The Power Of A Purple Tie

Never underestimate the power of a purple tie!

If you saw last night’s edition of Huckabee on Fox News you saw The Governor wearing a deep purple tie.  In fact it looks exactly like the one I am wearing in the picture over to the right.

If you are a HuckaNut you probably have heard about the purple tie story.  Some of you might not know what the significance is.  For your benefit I will quote my HucksArmy buddy RedCentral.

Here’s the short story…

In July of last year, everyone was guessing whether Mike was going to be VP. We all tried to find out for ourselves, but it was anybody’s guess. I left a blog comment over at Huck-Pac that Mike should wear a purple tie (purple is a unique color and wasn’t original like blue or green or red) the next time he is interview. At the next interview, he wore a burgundy/purplish tie. I thought no one paid attention to my comment since it was a joke and a side comment. Everyone on the blog and Huck’s Army went crazy with speculation. I think Mike was having fun because during the next 3 interviews his ties would be a shade like purple, but not purple. Finally, after the VP was chosen and the RNC Convention was going on, Sarah Huckabee released a video on Huck Pac where she said she was shopping for her Dad’s tie and said “I think you’ll like it.” It was a purple tie. You can go back and watch the video of the convention. Everyone was saying that it was weird that Mike wasn’t wearing a blue or red tie, but a purple one. We knew why. It was an inside joke between Mike’s supporters and him and it all started with one small blog comment by me. So every time he wears a purple tie we get a kick out of it and make jokes.

Fast forward to last night.  I am in Newberry, South Carolina.  I had just packed up my DJ gear (I was in town to play for a friend’s college Graduation party).  Mama cranked the car and we headed towards the hotel we were staying in.  Suddenly my blackberry goes nuts with texts (if I wasn’t in a dead zone my phone would have rung off the hook too).  “He’s Wearing the tie!” was the common theme.

Last week I was blessed to attend the Life Center Banquet in IndianapolisThe keynote speaker was Governor Mike Huckabee.  The Indiana HuckPAC coordinators and I walked up to Mike and presented him with a purple tie (a duplicate was bought and after wearing it last week it hangs in my room as the only tie I personally own).  He was very gracious and accepted it with pride.  We hoped he might wear it sometime but we realized that it was just a $9 tie that might get lost in his closet that has to be packed with ’em.

I had a rough week (especially Thursday and Friday).  The weight of that hard week (despite troubling things being resolved) was bore on my shoulders.  I was exhausted and ready to crawl onto a mattress made of down.  Then it happened.

My blackberry started chirping and the texts came in.  My face lit up and my heart jumped for joy.  The energy I lacked suddenly sprung up out of me.  I had Mama drop me off at the hotel door and I don’t think anyone has run as fast through a hotel lobby than I did.  I took off like a shot towards the elevator!  My hero was wearing my tie on national television!! I had to see it for myself.

After reaching my floor I could not push in my door key fast enough.  I dropped my stuff on the bed and looked for the remote.  A moment later I found it and pushed in the right channel number.  JACKPOT!   THERE HE WAS!!  I squealed with delight as my Mom entered the room.

Instantly all my frustration and stress was washed away and all my effort this week was made worth it (as if Tinkerbell was in the room and sprinkled me with pixie dust).  It didn’t come with any words from Mike on TV or a mention.  All he did was wear a purple tie.

As I said before, never underestimate the power of a PURPLE tie.

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