IDOT Officer Harasses Iowa Couple

THIS IS JUST OUTRAGEOUS!!!  A Couple driving back to Iowa was pulled over and harassed by an Iowa DOT Officer.  You cn read the story right HERE.

The worst and most despicable part of all this is described in an E-mail from the couple (Carl and Jane) to my good friend, Trucker Randy Bishop:

And Yes! we have your sticker on the back of the trailer, also a Huckabee for President small yard sign and the words MIKEHUCKABEE.COM. There is an article about what happened to us in today’s Des Moines Register although I can’t find it online yet…I guess we will have to go to town and buy a newspaper! My friend janelle just wrote on HA that you can see the Huckabee sign in the photo of the trailer that appears in the article.

Who does this IDOT Officer think he is anyway?

2 Responses to “IDOT Officer Harasses Iowa Couple”

  1. abregar Says:

    BD, Thanks for helping to spread the news of this atrocity. I can guarantee you that the Iowa Defense Alliance will work our tails off to make sure that we get a satisfactory outcome.

  2. callmecrusader Says:

    Thank you for posting about this unfortunate incident that happened to my friend, Jane and her husband.

    It could have been me.

    The next time it could be you!

    The “officer” picked on the wrong people this time and thanks to networking, the story has legs!

    Again, I offer up my gratitude and appreciation for your time and attention to this unnecessary assault on American (legal!) citizens.

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