VIDEO – Last Week’s FairTax Rally

The following are videos taken at last week’s FairTax Rally in Columbia, SC.  My Youtube report is still in production.  Stay tuned:
The first video is the speech by South Carolina Representative, Rex Rice.  He is running for Congress next year to succeed Gresham Barrett.  Mr. Rice has my complete support!

Next up is the speech by Syndicated talker, and author of The FairTasx Book, Neal Boortz.  This is the longest speech on the FairTax that I have heard him give.

You’ve already heard from one congressman and next you will hear from the next President of the United States!” From your lips to God’s ears, Neal!  Here’s Governor Huckabee’s speech.  It’s a classic.  Very folksy with a great closing parable.

Stay tuned for my personal video report about the rally, coming soon!

One Response to “VIDEO – Last Week’s FairTax Rally”

  1. chukmaty Says:

    Good talk by Huckabee, refreshing to see someone talk passionately without a teleprompter doing novel things like walk around stage, speaking extemporaneously, and making eye contact.

    Helps that he had a great message.

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