Last weekend in Savannah I was blessed to attend my first Georgia State Republican Convention as a delegate.  You can bet HuckPAC was represented well despite the adversity we faced in getting there..  In a quick summary here is what we were able to accomplish:

– Signed up 15 more names to the mailing list
– Handed out tons of Huck Stickers, and bumper stickers
– Shook scores of hands and met lots of people telling each of them about HuckPAC/Team Huck and our mission
– Everyone got a flier in their convention “Goodie bag” (a very impressive flier at that)
– handed out candidate surveys to every candidate for state-wide office (except for one candidate for Attorney General that I could not find after he spoke).
– I also worked the room at the Young Republicans state convention that was held an hour after the state GOP convention was adjourned.

I wish to thank the volunteers who helped accomplish what we did (even those who could not join us…your donations to HuckPAC over the past few months helped).  I hope that if you were there I was able to meet you.  If you were there and we didn’t meet up I hope we will be able to do so down the road at another event.

Between all of the business and a lot of fun (the parties on Friday night were a blast!) we were treated to many fine speeches.  Our keynote came from the newly-elected Chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele.  His speech was very passionate and very well done.  I would like to share with you what I feel was the most memorable and most important part of his speech.

After speaking for awhile Chairman Steele called a particular group to action.  He asked that every person in the room that is a Teen Republican, College Republican, or Young Republican stand up and be recognized.  I proudly stood up.  Steele went on to call us to action.

“If anyone tells you you are the future of the Republican party, they are wrong.   You ARE the here and the now!  You no longer have to ask permission to do anything.  Go out and lead and lead now!”

I know we have many folks out there reading this blog right now that, like me, are either a Teen Republican, College Republican, or a Young Republican.  I want you to do the same thing that Chairman Steele asked us to do in Savannah.  The time is now to get off your seat and get things done.  We don’t have any time to lose.  We must fight for our conservative values and principles.  That is Team Huck’s mission in the next few years by supporting strong conservatives running for offices at all levels of Government.  I hope you will stand up and fight by joining Team Huck today.  After doing so tell all of your friends and family about Team Huck and our mission too.  Shout it from the mountaintops through your online network of friends (Facebook, Twitter, etc)!

Together we can and WE WILL win this fight!  JOIN TEAM HUCK TODAY!!!

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