Latest News From GA Governor’s Race: GOP Has New Frontrunner, Oxendine!

In all the excitement of the tea parties and the FairTax Rally there was breaking news from the GA Governor’s race.  Lt. Governor Casey Cagle decided to drop out of the race, due to health issues.  The following was Commissioner John Oxendine’s press release following Cagle’s announcement:

A statement from John Oxendine:

As I said when Casey initially entered the race, I consider the Lieutenant Governor to be a friend and leader in the Republican Party.  I have always acknowledged that Casey Cagle and I share the same general, conservative philosophy and he was an honorable opponent.  I wish Casey and his family the very best.

I would consider it an honor to earn the support of my fellow Republicans who had initially chosen to support Casey Cagle.  I am at their service to answer any questions they have about my race, and where I stand on the issues, and help move this party forward with a conservative nominee.

John Oxendine

And this is the latest news from the race.  As you will read there is a new GOP frontrunner and it is Oxendine!

17 April, New Poll and Fundraising Numbers and District Convention

Good afternoon Georgia

A message from Team Oxendine

——————————————-BREAKING NEWS————————————-
The Frontrunner

New Polling

With the departure of Casey Cagle from the race, Georgia Republicans are solidifying around a clear frontrunner and that person is John Oxendine.

Last night, a statewide poll was conducted of Georgia GOP primary voters who have voted in three of the last four GA GOP statewide primaries.  There were 1,226 respondents:

Oxendine  35%
Handel  16%
Olens  6.2%
Burkhalter  2.5%
Scott  1.8%
Undecided  38.5%

These numbers speak for themselves.

Strong Fundraising

In the first business day since Casey Cagle made his decision, John Oxendine has received checks and commitments totaling over $123,000 from former Casey Cagle financial supporters across Georgia and in every Congressional District.

Strong Donations to the Georgia Grassroots GOP

This week John Oxendine made contributions totaling $29,960 to numerous Georgia GOP organizations.  Among these are every GFRW, YR, and CR chapter including the state federations.  Additionally, John gave contributions to over 125 local GOP county party committees.

This brings the total donated by John Oxendine, since he announced for Governor, to the Georgia GOP, candidates, local county committees, and auxiliaries to $119,644.

When John Oxendine says he will be the Grassroots Governor – he means it.

Cagle Supporters for Oxendine

Since Wednesday, Team Oxendine and John have received over 1,000 e-mails, phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, and verbal communications from former Casey Cagle volunteers and supporters from every congressional district.
Team Oxendine is overwhelmed and humbled by this outpouring of support.


Last night, Keith Stone, one of the most active Casey Cagle leaders in South Georgia, created the Cagle Supporters for Oxendine Facebook page.  John is humbled Keith has joined Team Oxendine, created this new page and invites everyone to join.

The Oxendine Grassroots Georgia Tour

John Oxendine has begun his grassroots listening tour of Georgia. The tour is called John Oxendine Governor 2010 – The Grassroots Georgia Tour.  It is a multistage tour throughout the spring and summer taking John to every region of the state.

Stage one took John to Appling, Bartow, Bibb, Carroll, Chatham, Clayton, Cobb, Coffee, Colquitt, Coweta, DeKalb, Dougherty, Fayette, Floyd, Fulton, Glynn, Gwinnett, Lowndes, McIntosh, Pierce, Thomas, Ware, Wayne, and Whitfield counties.

Among the highlights:

John joined Neal Boortz, Herman Cain, and Congressman John Linder as the four keynote speakers at the Jacksonville/Southeast Georgia Fair Tax rally.

John spoke to over 600 people at the Thomasville Fair Tax Town Hall.

John was the only statewide candidate to be invited to speak at the Middle Georgia Tea Party in Macon.  The crowd was over 500.

John was the only candidate for Governor to speak at the Atlanta Tea Party. Atlanta police estimate the crowd was over 15,000.

District Conventions

District Conventions:  TOMORROW, Team Oxendine has an opportunity to span out across the state to show our support for John Oxendine.  Please plan to attend your local district convention on Saturday by 10:00 am. It should be obvious who the Team Oxendine grassroots leader is and they will welcome your help and support.  If you want to know who your contact is, email Brian,
Team Oxendine continues to organize across Georgia.  This will only happen if we utilize the grassroots networks.  This is where you can help.  If you need the address or more information about your district convention, please call Brian at 770-256-8394.

Bumper Stickers

There are several exciting Team Oxendine bumper stickers available.  Call the campaign at 404-872-1740 or email Kathryn Ballou at for your FREE bumper stickers.

Oxendine Facebook

John Oxendine and Facebook: Visit these John Oxendine Facebook pages – (1) John Oxendine for Georgia’s Governor (we need you to join if you have not already done so). (2) John has created a personal Facebook page and welcomes you as a Facebook friend.  Team Oxendine has a contest to win a VIP ticket to the Sean Hannity Freedom Fest on Saturday, 22 August at Gwinnett Arena.  Please contact the campaign and find out how you can receive a ticket and a coveted and limited edition Oxendine Facebook Friend lapel pin.

John Congratulates:
All those who organized and attended Tea Party events across Georgia.

Visit to see the latest update to the site – photos from the campaign trail.

One Response to “Latest News From GA Governor’s Race: GOP Has New Frontrunner, Oxendine!”

  1. Chuck Wells Says:

    I was probably one of the first to support Mr Oxendine from the Columbus, Georgia community. I volunteered my coalition ( the Georgia Conservative Republican Voters Coalition) to support Mr Oxendine. I never received even a Thank You or mentioned, when you mentioned such small groups as the YR or local Chapter here in Muscogee County. That’s quite all right. I am now pulling my support and let you go with the Muscogee County Republican Chapter that can’t even schedule regular Monthly Meetings or has little to no support from it’s own membership. I do wish Mr. Oxendine success – and I know Muscogee County is not a strong Republican stronghold, but our group (GCRVC) has more Active Members than the MCRP. That’s your choice and now I have made my choice. We support Mr Oxendine, but will not place out any signs or do any knocking on doors. Good luck to your campaign. I tried to help, you declined.

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