Eastbound & Down Loaded Up N’ Truckin!

It’s funny how things work out.  Just hours after posting Trucker Randy’s picture I actually got a better look at our namesake.  Just before I had posted the picture two things happened.  First I got an E-mail request for my mailing address – so I thought I was going to be getting some mail soon.  After that a call from Randy himself asking me about what I was doing.  No big deal.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Boy was I ever wrong!  

After warming up some leftover spaghetti and sitting down to it the doorbell rings.  I had already gotten the mail so I thought it must be UPS leaving a package, maybe for Papa or one of my brothers.  I didn’t want to leave the package out in the cold (it was quite cold for Georgia) so I rushed down to go fetch it.  Remember when the pictures were posted with Randy and HUCKaMOM visited the Wedding Ring Lady?  I’d remember Randy’s jacket anywhere and that’s exactly what I was staring at when I looked out the door!  

“YOU SON OF A GUN!” I exclaimed as we embraced in a Bear Hug.  This was probably the most excited I’d be answering the door unless I was staring at Governor Huckabee or the folks from Publisher’s Clearing House!  Randy (along with his partner Dean) had driven all the way from Akron on the way to pick up a load down South.  They had just enough time to stop by and boy and I sure glad they did!  

I’ve been interested in Trucking for a long time.  Many times during summer vacations during my youth I’d stay up and listen to the late night trucking shows.  If I was not blind Trucking is definitely what I’d want to do for a living.  What a great way to see this great Nation of ours!  I feel a kindred spirit with Randy and all of the folks hauling loads up and down the highways.  They are heroes because they keep our Nation rolling.  We couldn’t do much of anything without them!  Needless to say I’ve always wanted to take a ride in a big rig.  This day I would finally get my taste!  

It may have only been a short trip around the block but I could not have been more happy.  I got a chance to sit in the drivers seat (while in park of course) and blew that wonderful horn (more than once…long blasts that made my heart fill with joy each time).  I remember long road trips as a kid trying to get the truckers to honk and those memories rushed back into my mind each time I pulled the wire and blew that horn!     

While not a kid and not crippled I felt like “Teddy Bear” in the famous Red Sovine song.  I’d like to put these photos to that song but I haven’t figured that out yet so I hope a Youtube video of that song playing is good enough.  

Thanks for stopping by Trucker Randy!  What an awesome surprise!  Please come back and make some room.  I’ll have a suitcase packed next time, boy!  :o)  Drive safely and God’s speed to you, Dean, and all truck drivers everywhere!  God bless Y’all!    

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Governor Huckabee Rocked the House At Yesterday’s FairTax Rally!

Wow!  What a day yesterday!  I was really excited about the FairTax rally that was going to be held yesterday at the Gwinnett Civic Center and boy did it ever exceed my expectations!  I have spent long hours over the past year working hard for Governor Huckabee and his causes but I had yet to get the pleasure to meet him in person.  Finally I had my chance and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience!!

When I woke up yesterday morning it was like my Birthday and Christmas morning all wrapped up in one day!  My excitement knew no bounds!  My ride was scheduled to arrive between Noon and 12:30 to try and beat the crowd and after Breakfast I had no time to lose!  After getting ready and making sure I looked as nice as I could possibly be in a rush it was time for me to hurry up and wait.

My friend Edward (who snapped the picture above) took “the wrong turn at Albuquerque” and ran late.  While waiting I could have eaten lunch but my mind was preoccupied with a race of thoughts and feelings sweeping through my mind.  When my friend finally drove up we had no time to lose because we didn’t want to hit the crowd of people that was sure to be there and did eventually show up.

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My Day On The Trail With Saxby Chambliss

A few days ago I received an E-mail telling me that Senator Saxby Chambliss was making a bus tour through my area on Tuesday.  I called my Friend Adam (who serves with me as local FairTax community coordinators – I’m his assistant in my town and I decided that Saxby could use all the support he can get from us FairTaxers.  We then decided to get up early to meet him in Lawrenceville and follow his tour through the Noon hour on Tuesday.  We would have gone on longer but we both had things to do at home and had to get back at a decent hour. Read the rest of this entry »

The Latest on The FairTax & The GA Senate Race

Last Friday, on very short notice (less than 24 hours) a press conference was scheduled for the Western steps of the Georgia State Capitol by FairTax supporters to address the fallacies of attack ad against Georgia Senator, Saxby Chambliss that is being run by the Democrats in support of Jim Martin.  Unfortunately I was not able to get down there and it was raining heavily so the conference was moved inside the “Gold Dome” (as we call it down here).  My friend  Don Williamson was there and he filed this report that you can read after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »