration, to ask then 
Secretary Romney to step up and be his Vice President.  To this, he has given me 
his solemn vow.  I have asked Governor Huckabee to accept the role of my Vice President,
knowing full well, that whatever differences they may have had in the past, they will forgive
and forget them, providing healing to our nation and its people.
(Governor Huckabee steps forward in acceptance of this commitment and obligation, 
reaches out and shakes John McCain’s hand. Governor Huckabee then walks over and 
shakes the hand of Governor Romney.)

(McCain returns to the podium and closes with these statements)
By announcing these appointments here today, I know that the American people will
clearly see the direction to which I intend to lead our country.  I am confident and 
optimistic that through these decisions, the American people will bless us with the opportunity
to serve them well.

In closing, I would like us to pray.  (John McCain reaches back and grabs the hands of
Governor Romney and Governor Huckabee, pulling them to his side)
Lord, as we go forward into our Convention this week, we ask that you would continue
to bless and protect our Country, our military, and all of the great people of this
country.  Amen.”
(All three men raise their heads and hands amongst a thunder of rousing cheers and 
applause from the audience) 

January 21, 2008 by Jill Stanek
The simple truth is that the conservative coalition – a three-legged stool – stands when social, economic and defense conservatives work together on an interlocking agenda. The coalition collapses when any of the legs is missing. [Dick] Armey and others, especially the early enthusiasts for Rudy Giuliani, suggested the social conservative leg of the stool is dispensable, or at least that it can be appreciably shortened without impact on the greater stability of the coalition. This thesis is not only false in theory, it now has been decisively shown not to represent what the conservative coalition actually believes…

… Mike Huckabee: Social leg
… John McCain: Defense leg
… Mitt Romney: Economic leg

In the key battleground state of Michigan, these three individuals, McCain, Romney, and Huckabee, won more than 85% of the vote. the conservative coalition is to re-form, these three legs need their favorites to unite around the strongest themes of each, to wit: 1) the surge worked, and it is no longer business-as-usual against radical Islamic terrorism – we will take the fight to them and win for our values (McCain); 2) the government is run with all the efficiency of a bar room brawl where the sailors are bad enough but it’s actually the drunken captains doing the damage, and someone with business acumen has to clean it up (Romney); and 3) moral values are indispensable to a free nation that hopes to have and keep small government, and we can’t get there without some Old-Time Religion, and those old-timers, our nation’s almost uniformly Christian founders, knew it (Huckabee).

Obviously, each of the three leading Republicans can lay some claim to the other two themes that are not their primary ones….
is probably nothing they could do that would be more unifying than to rally now 
around a platform that embodies the coalition in full.
A unified agenda beckons the GOP to a surge of its own.

While reading the above release I realized what the impact of such of an speech and act by John McCain would be.
This would truly unify all three legs of the Reagan “Three legged stool” of Conservatism. In coming to this 
conclusion I thought of it from the vantage point of a Romney supporter as well. I thought it would be
completely acceptable because of the promise that Governor Romney would become both Vice President 
and possibly President himself. I also considered a reversal of roles but came to the conclusion that
giving Governor Huckabee the the VP slot and Governor Romney the Secretary of the Treasury was the 
only viable option because of the background and platforms of the two candidates: Huckabee as a social conservative
and former Baptist Minister and Romney as a successful businessman and economic scholar. 

Unifying the GOP in this way would create a compromise to solve a ever-widening rift between the supporters
of the two candidates. The wider the rift becomes and the longer the schism exists the worse off the Republican 
Party will be. The only way to properly resolve our differences is to make a compromise in this fashion.
In addition a plan of succession is established that would result in the lack of necessity of a divisive primary 
season in 2012, 2016, and possibly beyond that point. The money reserved for such a process could be invested 
in the Republican Congressional and Senatorial Committees to help elect a GOP majority in the House and Senate. 
Therefore, it is a win-win situation for everyone!