The Huckabee Report Increases Its Scope

This January “The Huckabee Report” premiered on the ABC Radio Network.  The daily morning and afternoon commentaries were cleared on only a handful of stations to start with.  There has been now an unintended consequence of the unfortunate loss of the legendary Paul Harvey.  According to the Radio trades (as an enthusiast of the medium I watch them closely) At least one major market station added the commentaries this week, WBAP in Dallas, TX.  I also noticed two things.  1.  At the beginning when I did a search for stations carrying the commentaries , only one station would come up.  Now there are four.  2.  Since a local station does not carry “The Huckabee Report” yet I listen to it via the On Demand podcast page.  On Wednesday (the 4th) The two commentary recordings became three (morning, midday, and afternoon).  

The circumstances are definitely unfortunate (which is why the increase in range and scope have not been publicized and I had to stumble upon them).  However over the next few years with his Top Rated weekend show on Fox News, and his daily radio commentaries reaching more and more ears, Governor Mike Huckabee is more likely to be a household name.  Only time will tell if he will decide to give it up for another go in 2012.  Being biased I hope he would but he doesn’t have to.  God has blessed him with many avenues to continue to be a major conservative voice.  Knowing him, I trust Mike will make the right decision when the time comes and I will do all I can to support him.   

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