Mike Huckabee Elaborates on the March Goal!

The following is from Governor Mike Huckabee and HuckPAC:  

We have a new fundraising challenge for Huck PAC that is critical to our efforts. 

Our goal is to raise $65,000 online by the end of March from our supporters. The money we raise in March will be invested in:

-Jim Tedisco’s congressional campaign in New York’s 20th Congressional District special election. Jim is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, for a strong defense and smaller government. We endorsed him this week and want to support him financially before his election as well.

-The elections in Virginia and New Jersey this November, where we will support the strongest conservative candidates across each state.

-Gear to promote our Volunteer team. We now have the funding to send our teams of Volunteers to their GOP state conventions. We need signs, t-shirts, and handouts to help promote our national grassroots efforts on behalf of Huck PAC endorsed candidates.

I am also excited to announce that for every $10 that you contribute towards our March Fundraising goal, your name will be entered into a raffle to receive a weekend trip (airfare and hotel included) to New York City to attend a taping of my FOX news show “Huckabee”.

This won’t be the only way you can win the tickets for my show this month, but it is the first way to add your name to the raffle at the end of the month. In fact if you make a contribution of $10 or more before Saturday at midnight we will add your name 3 more times into the raffle.

I urge you to make a contribution of $10 or more today. Not only will you help our efforts to assist conservative candidates nationwide, but your name will be entered into a raffle at the end of the month to win two tickets to my television show, a hotel room and airfare to New York. 

Help us reach our March fundraising goal

Fighting for our ideas,

Mike Huckabee

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