FairTax: “Help Us Reach 7,500 Toolbar Downloads By July 4th!”

The following is the latest message from Americans For Fair Taxation:

Dear FairTax supporter,

More and more people are joining our cause and even those who have not joined are starting to accept the FairTax as the way to save our economy and end Congressional corruption. In fact, a recent poll found that 43% of the nation favors replacing the income tax with a national sales tax!

Washington still resists the FairTax, of course, and will until our voice is so loud and insistent that representatives remember that it is the will of the people–not tax lobbyists–that sent them to the Capitol.Our independence as a nation signaled the end to the power of royalty in the new United States. It began our great experiment in self-determination and freedom. Now the FairTax can restore that promise and bring jobs and economic health back to America.To honor Independence Day and support the FairTax will you download the new FairTax.org browser toolbar? Our goal is to hit 7,500 downloads by July 4th.More than 5,000 of your fellow FairTax supporters have already downloaded the toolbar. They know the toolbar will generate important funds for the FairTax cause at no cost to them. Will you join them? With more income, we can fund more billboards and media buys, grow our online and grassroots efforts, put on more rallies, and educate even more Americans about the power of the FairTax during this critical time for our nation.The FairTax.org toolbar, which will appear on your Web browser, can raise funds for the FairTax cause when you use it to search or make an online purchase. The toolbar is also a communication tool providing you with breaking FairTax news and updates, and a chance to be part of a growing online community.So please consider downloading the FairTax toolbar now at http://www.fairtax.org/toolbar and help us reach our goal of 7,500 by July 4th.

It’s a fine way to stand for freedom this Independence Day.


Ken Hoagland
National Director

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