Memo To Tea Party People – FairTaxers Are Fighting With You, Not Against!

I hopped on twitter for a little while today and I was shocked and alarmed to get a notice that the Charleston, SC Tea Party Protest schedule has changed.  It was to be in the afternoon of April 15th.  There were people planning to go to that protest and then drive to Columbia, SC for the FairTax Rally there that evening.  The time now shows that both events are occurring at the same time, according to what I’ve read on Twitter.  This is really grinding my gears.

FairTax supporters have and are fighting with those who are holding these Tea Parties.  FairTax people will be out at these Tax Day Tea Parties in droves all over the country.  We support your movement.  We’re fighting for the same things.  We’re supporting you and the least you could do is let us have our big Tax Day event without competition in the same state!

Us FaurTax people and the Tea Party people need to be working together, not against each other.  We’re fighting for the same reasons and for similar goals.  Why can’t we fight on the same team?  It’s time to take the words to the awesome Canned Heat song “Let’s Work Togther” to heart.  Our nation will be better for it!

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