HuckPAC Relaunches Website Tomorrow!!!

NO FOOLING!!!  Tomorrow, April 1st, HuckPAC will relaunch its website at 3 PM Eastern.  Excitement has been building for weeks about the relaunch and it will finally be happening!  There is a lot of neat tools and features that will be unvieled.  Please join me in checking it out tomorrow and plugging yourselves in your individual state.  The following is a little discription from the E-mail we sent our Georgia volunteers:

Good afternoon guys and gals, I have some very exciting pieces of news for you today.

HuckPAC Website Redesign

On April 1st (this Wednesday) at 3:00 PM, HuckPAC will relaunch it’s website with a brand new interactive design. The new design will be centered around a 50 State Hub, and will have several new features, including:

  • State Specific Head Quarters
  • State Specific Blogs
  • Group Forming Tools
  • Event Creation Tools and more!

Important: In order to use these tools you’re going to need to sign up for a Team Huck account. Even if you’ve already signed up for MyHuckPAC or signed up at, you will still need to create a new account on the 1st.

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