New & Improved HuckPAC Website Is Now Live!!

During the 5 PM hour yesterday (a little late due to some tech issues) the new and improved HuckPAC Website went live.  It is quite the site to behold and there are a lot of new features to play around with!  All of this with the goal of getting strong conservatives elected at local, state, and national levels over the next two years.

If this is important to you, I urge you to head over to the new site today!  If you had a MyHuckPAC account before all you have to do is sign in.  If you have not, please sign up for Team Huck today!  After doing so, please invite your friends, family, and all fellow conservatives to do the same.  We now have the tools at our fingertips to form groups in our state, create events , host fundraisers, and much more!  There’s a lot to do and explore! It’s all very easy to figure out (with detailed instructions) and is wrapped up with a bow with an easy to read interface (a plus for me since I am legally blind)

Please head over to the new site and join Team Huck today!


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