Michigan Huckabee Coalition: "Only Huckabee Can Mobilize GOP Base!"

The following is a press release that has been composed by the Mike Huckabee Grassroots Coalition of Michigan. I am in full and total agreement with it and this I will share and spread its contents:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, August 18, 2008
CONTACT: Debra Mantey 989-551-7493

Backers point to Rasmussen, Zogby polls

Michigan Supporters tell McCain Camp
only Huckabee can mobilize GOP Base

Michigan supporters of former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s presidential candidacy Monday said they have delivered a statement to Sen. John McCain’s campaign urging McCain to select Huckabee as his vice presidential running mate.

The Huckabee supporters and other social conservatives in Michigan and nationally last week were shocked by the McCain camp’s serious discussion of selecting a running mate who favors legal abortion on demand.

The statement — delivered by e-mail and fax Monday to McCain’s Michigan and national campaign headquarters — reads as follows:

1. It is our belief that a large number of Christians do not currently plan to vote for Senator McCain because of his past positions and statements on issues of concern to Christian voters. This includes many voters who were not previously involved politically but were activated to support a Republican presidential campaign by former Gov. Mike Huckabee.

* A poll published earlier this year by the Christian Post found that Sen. Barack Obama and even Sen. Hillary Clinton outpolled McCain among Christian conservatives. (Notably, former Gov. Mike Huckabee was by far the most popular candidate among those polled.)
http://www.christianpost.com/article/20 … linton.htm

* Newsweek reported Friday that “a new poll from the Barna Group, a Christian research firm, shows Obama leadingMcCain 43 percent to 34 percent among likely Christian voters, with advantages among non-evangelical born again Christians (43% to 31%); notional Christians (44% to 28%)…Catholics (39% vs. 29%); and Protestants (43% to 34%). The only Christian subgroup (Obama) isn’t winning? Evangelicals.” http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/stumper/ … reads.aspx

2. We strongly believe that if Gov. Huckabee is part of the Republican Party ticket, many, many more of these Christians and Huckabee supporters will not only vote for the McCain ticket but will do something far more important: actively and enthusiastically work for its success.

3. The coalition supporting Gov. Huckabee has only grown in recent months, as evidenced by the Denver Letter to Sen. McCain signed by Christian activist leaders nationally.

4. Of all possible vice presidential candidates who would be acceptable to pro-life, pro-family voters, there is little question that Gov. Huckabee has the highest name identification and recognition nationally. We believe his selection would overnight give the McCain ticket something it currently lacks and most likely cannot win without: a national network of values voters and volunteers passionately committed to the values and message brought forth this past year by Gov. Huckabee.

5. Thus, this statement does not reflect merely our personal preference for the candidate we supported during the primary election contests. It reflects our political judgment that selecting Gov. Mike Huckabee as the vice presidential candidate is the quickest and surest way to exciting, activating, and mobilizing the socially conservative base of the Republican Party nationwide, the very coalition Sen. McCain recently said no Republican could win without. [Detroit News: “(James) Muffett said Friday that during the meeting, McCain (said) he respected social conservatives’ views (and) believed that Republican presidents from Ronald Reagan on could not have won without them.”] http://info.detnews.com/redesign/blogs/ … blogid=438

6. Further, two recent professional public opinion polls validated not only our political judgment but Gov. Huckabee’s appeal to all voters, not just social conservatives.

* A Rasmussen poll three weeks ago found that among all general election voters, Gov. Mike Huckabee had the highest favorable ratings among all possible vice presidential candidates included in the survey. (Notably, the same poll found that former Gov. Mitt Romney had the highest unfavorability rating of all possible candidates included.) http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_ … 25_27_2008

* A Zogby poll four weeks ago found that “among likely voters, 27% would be more likely to support McCain with Huckabee on the ticket,” the highest percentage of all possible vice presidential candidates included in the survey. http://zogby.com:80/news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=1530

7. Conversely, it is our judgment that the quickest and surest way Sen. McCain could alienate, demoralize, and deactivate social conservative activists and voters nationwide would be to select a vice presidential candidate who they believe does not share their values and worldview. Those would include former Gov. Mitt Romney, former Gov. Tom Ridge, Gov. Charlie Crist, Sen. Joe Lieberman, and others

8. While other possible vice presidential candidates are believed to share socially conservative values and would thus be philosophically acceptable — Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Rep. Rob Portman, Gov. Mark Sanford, Gov. Sarah Palin, and others — none of them has national name identification and a national organization of volunteers committed to their support comparable to Gov. Mike Huckabee. For example, the same Zogby poll which found that 27 percent of likely voters would be more likely to vote for McCain with Gov. Huckabee on the ticket, found that putting Gov. Jindal on the ticket would move only 5 percent to be more likely to support McCain, while Pawlenty motivated only 3 percent.

