HUCKPAC’S VERTICAL DAY – Montana’s Bright Future

Vertical Day Continues with a post from the Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor of Montana, Steve Daines. He is running on the same ticket as the GOP candidate for Governor, Roy Brown. Steve’s post is about Energy Production:


By Steve Daines

Montana is in a unique position to be a national leader in our country’s quest to be energy independent. We have an opportunity to be our nation’s leader in both renewable energy resources, like wind, as well as oil and coal. In addition to our huge reserves of oil, Montana sits on the largest coal reserve in the nation. With all this resource potential, it’s no wonder why Montana in called the “Treasure State.”

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in bureaucracy, litigation, and gas prices, rather than production of Montana’s oil, gas, and coal reserves. Rather than develop our natural resources like our neighboring states, extreme environmental interests prefer to sue to keep our resources in the ground. Neither Montana nor the United States can take another four years of these backwards polices.

Roy Brown and I will bring state regulators and business leaders together in a boardroom, not a courtroom, to find long-term solutions so that we can develop our natural resources responsibly. Affordable gas prices and energy independence are important for our economic stability, and national security.

Now, I know this isn’t easy. Roy and I both come from the private sector. We’ve created jobs, and we’ve signed both sides of a paycheck. I know that business and government can work together for the common good, and I know we can find solutions to the tough challenges we face because I’ve been working for common sense solutions for over twenty five years. It’s time we use a little private sector innovation in state government. It’s time we start seeing results, not just the rhetoric.

It is every state’s responsibility to do their part in securing energy independence for the nation. We in Montana have been blessed in many ways, especially when it comes to our vast supply of natural resources. Through innovation and cooperation I see a very bright future for Montana as a leading energy provider, not just for our own, but for our nation.

Steve Daines is a candidate for Lt. Governor of Montana. You can learn more about him here.