GUEST BLOG – Rush Limbaugh’s Blind Spot

The following is a guest blog by my good friend Randy Davis in Iowa.  You can visit his website here.    The following was written in January of this year.  I thought it was great and wanted to share.  Enjoy.

Rush Limbaugh’s Blind Spot

Rush Limbaugh is, and has been right about lots of stuff over the years, but he is totally off base when it comes to Governor Mike Huckabee. I could tell by the stuff he said during the primaries in late 2007 and early 2008 that he didn’t even know Governor Huckabee or his real positions….he just fell for the establishment line of garbage in much the same way that Ann Coulter did. I’m afraid that Rush is still making the typical non-Christian mistake of believing that true conservative “Republicanism” is what will save America from destruction ……when in reality, it is true Biblical Christianity that is her only hope.

His spin on “Conservatism” has actually become his deity or religion….that’s his blind spot, and he is probably “incapable” of understanding that actual truth…even though, in his own mind, he is America’s “Truth Detector.”

People always quote the passage…”the truth will set us free.” What they often don’t realize is that in that passage in John 8:31 Jesus was speaking to Jews who had “Believed on Him”…in other words “real genuine Christians in the Biblical sense. To “those” people he said…..”IF you continue in my word… (“IF”) …..then you are my disciples indeed, and you will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Conservatism is by far the best mode of political operation and I believe can be linked to scriptural roots…but when you take just “secular conservatism” alone…just by itself…. and try to base your life around it apart from the literal source of all Truth, all you have is the normal political rhetoric of the day.

It’s like saying… ” I just exist, but I have no parents.” True conservatism can only triumph if it is connected to it’s Biblical roots. Rush stayed very busy chopping the tree of conservatism free from it’s roots every day on the radio, along with many other “conservative talkers”. He was successful in helping muddy the waters enough with confusion and skepticism, that many conservative voters opted for other candidates deemed more “electable.”

He did his very best to destroy the “once in a life time candidacy” of Governor Huckabee ….who could well have moved conservatism further into the mainstream than Rush could ever have imagined. With a weak 2008 GOP candidate like John Mc Cain, the election outcome has produced perhaps the most liberal/socialist candidate in our nations history, Barrack Obama. If Governor Huckabee decides on another run in 2012, I would hope Rush can adjust his political mirror enough that he will not do a repeat “hit job.” My fear is that Rush, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and a whole host of others may prove to be bigger obstacles for the Governor than the liberals. I hope I’m wrong.

Of course, we must pray for the new President and his cabinet because God is still in control and is fully capable of doing “exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or even think.” (Ephesians 3:20)

In 2 Chronicles 14:11 …Asa only had 580,000 men against the 1 million that Zerah the Ethiopian had (plus his 300 chariots) It looked as though Asa and his men would be slaughtered in record time with no hope or chance at all. But Asa cried out to the Lord and said….”Lord, it is nothing for You to help….whether with many or with those who have no power, help us, O Lord our God, for we rest on You, and in Your name we go against this multitude. O Lord, You are our God; do not let man prevail against You !”

Let’s hope and pray the GOP comes to it’s senses, or we will all need the new bumper sticker…”Hey GOP- Don’t Blame Me…I voted for Mike Huckabee” By the way, I have several of these stickers, if you would like one drop me a note and I will send you one.

Randy Davis

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