FairTax Special Order Coming Up Momentarily

I just received word that the Special Order discussing the FairTax on the floor of the US House of Representatives might begin momentarily.  I am watching C-SPAN  as members are giving one-minute speeches.  After these are concluded the discussion on the FairTax will begin.  You can tune in on C-SPAN.  Also I am sure the session will be recorded for Youtube and I will provide the video as soon as I see it available later.

One Response to “FairTax Special Order Coming Up Momentarily”

  1. Annie Hamilton Says:

    I was pleased to see your Blog’s endorsement of Steve Rathje and thought you’d be interested to know that Major General Paul Vallely (retired) Fox contributor/analyst has formally endorsed him as of today.

    for a look at Steve’s pro-business stimulus that uses tax incentives, personal responsibility, keeping jobs within the country, borders of Iowa, saving millions of dollars, jobs and families money, click on this link:


    click on the section that references ‘alternatives’

    if you have questions, please feel free to contact me at annie.hamilton@gmail.com

    thanks much!!

    Annie Hamilton

    Go Huck!!

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