John Oxendine For Governor March Newsletter

The following is the latest news from John Oxendine’s Gubernatorial campaign:
Issue Eight: 12 March, County Conventions

Good afternoon Georgia.

A message from John Oxendine:

——————————————————Action Alert———————————————————–

– County Conventions: This Saturday Team Oxendine has an opportunity to span out across the state to show our support for John Oxendine. Please plan to attend your local county conventions on Saturday at 10 AM. In most counties, the Oxendine County Coordinator will be on site at 9 AM. It should be pretty obvious who this person is and they will welcome your help and support. If you want to know who your contact is, email Brian at:

Team Oxendine continues to organize across Georgia. This will only happen if we utilize the grassroots networks. This is where you come in. Please plan to attend your county convention, if you need the address or more information please call Brian at 770-256-8394.


– John Oxendine wishes Georgia a Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2009: From the Ireland Chamber of Commerce office in Atlanta to the Hibernian Society in Savannah and to the city of Dublin where on December 9, 1812 local legend has it that Jonathan Sawyer, a pioneer citizen of the county, was granted the privilege of naming the new county seat, and he named it Dublin in honor of the capital of his native land, Ireland; Georgia and Ireland have special and long standing ties.

Let us all appreciate this traditional Irish prayer:

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

– Team Oxendine Launches First Campaign Advertisements: John Oxendine launched an aggressive Facebook campaign advertisement Tuesday beginning a new phase in his campaign for Governor.  John Oxendine is committed to embracing the new technology available in the virtual campaign world and using technology to reach out to Georgia voters.  Over the weeks and months ahead, Georgia will see John Oxendine introduce many new and innovative technologies to his campaign.  In every way, this will be a cutting edge campaign utilizing every resource available regarding new technology.

The initial Facebook advertisements are below:

– Commissioner Oxendine is proud to support Party with a Purpose: To benefit children with special needs and their families in the Rockdale and Newton counties area.  The event is Saturday, April 1, 2009, at the Hilton Garden Inn, Atlanta East-Stonecrest Mall, 1890 Mall Ring Road, Lithonia, GA  30038.  Starts at 6:30pm, tickets are $20 and there is a silent auction.  The event benefits “Haven House Respite Home” at Light House Village has just been opened to support the needs of special needs families and children.

Rockdale County Republican Party leaders Ed and Angie Tracey are organizing this event.  This is a perfect example of people taking the conservative message of people helping people and not relying on the government. Ed has a special needs daughter in a full time care facility in Massachusetts. As opposed to a large party and gifts for his 50th birthday party, Ed and Angie decided to raise money for those in their community. Please attend this wonderful event and give as generously as you can.

For information and tickets: Angie Tracey, or 678-414-3617.

– Meet Gabe Winslow – Director of Web Strategies for Oxendine Governor 2010: Gabe and his wife Mandy and their three children reside in Smyrna. Gabe attended Hillsdale College where he was active in several conservative and Christian organizations. Gabe brings leadership experience from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Teen Pact, and several campaigns in Oregon. Contact Gabe at and via cell at 770-710-9881.

– John Oxendine Bumper Stickers Available: There are several exciting Team Oxendine bumper stickers available.  Call the campaign at 404-872-1740 or email to campaign manager Kathryn Ballou at for your FREE bumper stickers.

– March is Red Cross Month: In every disaster response and relief effort, volunteers are the cornerstone of what the Red Cross does; they are 96 percent of the work force of the Red Cross-without their giving spirit, disaster relief operations would fall short, blood donations would not be there for those in need, and the mission of the Red Cross could not be fulfilled. From helping military families stay connected with service members around the world, teaching CPR and first aid in community centers, or supporting other Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies with emergencies around the world, volunteers are critical to the success of each and every Red Cross endeavor.

During the month of March, in celebration of Red Cross Month and in the spirit of volunteerism, the Red Cross is also launching the first ever Change a Life contest. Entrants are invited to tell us how a Red Cross experience changed your life or someone else’s life.

This month serves as an occasion to honor and thank the members of our Red Cross family and also as a reminder that the American Red Cross makes a difference everyday in communities around the nation and the world.

– Georgia Fun Facts: In 2008 Georgia’s total population was 9,685,744. Of that, 50.5 percent is male and 49.5 percent is female. The Port of Savannah is the second largest container port in the Southeast and is the fastest growing port in the United States. The world’s largest kitchen is located in Milledgeville at Central State Hospital. It is reported to be able to prepare 30,000 meals a day. Perry is known as the Crossroads of Georgia because it is the closest city located near the geographic center of the state. The Carillion at Stone Mountain uses 732 different bell sounds to make music on the lake. Historic Saint Mary’s Georgia is the second oldest city in the nation.

– John Oxendine and Facebook: Visit these John Oxendine Facebook pages – (1) John Oxendine for Georgia’s Governor (we need you to join if you have not already done so); (2) John has created a personal Facebook page. John welcomes you as a Facebook friend.  Team Oxendine has a contest to win a VIP ticket to the Sean Hannity Freedom Fest on Saturday, 22 August at Gwinnett Arena and a challenge to get the coveted and limited edition Oxendine Facebook Friend lapel pin.

– John Congratulates: Sue Everhart on a great President’s Day dinner.  Jonathan Krohn on his speech at CPAC.  Orit Sklar and Ruth Malhotra on their receiving the Ronald Reagan AWARD at CPAC. Pat Tippett and Kay Godwin on the launch of Georgia Conservatives in Action.

– Visit to see the latest update to the site – photos from the campaign trail.

John Oxendine
Governor 2010

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