Joining Team Huck Helps Elect Conservatives Nationwide!

The following is the latest E-mail from HuckPAC:  

On April 1 we are going to re-launch with a new set of exciting features. Our goal is to empower conservatives nationwide to organize, meet locally and support Huck PAC endorsed Republicans.

I would like you to be a part of this effort. Since January 1, 3,400 Volunteers have joined our team. You can join today in less than 60 seconds by visiting

If you have already joined, please ask your friends and family to consider doing so as well.

Supporters that join our Volunteer Team today will have their name added into our raffle to win a trip to New York City and tickets to my television show. And if you have already joined our team, we are adding your name into the raffle not once but twice!

Now is the time for Republicans to rally nationwide and engage the Democrat Congress and President Obama in defense of our principles: life, traditional marriage, less government, lower taxes and a strong national defense.

Please consider joining Team Huck today at

Fighting for our principles, 

Mike Huckabee 

P.S. Make a $5, $10, $25 or $50 contribution towards our March online fundraising goal. Since March 1, we have raised $16,236 from 592 supporters but still have $48,764 to go. Please consider making a contribution today and show your support for our efforts. For each contribution of $10 or more your name will be added to the raffle as well.

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