Rachel Hoff For YRNF Chair!

Last month I was a proud delegate to my first Gwinnett County Republican Convention.  While there I walked past the table represented by the Gwinnett County Young Republicans.  It sounded like a group worth joining and I signed up on the spot.  I will be attending my first meeting later this month (a meeting to be attended by John Oxendine) and I look forward to participate in their group.

Last night I was privileged to be on a conference call put on by the Next Level ticket.  They are campaigning to become the new officers of the Young Republicans at their national convention this July in Indianapolis.  As a member of their Facebook group, I was invited on their first conference call.  I am very glad I took time to be on last night’s call.

On this call was Rachel Hoff and supporter Princella Smith.  Mrs. Smith works with former Speaker of The House, Newt Gingrich on the American Solutions team.  There was a Q&A session and most of the people on the call seemed to be high-level members of state Young Republicans groups.  I was very unique on the call since I am a newbie.

The leader of the Next Level ticket, is Rachel Hoff.  I was immediately impressed with her.  It seems we are on the same wavelength when it comes to getting the Republican Party back on track.  I was lucky enough to be picked to ask a question.  I asked about reaching out to the disabled community and she agreed with me whole-heartedly that Republicans should be doing this.

In response to another question, Rachel stressed the importance of low-level donations.  President Obama built his war chest $5 at a time and Governor Huckabee kept his campaign running a “Buck for Huck” at a time.  These are tough times and most Republicans are not made of money.  I believe that that you can get miore by asking for less.  I am very glad to hear that Rachel agrees with me.

Rachel also stresses the need to bridge the technology gap with the Democrats.  She believes that all means should be used – Facebook, Twitter, and others.

You can listen to the call by following THIS LINK (my question is at the 23:58 mark):

It is time for young Conservatives to break the mold that the media has tried to attach us to.  We did not all march like zombies to embrace the Democrats and Barack Obama last year.  It’s time for us to take the lead in our party and breath new life into the conservative movement!  That is why I follow Sarah Huckabee, and many others in  enthusiastically endorsing Rachel Hoff and the Next Level team!

3 Responses to “Rachel Hoff For YRNF Chair!”

  1. Doug Says:

    If you are a Huckabee supporter then why would you support Rachel who is someone who supports gay marriage and civil unions?

  2. bdbopper Says:

    Because I feel she has the best plan for moving forward.

  3. Doug Says:

    How do you know you have not even heard the other plan.

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