Mike Huckabee: “Fight For NY-20!”

The fight for New York’s 20th Congressional District is heating up. President Obama has come out in support of Democrat Scott Murphy and paid Democrat grassroots operatives have also descended on the district as part of the Democrat National Committee’s all out effort to defeat Jim Tedisco.

From Saturday-Tuesday we need volunteers to help get out Jim’s message to voters. If you are able to come out for any of the days from Saturday-Tuesday, the campaign will pay for lodging.

The race is going to be close, and we can win if we mobilize our voters to the polls.

If you are interested in volunteering on the ground, please send an email to one of our New York Team Huck Grassroots Coordinators, Patrick Ziegler, at patrickziegler@huckpacvolunteer.com.

If you cannot make the trip to New York, please consider making 10-20 calls for Jim using our online phone bank. Our goal is 10,000 total calls and we are just closing in on 2,000. So please help us today.

Electing a strong conservative like Jim Tedisco to Congress is critical.

Fighting for our ideas,

Mike Huckabee

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