GUEST POST: Why I Like Mike Huckabee

The following is a fantastic guest post by my friend Melissa Green.  She is one of the HuckPAC State Coordinators in Alabama.  She wrote the following as a Facebook note and it is fantastic.  While my story with Mike is not the same it is a very similar one.  It’s playing out in a similar way with many people like Melissa and I all across this nation.

Why I like Mike Huckabee: How he has inspired a new generation to get involved in politics.

By Melissa Green

I have always followed politics on a National level. Yes I admit that I watch cable news probably more than any other channel, but I got involved in Mike Huckabee presidential bid IN SPITE of that fact. I had heard of him, seen him interviewed, and was being told every day “he is too liberal.” But while watching a debate he said something that I just could not let go of. He said, “We don’t have a HealthCARE crisis in America we have a HEALTH crisis.” That one simple statement was enough to get me to search his website and see what this guy was all about. To my surprise I agreed with him on every position, except he has this thing called the Fair Tax he was for. Also something I had heard of before, but didn’t have a clue what in the world it was. So I researched the Fair Tax and I was hooked. This guy is actually FOR something that would take power out of Washington and return it back to the people. People would tell me…..”but he is a populist.” I say if a “populist” means putting the needs of the American people first, then sign me up, because his positions were just common sense to me. The more I read his blogs and saw him interviewed, the more I liked him and trusted him. He stood up for what he believed, even when the “media” would just pummel him for it. So Donnie and I started giving to his primary campaign. Now when you start putting your money where you mouth is (especially when we really didn’t have it to give) then you know you have been inspired to no longer sit on the sidelines, but you are ready to fight to change the status quo. I took the loss in the primary in stride. I honestly believed that God was guiding his campaign and he had different plans for Mike. People ask me all the time “do you think he will run again.” I honestly don’t know. I pray that he will consider it because he is exactly what this county needed, and will need even more after the next two/four years, but God had given him a platform that is probably just as powerful to change hearts and minds. Only God knows what the future holds for Governor Huckabee.

I did as Mike asked and stuck with the republicans in the last election (while holding my nose), but I also knew that I was going to work to change things. I had no idea how I was going to do that because I know practically nothing about the “game” of politics. In March I was contacted by Huck PAC, Mike Huckabee’s Political Action Committee. It was a crazy time for me because we were right in the middle of Seussical and my life was busy and stressful as we got that production to the stage. Huck PAC asked me if I would be one of the Alabama State Coordinators for Huck PAC. Donnie looked at me like I was crazy when I told him. How was I going to have time to do it? But I was determined to make a difference in the future of America and this was the path God was providing me to do that. I agreed knowing that I was not going to be able to do anything with it for a while. After Seussical, my life began to change. Because of my “new position” of Alabama State Coordinator for Huck PAC I reached out to some guy named Les Phillip who was planning to run for the 5th District House Seat. I just told him who I was and asked him if he would be interested in trying to receiving and endorsement from Huck PAC. His answer was yes, we met, I LOVED him and here we are today. We have successfully gotten that endorsement from Huck PAC, we have successfully gotten Governor Huckabee to come to Huntsville to raise money for Les’ bid for congress, and I am having a blast. I will be attending my FIRST political fundraiser as Les’ guest and will be sitting at the “head table.” Why? Because of Mike Huckabee, my faith and trust in him and my faith and trust in God. God didn’t get Mike as far as he did for us all to just go away, but the thing you must all understand is my story is but one. There are thousands of other people just like me that are working in their states and districts, running for all manner of public office, and financially supporting candidates that will be good for this country because of this unknown Governor that thought he might be the best President for America. I can never thank him enough for enduring all the things he went through so that we might have a chance to leave a better county for our kids than the one we live in now.

So that is why I like Mike Huckabee so much. He gave me hope that this unknown homemaker who just wants to leave a better America for our kids and grandkids can have an impact too.

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