Bob Vander Plaats For Iowa’s Next Governor!

My friend Randy Davis has quite the way with words. I echo his sentiments and offer my support to Bob Vander Plaats the next Governor of Iowa, someone The Hawkeye State will be proud of!

I would like to introduce you to Bob Vander Plaats (say Vander-Plots) and why I believe he should become…..


Over the past 22 years we have traveled all over the nation with our ministry. During those two plus decades we
have had the opportunity of being in hundreds of churches and literally meeting thousands of people from all walks of life. I know from experience that it is extremely rare to find an individual with as many positive qualities as Bob Vander Plaats.

Not only is Bob a very good friend of ours and a dedicated Christian, but a man of impeccable character with a stellar reputation. I realize that some of you may know Bob and are well aware of all the great qualities he possesses. However, it may be many of you have never heard of him, perhaps in much the same way scores of Americans had never heard of Governor Mike Huckabee, just over one year ago.

Bob Vander Plaats ( pronounced Vander-Plots) received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa and Masters and Specialist Degrees from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

He is also the author of the popular new book, “Light from Lucas” which is available in bookstores and can be purchased at the Web Site called You may also obtain this great book by purchasing it on our Web Site at …and then clicking on “Special Offers.”

If you do not have this book, I urge you to get a copy right away. For me, I would have to say that other than the Bible itself, it is perhaps the most life changing book I have ever read. Like us, Bob and his wife were blessed to have a “special”child. The third of four children, Lucas was born severely disabled. This story will tug at your heart , and then touch your very soul in a way few books can. Shirley and I gave many of these books away as Christmas gifts this past year.

Bob also has served as a high school teacher, coach, and principal for eleven years in Iowa Public Schools. In 1996, Bob became President and CEO of Opportunities Unlimited in Sioux City, Iowa; a human services organization providing rehabilitation services for young adults with brain injuries and other life altering disabilities.

Bob was a Republican candidate for Iowa’s Governor in 2002 and the Republican nominee for Iowa’s Lt. Governor in 2006. He is now the President of MVP Leadership specializing in strategic vision and executive leadership and working diligently to spread God’s “light” through the life of Lucas.

Bob and his wife Darla are the parents of four sons, including Lucas, and reside in Sioux City, Iowa.

I could go on and on about Bob. I guess the primary point I want to make to those of you who do not yet know Bob, is that he is “the real deal.” If you like Mike Huckabee, you will love Bob Vander Plaats. In fact, Bob served as the Iowa Chairman for Governor Huckabee’s Presidential campaign. Even though we are obviously all different, I see many of the same qualities that drew me to Governor Huckabee in Bob Vander Plaats.

In a nutshell, Bob is HONEST. That may seem to be a rare quality for a person in the political world , but it is true. He is a tremendous communicator, and in my mind, impossible to dislike. For Iowa conservatives, there is no one even remotely close to possessing the qualities of this man.

In fact, if it were possible for Iowa conservatives to “create” a person in a lab somewhere that could articulate their values both socially and fiscally, they would “create Bob Vander Plaats.” The bad news is that human beings do not have that scientific ability, but the good news is, we don’t have to. He already exists.

Believe it or not, the year 2010…. is just next year! In 2010, Iowa will have the opportunity to elect a new Governor. Bob Vander Plaats’ experiences have prepared him not only to be the best GOP candidate for Governor in 2010 but also to be the best leader of either party to move Iowa forward. Bob’s considerable advantages over anyone in the race include….

Executive and Business Experience

As CEO of Opportunities Unlimited in Sioux City, Bob led the financial and clinical turnaround of this not-for profit organization. In four short years, Bob’s leadership brought the corporation from the brink of closure to one referenced as “the model in the country.” The governorship requires an “executive mindset”- a leader not a follower. Bob is not only a successful business owner, but also a proven leader in education. Other potential candidates lack that executive record and that combination of skill sets and experiences.

A Leader in Education

Education spending comprises more than 60 percent of the state budget. While educational professionals exert heavy influence on behalf of Democrats, GOP candidates too often cede the education issue entirely. Nominating a Republican candidate with real classroom and school leadership experience will attract “education voters,” particularly independents, to our side. Elections are won-or lost-among independent voters. In recent cycles, we’ve been losing those voters and elections. Bob Vander Plaats will be the only GOP candidate who can match-and exceed- Chet Culver’s experience in education.

Personal and Professional Human Services Story

Republicans have been biennial losers on this issue. We are painted as uncaring on issues of importance to Iowans who need assistance from the human services system. Bob Vander Plaats speaks to these issues as a parent and a professional. As the author of “Light from Lucas” mentioned above, he details his family’s inspirational story of raising a child with disabilities. As a professional who led a nonprofit that serves Iowans with disabilities and was appointed by Governor Branstad to lead a state committee on those issues, Bob will do more than neutralize the Democrats’ perceived advantage on this important issue; he’ll turn the issue into a plus. Once again, no other candidate- Republican or Democrat- has his experience or perspective.

Statewide Campaign Experience (and resulting organizational advantage)

It takes a great deal of work and discipline to campaign for statewide office in Iowa. Many candidates have underestimated the commitment required for such an endeavor. Bob knows what it takes. He is not overwhelmed by the task, rather he relishes it. As a result of a relentless focus, Bob has built a statewide support system second to none. Period.

Solid Conservative Credentials

Our party nominee must distinguish himself from Governor Culver. Bob is recognized for his solid social and fiscal conservative credentials.

The Head Start Edge

Getting out of the blocks fast makes a difference in campaigns, especially when it scares off others. It’s always easiest to beat an opponent who doesn’t get into the race. ( Just ask Bill Clinton. The Democratic power structure was completely aligned to give the 1992 nomination to New York Governor Mario Cuomo, but he took a pass. The rest is history.) The odds of potential opponents sitting out a race increase proportionately when a strong candidate has emerged. Bob is that strong candidate.

The Buyer’s Remorse Factor

Numerous voters who opted for Jim Nussle in 2006 or Doug Gross in 2002 say they wish they would have supported Bob Vander Plaats and he’d been our nominee. Bob will pick up additional support in this election cycle from activists, voters and the party’s “money people” who now believe we’d have a better shot at victory had they backed him rather than someone else. Thankfully, Bob is not turning his back on our party or our state by giving us another opportunity.

The “Who Wants it Most?” Factor

Call it “attitude.” Call it “the heart of a winner.” Call it “the mind of a champion.” In politics as in sports, all things being fairly equal it’s the person who wants it the most that wins. In campaigns, cash is the one factor capable of surpassing willpower and desire. Unlike 2006, no candidate starts the 2010 political cycle with a huge cash advantage. But one candidate-ours-starts and will finish with a winning attitude, heart and mindset. No one will out work Bob Vander Plaats.

National Support Network

Bob has laid the foundation for a national fundraising and support network through his prominent role as Mike Huckabee’s Iowa Chairman and “inner circle” member, and his work with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. National figures like Mike Huckabee, Chuck Norris and others have already pledged to come to Iowa to campaign for Bob.

Forward this to others and let’s get the word out about this amazing opportunity of electing a man of this caliber for Governor of Iowa !

If you would like more information about Bob, feel free to contact me:

Randy Davis
1935 Greenwood Drive
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

641-680-2997 Cell phone E-Mail Web Address

OR…. you may contact Wes Enos at 1-515-988-4688 in Des Moines.


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