Yesterday’s FairTax Rally Rocked!

Yesterday was quite the day for “Right-Wing extremist rabble rousing!”

After a lot of effort I did finally get a ride to the FairTax Rally yesterday in Columbia, SC.  A big thank you to my new friend, Dennis for helping me make the trip.  I enjoyed meeting you and definitely enjoyed your company!
A little later than we wanted to, at about 12:30 Dennis drove up in his truck and we wre off!  I really enjoyed riding with him.  He travels with a CB radio and I got my chance to do a little talking with the truckers out on the highway (while we did a little FairTax rabble-rousing over the air).

Unfortunately we hit some rush-hour traffic in Columbia and arrived to the rally late.  We took our seats just as things were getting kicked off.  We had a lot of great speakers, Ken Hoagland, US. Reps Glenn McCall, and Steve King, SC Rep. Rex Rice, the talkmaster Neal Boortz, and of course Governor Mike Huckabee (who got the biggest cheers of all)

After the speeches we were treated to some hot bass licks by Mike, who played with the East Coast Party Band.  They were smokin’ Hot!  I loved ’em!

We had a great turn out of about 3,500-4,000 very loud, and enthusiastic FairTax supporters.  Most of us stayed late in order to show our support on Hannity’s show at 9 PM.  That was a hoot

Between the rally and the remote I met David John for the first time.  He traveled with Governor Huckabee yesterday.  He tried very hard to get me a moment with Mike but the schedule just did not allow.  I want to thank you, David for trying.  You are appreciated.  I look forward to getting my book signed in the mail (Please take good care of it!)

Since we stayed late, that meant a late ride home.  I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM this morning.  I enjoyed being a part of an historic day of Tea Parties and FairTax rallies all over this great land!

Dennis is a prolithic videographer and had two cameras with him (in fact the picture of Mike speaking up there was taken by Dennis).  He showed me how to use his spare.  While I didn’t use it too much we have plenty of video from yesterday and my first Youtube video will be of the rally.   Stay tuned!


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