9. In summary, Gov. Mike Huckabee’s selection as Sen. McCain’s running mate would motivate more American voters to support Sen. McCain’s candidacy than any other possible running mate, and it would mobilize a pre-existing grassroots network of social conservative activists and volunteers that no other potential running mate could match, not even those philosophically acceptable to the Republican base.

10. The election of Sen. Barack Obama is unthinkable. Because we want Sen. McCain to succeed, and because we believe his vice presidential selection may be determinative in whether he has the grassroots volunteer support required for a Republican victory, we strongly and respectfully urge Sen. McCain to help us help him — and make iteasy, not hard, for us to persuade others to support and work for his candidacy — by selecting former Gov. Mike Huckabee as his vice presidential running mate.

Respectfully submitted,
Huckabee’s Michigan Grassroots Coalition

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Press Release: McCain/Huckabee Summit On August 13th

Wow!  I hope this goes well.  My prayers go out to all involved:  


Top McCain Campaign Adviser from Virginia Headquarters
to have Summit with Huckabee’s Michigan Grassroots Coalition

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2008, Damons Restaurant Hotel, 4960 Towne Center Rd., Saginaw, MI, at 7 pm
Private Room (Court of 2 Sisters).

The Summit is organized by Huckabee’s Michigan Grassroots Coalition, a widespread and dedicated group of Social and Economic Conservatives committed to Mike Huckabee’s principles, leadership, and conservative agenda. Huckabee’s supporters continue to remain active across Michigan, working to elect conservatives to public office, such as Jack Hoogendyk to the U.S. Senate, who is speaking at the Summit.

This Summit with Marlys Popma, McCain Advisor, seeks to find common ground with Sen. John McCain on important issues that affect the conservative voters in Michigan, in hopes of coalescing with the Michigan Huckabee Grassroots Coalition to deliver Michigan, a key battleground State in the November election.

Economic and tax reforms will be addressed at the Summit, such as the Fair Tax (a key element of Mr. Huckabee’s platform). These will be represented by Ron Babin, Deputy State Director of the MI Fair Tax Org., and FairTax Executive Daar Fisher.

Mike Huckabee Announces New Political Action Committee

It’s now after Noon Eastern on April 15th and our long wait is finally over! The new website is up and here is the first news release:

News Release: Mike Huckabee announces new Political Action Committee April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Governor Mike Huckabee (AR) has started Huck PAC, a Political Action Committee to raise funds for Republican candidates and continue promoting the principles and ideas of conservative, smaller and more responsible government, it was announced today.

“During the course of our campaign, we saw something happen that went beyond the campaign for President. It was a COMMUNITY that was devoted to a CAUSE that is bigger than any of us and not just about the next election, but the next generation. Our goal is to secure a better future for our country by changing our punitive tax system, standing firm for the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, and protecting our borders and giving our veterans the blood-bought benefits they deserve. We launch the new website today as we formally push the lift-off button for HUCK-PAC, which will enable us to help Senator McCain become our next President, and to assist conservative, pro-life and pro-family candidates to Senate and House seats. The website will not only preserve our online community, but enlarge it and encourage it to be a force for freedom, faith, and family!” Huckabee said today.

The PAC website launched today along with Huckabee’s announcement will feature candidates that Huckabee is supporting, help raise money for candidates who share the same convictions as Huckabee, and allow supporters to post ideas and continue to be a part of Huckabee’s national network.

Huckabee stated, “the PAC is founded on the principles that make America great: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. And because we believe our Republican Party embodies these ideas and is best suited to lead America forward, we are committed to supporting Republican candidates nationwide.”

Huckabee asked his supporters to make donations today for the PAC and his three featured candidates; NH State Sen. Bob Clegg, who is running for Congress, GA Congressman John Linder, and AR State Sen. Gilbert Baker.

Fantastic! I am looking around the new website as we speak. there are blog widgets that will soon appear and I will be joining the blogroll as soon as I finish typing this post.

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Press Release: Mike Huckabee Crosses The Finsh Line

News Release: Mike Huckabee Crosses Finish Line In Presidential Run

March 05, 2008

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee concluded his 2008 bid for the Republican nomination for President tonight, calling upon his supporters to embrace the candidacy of U.S. Senator John McCain (AZ).

Huckabee, a champion of conservative values, said: “I extend my congratulations – and my commitment to John McCain and the Party – to do everything possible to unite our party and our nation, to be the best country we can be, not for ourselves, but for future generations. I am grateful that Senator McCain has led an honorable campaign because he is an honorable man.”

“It’s now important that we turn our attention, not to what could have been or what we wanted to have been, but what to now must be, and that is a united party,” Huckabee stated in his speech to supporters gathered in Texas tonight.

Huckabee said, “Not only have we fought the good fight and finished the race but more importantly, we have kept the faith. I would rather lose an election than lose the principles that got me into politics in the first place.”

“While many in the establishment never really believed I belonged, there were many in the country that did,” he said. “Thanks to their sacrifices, I had a voice – and I only pray that I have been able to give them a voice.”

Huckabee said he represented average Americans who work two jobs to meet ends meet; conservatives who want less – but more efficient – government with less corruption; people who believe we should overhaul our tax system, implement the Fair Tax ad and get rid of the IRS; the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, who keep us free; those who cherish life and those who have yet to be born.

Huckabee, who ran an extremely small but cost-effective campaign, concluded his remarks by stating, “Our battle was never about us. It was about our country and its liberty. Now, we join with Senator McCain in the rest of that battle, not for who gets elected, but for what we can do when we get elected.”

Huckabee finishes the race with delegates from his victory in eight primaries and caucuses. He won caucuses in Iowa, West Virginia, and Kansas. Huckabee also won primaries in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and his home state of Arkansas.

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Huck’s Army – "They’ve Underestimated Him Before…"

February 8, 2008

Lucas Roebuck
Public Affairs, HucksArmy.com

“They have underestimated him before…”
HUCKABEE GRASSROOTS brings the fight to KANSAS, LOUISIANA and beyond

Many roads lead to Huckabee victory — all possible through a groundswell of grassroots support


WICHITA, Kan. — Calls are being made, signs being distributed, and rallies being attended as Huck’s Army troops join a groundswell of grassroots support for Gov. Mike Huckabee in the Sunflower State.

“We saw the how the grassroots efforts of Huckabee supporters stacked up in states like Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama,” said David Schmidt, National Grassroots Campaign Manager for HucksArmy.com. “We are taking the fight to Kansas and Louisiana on Saturday.”

“Kansas is the heartland of America, good people, values voters,” said Lucas Roebuck, Public Affairs Officer for HucksArmy.com. “Social conservatives and moral voters will give Huckabee a boost.”

Roebuck said Huckabee could do well in Louisiana also, particularly because when he was governor, he committed full state resources to helping the Hurricane Katrina evacuees from Arkansas’ neighbor to the south.

“As a journalist in Arkansas at the time, I covered the open arms of friendship and support Arkansas gave to Louisiana evacuees of all social, racial and economic groups,” Roebuck said. “Huckabee mobilized the resources of the government, the private sector and churches quickly. He didn’t wait for the bureaucracy. He used the power of his office to make things happen.”

The Kansas Right to Life organization, Kansans for Life, endorsed Mike Huckbaee this week, as did Christian leader Dr. James Dobson. The Dobson’s endorsement solidifies Huckabee as the standard bearer for social conservatives and value voters.

Candidates are competing to win delegates from a pool of 2,381 delegates. Just over 1,200 have been allocated, leaving around 1,100 up for grabs. Mitt Romney, who has suspended his campaign, will have 281 delegates to release at the GOP Convention. Huckabee will have to win around 900 of those to lock up the election, but far fewer to force a brokered convention.

About HucksArmy.com
With core values of faith, family and freedom, HucksArmy.com is an online grassroots movement not owned or operated by any candidate or political campaign. With more than 17,000 recruits, HucksArmy.com is dedicated to mobilize support for candidates who honor God and country.

CALL TO ACTION – Sign The Huckabee Supperters’ Press Release!

The time is now! We must stick to our principles and announce to the world that we support Mike Huckabee and will never vote for Mitt Romney! Please CLICK HERE and add your voice to mine and a growing number of Huckabee supporters!

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Mike Huckabee Comments on Florida Primary


ews Release: Mike Huckabee Comments On Florida Primary

January 30, 2008

Little Rock, AR – The following statement was issued by former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee regarding last night’s Florida primary:

“Our campaign is full throttle toward Super Tuesday where a number of key Southern states, and other strong conservative states, are likely to add to our delegate count, which already had us in second place in delegates before Florida. I look forward to a healthy and constructive debate at the Reagan Library tonight as we discuss the conservative issues that matter to most Americans and will define our Party and our future.

“We have a long way to go in this nominating process. When you look at what we have done, with what we have, it’s a remarkable story that is not even close to being over. In fact, we like to believe we’re just really getting started. I’m convinced that my optimistic message of hope and change will continue to resonate with voters as we head into Super Tuesday.”